Change is the need of the hour. And tally software is one such tool that helps business to carry out the changes in the desired way. With n number of management tasks, functions, statutory compliance, document synchronization, banking and payment work, jobs and recruitment, etc. A business may waste lot of time if it carries out the tasks physically; apart from leaving its employees on extreme pressure to complete the task. However, with Tally.ERP 9, the scenario can change drastically towards a positive direction. It gives your business the competitive edge over others and help you stay forward!

Tally.ERP 9 basically has the function of connecting all the desired tasks of the business organization. It facilitates upgrades and updates; synchronization of the data, access to the desired information irrespective of your location, statutory compliances especially with respect to taxes, auditing tools for the auditors, banking and payment services and many other additional services.

It offers something for every type of industry or business. Businesses of any size can make use of it to enhance the performance of their organization. Whether it is a small scale industry or a medium scale, Tally.ERP 9 will be useful to a large extent. Tally offers a wide range of benefits to the business units as all the functions that are carried out physically can be carried out technically consuming less of time as compared to traditional methods of carrying out managerial operations.Imparting the connectivity power to your business functionalities

Following are the key connectivity features that are offered by tally software:

1. Synchronization of Data: Suppose, your business is that of banking and the business is at its growth. Your bank has n number of branches and few head offices. There are going to be so many reports, data etc. of all the branches and head offices. The synchronization of the same will be a tedious task if done manually.

With the help of Tally, you can manage this work quite smoothly. It will help in generating consolidated statement of balance sheet, profit and loss account, cash flow statements and other financial statements. The information can be shared across all the branches as and when required by the business in no time.  In case of factories or warehouse business, tally prepares a combined data with respect to inventory, collections, demand and purchasing. You can get accurate and real time stock position related information as and when needed.

2. Easy accessibility: Not in your office and you are in need of a document urgently?

Not a big thing to worry about. Because with tally software you can get accessibility to all the document or report you need irrespective of your location or regardless of time. If your business has sales team, you can always help them enhance their performance by keeping them update with prices of the products, customer feedback and other information. To include another example, tally software can be way too helpful in finance sector. Continuous requirement of the financial data at different places and different times can be easily managed through this software. Easy transfer-ability of cash flows, balance sheet and other financial reports for quick accessibility is what this software offers for smooth functioning of the business.

3. Accounting tools: Account maintenance is one of the most essential compliance a business has to comply with. Apart from this, there are many professionals who individually or in partnership offer their accountancy services to different companies. Accordingly, tally will be supportive for both, the corporate and to the individual or partnership firm offering accounting services and various accounting solutions. It helps you in comparing the data of the previous years and current year and ensures that the information is accurate. Apart from this, several other additional services like generation of tax forms are also offered.

4. Banking Support: If you need your books of accounts and your bank statements to be reconciled, here is the solution. Tally will reconcile the statements automatically for you helping you save your precious time and hence allowing you to focus on other core aspects of your business.

5. Maintenance Services:

Tally will always be there for the support of its customers. It provides an exclusive customer care support system with the help of which you can always get your queries communicated and resolved.

It serves its users by providing a knowledge base as well from where the users can read the articles and enhance their knowledge in terms of tally software, features, upgrades, updates, versions, etc.

6. Supplementary functions: Apart from the main services mentioned above, tally software offers other services at no additional cost like helping the management of HR department by speeding up the recruitment cycle by sequencing and synchronizing the various processes of recruitment starting right from the search and ending up with the final selection. This again helps in saving time.

The benefits of tally software are obvious. It undeniably saves the time of the business organization and facilitates the utilization of that time in other main areas of the business. It simplifies the complex business by providing best solutions. Tally software is a big relief to the employees of the organization as it saves them from the hectic and wearisome work of manually carrying out the above activities and also reduces the work pressure on them. It is a fine thought that hard work always helps, but if you don’t work smart, then you will end up working hard all your life!

Work hard in a smarter way! Install tally software!