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KENT CamAttendance software

Time & Attendance management systems have undergone a massive metamorphosis in the past decade. While the digitization of office attendance started with card swipes and fingerprint authentication a few years back, the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic forced many offices to consider alternative authentication systems that are essentially ‘touchless.’

Using fingerprint readers has been deemed unsafe and even dangerous by government authorities as a common surface for scanning could increase the spread of the virus. Since biometric attendance has been prohibited, many organizations had to move to manual attendance systems, prone to errors. Moreover, the compilation and digitization of such records become increasingly difficult as the size of the organization increases. This is why many companies are now opting for face-recognition based attendance systems.

The working of facial recognition software is quite similar to fingerprint scanning software. Such systems authenticate users by comparing their current (face parameters) with the ones stored in the system. Once a ‘match’ is identified, the information is updated in the central database. However, most facial recognition solutions come with limitations. Not only are there concerns with accuracy, speed, and reliability, but there are also issues with hardware compatibility. Additionally, most face recognition solutions lack the functionality, finesse, and features to support medium and large enterprises.

This review will focus on KENT CamAttendance, a unique, reliable, and feature-rich time and attendance management system powered by AI. KENT’s face recognition software overcomes several limitations of traditional biometric attendance systems and is designed to help enterprises capture and manage employee attendance flawlessly. Through this review, we will be covering the following topics:

  • What is KENT CamAttendance?
  • Key Features of KENT CamAttendance
  • Our Final Verdict

So let’s dive in and discover what makes KENT CamAttendance unique and dependable.

What is KENT CamAttendance?

KENT CamAttendance is a new-age contact-less attendance management software powered by artificial intelligence. KENT uses AI-based computer vision to identify employees’ faces for safe and touchless attendance capturing. The software is designed to provide swift access, better security, and ease of use to both employees and organizational authorities.

KENT CamAttendance system simplifies attendance management and recording for the entire team. Once a face is recognized on a device, a digital record of the capture along with the time gets instantly synced with their cloud server. This allows managers/supervisors to get real-time reports. KENT allows data to be stored safely for 30 days on the devices and for two years on their cloud server. This allows you to pull up data anytime and view past records. Additionally, KENT allows offline syncing of data, ensuring that all entries are authenticated even with low-bandwidth internet services, and data is synced as soon as normal connectivity resumes. Additionally, it allows you to view and export all data from devices/cloud directly in your system.

Kent CamAttendance


KENT CamAttendance seamlessly integrates with your existing HRMS software and can be integrated using APIs, scheduled data dumps, webhooks, etc. The software can be deployed across different entry points and floors for the same location and can also be used in devices across different locations to relay information to KENT’s cloud app. You can not only control all devices centrally from the cloud but also view all data synced to cloud in real-time. Moreover, you can also get custom notifications through its apps and SMS.

KENT CamAttendance software can be accessed via both its mobile and cloud apps and has a geolocation functionality for remote clock-ins. The software can be used with KENT’s original hardware or pre-existing authentication hardware, making it easier for companies to switch to it. Each device can store and authenticate facial data for 10,000 users, and the software can be configured to limit/delimit certain users based on their roles, shifts, floors, or seats. Thus, if you want to grant access to a particular room/floor to a select number of users, KENT has got your back.

KENT CamAttendance machines work on a patented algorithm that can distinguish real faces from printed HD images, making it essentially fail-safe. Recognition of faces with KENT is over 99.9% accurate and only takes up a fraction of a second.

Already impressed? We haven’t come to the best features yet!

Key Features of KENT CamAttendance

KENT CamAttendance offers a lot of useful and innovative features, which are as follows:

1. AI Facial Recognition

KENT CamAttendance uses artificial intelligence to accurately detect facial data. Even if an employee puts on a new pair of spectacles, sports a beard, or gets an injury on their face, the AI software can match it with their previous facial signatures to identify and register their entry.

2. Mask Compliance

KENT CamAttendance can also detect if employees follow the necessary health and safety protocols and wear masks. Moreover, the software can detect faces that are covered with masks. You can also create notifications or alerts if employees are not wearing masks. This additional layer of security has massive potential in making workplaces safer and more compliant.

3. Real Person Detection

KENT CamAttendance can easily differentiate between a real person and a photograph. No matter how ‘lifelike’ a photograph is, the software can instantly detect whether a real person is standing in front of the camera or not. This feature greatly reduces the possibility of malpractices and security breaches.

4. Detects One Person at a Time

Another major advantage of using KENT is that it detects a single face at a time. Even when a group of people is standing before the camera, the software identifies faces individually, reducing the chances of errors.

5. Easy & Flexible Onboarding

Whether you are adopting face detection software for the first time or simply moving over from a different provider, KENT ensures that onboarding is smooth, quick, and efficient. For first-timers, the software only needs details of roles, shifts, departments, and locations to start and employees can enter their facial records by just uploading a selfie.

6. Comprehensive Cloud Application

The cloud application for managing time and attendance of your organization is one of the best we have seen in the market. It is very intuitive and can literally cover all complex time and attendance needs of your organization. Complicated shift timings and mapping, holiday calendars, leave management & approval, attendance exceptions and approval; all seem to work with ease. Moreover, it comes with many reports and dashboards which give you both; birds-eye and granular view of your organization’s attendance.

7. Convenient Employee Mobile App

The handy Employee app is available for both Android and iOS. It allows employees to mark attendance with combination of facial recognition and GPS coordinates. Also, has features related to leave application and approval, exception clearance and approval and many more.

8. Industry Standard Encryption

The AES 128-Bit encryption is considered to be the industry standard in authentication software. It ensures the safety of your data and prevents data from being hacked. KENT CamAttendance not only has end-to-end AES 128-Bit encryption but also offers HTTPS for better data security on cloud.

Our Final Verdict

KENT CamAttendance has all the necessary features required for ‘contact-free’ time and attendance tracking in today’s time. Depending upon your business needs and budget, you can choose between its hardware, software, and app-based support and deployment. KENT is also designed to provide the same level of accuracy and speed with different hardware. It makes attendance capturing a breeze with mask compliance, advanced technology for detecting real faces, and end-to-end encryption.

KENT can be deployed across multiple locations and offers highly customizable reports based on user roles. KENT CamAttendance is affordable, accurate, dependable, customizable, and highly-scalable, making it a perfect choice for all types of enterprises.

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