The most valuable benefit of SaaS software is the easy app to app integration. It allows for each software to be experts in its business domain, and innovate new functionalities & in depth reports in their domain.

Kreato CRM, is of the Indian built software which has been continuously impressing us with its app store and integrations. All of Kreato’s integrations are pre-integrated, so that they will work up-front and can be enabled in minutes of time by the user, with the click of a button. In-effect you will not have to spend, money and efforts on these integrations.

Kreato Integrations to increase your productivity -SS

Here, are the 11 Kreato apps that can increase your productivity by leaps and bounds.

  1. Leads Marketplace integration– Lead handling is a major issue for companies that subscribe to lead based marketplaces like JustDial and IndiaMart. Here, the Kreato’s lead based marketplace integration comes in handy. Whenever you receive a trade or business enquiry alert at your email inbox, Kreato CRM will automatically create a lead for this enquiry. The company is offering this market place app at Rs 200 per organisation for this.
  2. Cloud Telephony– For larger team, recording the conversation with your clients can be of much value. It will bring transparency and consistency to the communication with them.  Kreato’s makes its possible to integrate its CRM software with  Exotel, Ozontel and Knowlarity, which are the leading cloud telephony companies in India. Kreato is one of the few CRM proving this facility.
  3. Landing page– If you are investing on Google adword or doing any kind or online marketing activities, having a good landing page is a must. It will increase the lead generated by leaps and bound and hence the ROI on money invested. With Kreato’s Unbounce integration, you will be able to set up beautiful landing pages in minutes. The leads so collected directly shows in your Kreato account. This reduces a lot of human effort which can now be put on productive activities.
  4. Knowledge base builder– Kreato’s knowledge builder helps create and maintain knowledge base resources (Product or Service Manuals, Training Materials, Help manuals) on your products and services at one single place. With this your team can easily find and share the documents. They will not need to share the documents as attachment to email, which often gets lost in the mailbox.
  5. Web chat– Website are a primary method of providing information about your products and services.  However, it cannot be replaced by human interactions. Web chat provides real time conversation with your web visitors, and helps in converting them to customers. Kreato’s zopim integration will keep the leads generated through your web chat application integrated with your the CRM and hence give you consistency to the valuable lead data.
  6. Social discovery– Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get the social profile of your lead directly in your CRM. Kreato’s social discovery app does exactly the same for you. With this, you can save a lot of time which you spend on searching about your leads on LinkedIn and other social media & can still be better informed on their job profile when talking to them.
  7. Ecommerce integration– The cost of acquisition is very high for eCommerce companies. It makes business logic to increase the revenue per visitor/customer. Kreato’s eCommerce integration help you nurture your customer by profiling them. You will be able to send them regular mail, sms & follow ups with this Kartrocket integrations.
  8. TextMsg– Kreato CRM is integrated with the SMS marketing service – MVaayoo. This will helps you in sending any kind of marketing, sales or support activities with just a button click. You will also be able to launch SMS campaigns and track the effectiveness of it at only Rs 200 per month.
  9. Solution Builder– Continuous support queries from you customer can be taxing and increase you servicing cost. A smart move will be to create FAQ related to products. Kreato’s Solution builder (FAQ) app can solve half your customer queries and reduce cost on support.
  10. Sales Order Management– Sales is what a business thrives and the prime objective of a CRM is to increase sales. Kreato has integrated sales management app with which will help you in sending quotation, ensure order processing, generate invoices and track payment. At SoftwareSuggest, we often get queries asking for CRM software with integrated invoice and outstanding management, and Kreato is one of our preferred suggestions to these clients.
  11. Social Marketing– Kreato is also integrated with buffer app which helps in manage Social media marketing. With this integration you will be able to schedule your post on social media thus automate the process of social media management.

If these apps are not enough, Kreato is one of the few CRM software to make API available for 3rd party app & complete CRM solution for your business. With the API your technical team will easily be able to integrate it with the ERP or any other software you are using. The CRM company is also coming up with a mobile app which will be completely free for its users.