How to Improve Customer Service with a Helpdesk Software

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Improve Customer Service

“It takes months to find a customer and minutes to lose them.” This statement could not have been truer than today. Customers today have a plethora of options available today. With increased competition, the players need to up their game. They need to have an edge. This can be made possible by having a helpdesk software. A helpdesk is basically a central point of contact for your customers to reach you for any support or query. Once resolved, it will improve customer service.

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Ways Helpdesk Software can Improve Customer Service Experience

1. Let the Customer Self-serve

Making a customer wait to be connected with an agent to get their query answered simply wastes their time and in turn leads to dissatisfaction. Additionally, for the customer service agents as well, it is tiresome to handle the same type of queries day in and day out.

Helpdesk software can easily overcome this challenge by simply providing customers with self-service options. For instance, a customer calls a bank’s helpline to know about his bank balance. A self-service Interactive Voice Response will guide the customer with various menu options. The customer can punch in his account number and the IVR will pull the relevant data from the database and play it for the customer.

In the absence of self-service options, the customer would have called the bank’s helpline, waited in the queue to be connected with an agent and then that agent would have asked for details to finally tell him his bank balance. That is just tedious and unnecessary. Thus, a helpdesk software packed with various self-service options is the way to go with this and improves customer service.

2. Provide Omnichannel Customer Support

Forcing the customers to reach out to your business via a limited number of channels does not go well with them. It should be the other way around. Be where your customers are. An omnichannel helpdesk software allows the creation of tickets from every channel.

This will have multi-fold advantages such as the customers will be able to contact the business via the channel of their choice, at the same time, with a unified desktop the agent can have a 360-degree view of the customer.

3. Automate Operations

The goal of deploying any new software or tool is to improve operations or a process. A helpdesk software automates the customer service operations such as the creation of a new ticket, ticket distribution and/or assignment based on configurable parameters. The distribution can be based on the skill of the agent, the communication channel or any other relevant business parameters.

Additionally, a good helpdesk software will simplify the filtering and sorting of the tickets for faster resolution. The customer service executives are as it is overloaded with a lot of tasks, at least this filtration and sorting can be taken off their plate. Once the priority tickets are brought to the top of the list, the executives can cater to them on an urgent basis. All these automation techniques will eventually improve the ticket resolution rate and thus, customer satisfaction.

Another aspect of good customer service is to provide complete transparency in the support process. Offering a customer portal where your customers can log into and view a consolidated list of all support requests along with quick access to all reference documents, purchase orders, invoices and FAQs eases your support workload as well as strengthens your customer’s conviction about your support infrastructure.

4. Measuring and Reporting

You can take multiple initiatives and steps to improve the process and delight the customers. But, unless you measure them, one cannot say if they were a success or not. Stay on top of your customer support operations with helpdesk reporting and analytics. The managers and supervisors can keep an eye on the agents’ performance, measure the SLA achievement and identify the gaps to plan accordingly.

For instance, the supervisor can get a campaign-wise view to discerning which type of customer service requests do they get most often. So, if there are more support related queries than sales inquiries, then it would be beneficial to allocate more resources towards that.

Similarly, having live data allows the supervisor to get a holistic picture of the operations and allows them to make real-time effective decisions hence improve customer service. Along with the real-time data, it is always good to have the reports as well. These will provide historical data and help with forecasting and planning. Schedule these reports to be delivered to the relevant stakeholders for better visibility.

5. CRM Integrations

Ameyo allows integrating almost all the CRM’s like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, Freshdesk, and other third-party application to provide the sync with your existing CRM that you are using. This helps the customer interaction process and helps agents productivity.

6. Ticket Prioritization

Helpdesk Software provides the option to prioritize the ticket as per the sentimental analysis of customer. This can be done with the supervisory panel. This can be assigned to an agent and they can sort the tickets on the basis of heat map value.  

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Closing Thoughts

Every customer is important and every interaction is significant. For a business to gain the mind and heart share of the customers, they need to deliver a consistent and positive customer service experience at all the touch-points. Helpdesk software is one step in that direction. Empower the supervisors as well as the agents to serve the customers to the best of their abilities to gain their trust and loyalty.

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