The Right Way To Increase Awareness About Your Software

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The Right Way To Increase Awareness About Your Software

The twenty-first century has a software solution for every problem. There are so many computer programs that each problem has numerous tools offering the same solution. While this makes things easy for the user, the developers have difficulty earning their due profit. They have to beat the competition to reach out to their potential customers.

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However, they don’t necessarily have to do that to sell their software. Instead of trying to get into a fight with the competition, they can use the blue ocean strategy of marketing. Here is what I’m saying.

People who already understand the need for your program probably already have a solution. You should reach out to people who might not have fully realized their problem yet.
Your target audience should be the people who probably don’t know that there is already a computer program that could make their life easier 

Increasing Awareness About Your Software

1. Awareness Phase

If they haven’t realized the problem or its solution yet, they are in the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey

Buyer's JourneyIt is after they understand the issue that they will search for a solution and then look for the best solution. You have to first make them realize the problem by approaching them. You are going to need the SEO services of a professional and experienced company for this job.

You can see Globex SEO packages to see what best fits your requirements. Share your vision and plan with them and what goals you plan to achieve, and they will guide you on which package is best for you. 

2. Create Detailed Audience Personas

To ensure the success of the marketing strategies of your software, you must learn more than just about the awareness stage of your target audience. You will have to create detailed audience personas for this.
An audience persona describes all attributes of one segment of your potential customers. It’ll help narrow down the people you should approach with your message. 

Audience PersonaOnline advertisement is not exactly cheap. You have to pay for every view or click you get on the ad. That’s why you need to make sure that you only reach out to the most relevant people who are most likely to become your customer.

This is exactly where audience personas come in handy. They help you select all attributes and interests of your audience when designing a campaign or writing content. 

3. Design a Sales Funnel

A sales funnel divides the customer’s journey into steps. The number of opt-ins keeps decreasing at every stage, leaving you with the most relevant people at the end who go through the entire transaction.

It’s somewhat similar to the buyer’s journey, but they are not the same. In fact, they go side by side with all marketing efforts. 

Sales FunnelYour SEO and other digital marketing campaigns will become more efficient if you provide a sales funnel with audience personas and the idea of their awareness stage.

Each company designs the sales funnel according to its own target audience. The above provided is just an example. You should also consider the needs of your business or hire a professional to create a professional sales funnel for your business. 

4. Publish Articles as Guest Author

After you have realized your audience and you know what message to deliver, the next phase is to reach out to them. One of the best ways to reach out to your prospects and get them to read your message is through guest posting.

Guest posting or guest blogging is writing useful articles and publishing them as guest author on websites that are regularly visited by your target audience. You can discuss the problem your prospects are facing and how your software can solve it in the guest posts. A guest post will not only increase awareness but also get a backlink to your website, which helps its SEO.

Guest PostsPeople who read the article will understand their issue and its solution. Writing as a guest author gives you an image of an industry leader, which builds trust. As a result, your software becomes their first choice when they learn the solution from you. 

5. Reach Out to Influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the strongest forms of marketing. People actually listen to influencers and follow their instructions when they talk about something relevant to their field. You need to find the influencers who are related to the industry or field where your software can be used. If they can mention in their social media channels or blogs that your software is a helpful tool for the job, you will see a lot of quality traffic coming your way. 

6. Build Useful Infographics

An infographic is a graphical representation of valuable information. They are created after thorough research to ensure they provide unique and useful information.

Infographics are one of the best linkable assets because people share them on their blogs, channels, and profiles to share value with their followers and link back to you as the source. This gives your message more exposure, increasing awareness and building brand. 


7. See How People Search This Problem

Some people wouldn’t have realized the problem, and some might be searching for a solution on the internet. They are both in the awareness phase. To reach out to them with your solution, you must also search how they search their problem. 

People's SearchThis includes finding keywords or key phrases they use on search engines like Google and Yahoo. Keyword research is usually a part of the SEO package, so you can leave this job to professionals. However, you must plan and monitor it yourself to ensure your resources are used in the right place. 

8. Always Give a Free Trial

Last but not least make sure you offer a free trial period to your users. It may not sound like a marketing tactic, but it is. People are more likely to purchase your software if you offer them a free trial.

They will use it, learn about it, and share it with others. If you succeed in providing them value, they will pay for it. Offering the free or trial version makes it easy to sell the software, increasing your overall return on investment.


These are the most tried and trusted ways by which you can promote and create awareness about software and its service. Reach out to more businesses and companies with these methods.

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