Restaurants business requires utmost management skills. Right from managing the reservations, to allotting tables, to keeping a tab on timely delivery of orders, each aspect needs to be managed up to perfection. Any delay or error in these activities can lead to major customer dissatisfaction. A simple way to avoid such errors is to use a restaurant management software.

Restaurant management software has been in the market for quite some time. A few years ago, restaurant owners hesitated in adopting new technologies; however, with time they could understand that such software can increase efficiency and the output on efforts. Billing, table reservations, order handling and delivery to the right tables, all these are now handled by the software.

Increase your Revenue & Reduce Costs with Restaurant Management Software

However, good restaurant management software like Innkey and Posist, go much beyond the operation management functionalities and provide in-depth data & reports for the top management. Below are 7 features that can help you increase your organization’s profitability and become the catalyst for its growth.

  1. Sales forecasting – As restaurant sales depend on many external factors like weekends, school exams, weather conditions and even sporting events, it becomes increasing important to forecast the sales. Automated forecasts produced every week/month along with charts in the software would show your progress, real time history, sales progress and multiple department forecasts.
  2. Seamless management of recipes – Good restaurant management software store all the recipe details to ensure consistent food quality and taste for multiple customers and across multiple branches.
  3. Managing table layout and guest management – The bottleneck of any restaurant is its seating capacity. Efficient management of tables thus becomes a necessity. A Cloud Based Restaurant Management Software can aid in carrying out this activity and also manage advance reservations.
  4. Inventory management – Stock out & over stocking can be critical issues for a restaurant. With the inventory management functionality you will get the complete account of the items used and alerts for ones that are getting over. This will help in proper planning and also control the working capital in the business.
  5. Reporting of food cost – After rentals and labour, food costs are typically the largest expense for any restaurants. The food cost reporting of the restaurant management software can show you the actual vs predicted cost and the accompanying difference. This is done by researching on the cost variation in the same item offered by different stores along with a list of top and bottom pricing. These features become increasingly important in multi branch organizations.
  6. Product planning to decrease and nullify food waste – Wasted food is another critical cost center for a restaurant. The product planning report will give you a real-time measure of the amount of food that is wasted thereby contributes to lowering the waste generated.
  7. Labour Cost reports – The labour cost report is another critical aid you will get from the restaurant management software. It has the detailed information on your staffing and even goes up to the hourly, daily and monthly man hour utilization. With this report, your staff scheduling can be improved.

These are only a few ways in which a restaurant management software can aid you. The benefits of using one such software are multiple. If you aren’t using these functionalities of your restaurant management software, you immediately need work with your team, and study these reports and if you current software doesn’t provide such in depth reports, you many need to upgrade your software. Here is the list of top restaurant & bar management software for India. You can also talk to one of our restaurant management software analyst for any assistance you will require.


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