Lead Qualification Checklist: MQL to SQL

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Questions for Effective Lead Qualification Checklist

Relationships with clients drive every business. But do you think each client is a good fit to reach your goals? Do you know the art of figuring a quality lead?

Here, we have tried to sum-up a lead qualification checklist with questions for intelligent conversations to help salespeople in closing profitable deals.

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Your fire to drive business must adhere to the algebra behind lead qualification. Want to know why?

At the end of the day, we have limited resources and time to reach our scheduled goals. Working with elite leads brings in maximized ROI and a robust portfolio. Every promising business has qualified leads making buying decisions in less time.

Enough of bragging on lead qualification, here is a list of 9 lead qualification checklist questions to upscale outstanding business deals.

Important Questions for Lead Qualification Checklist

1. Are your solutions and their business needs meeting expectations?

Evaluating a business that fits your product or service is crucial. Here are a few terms to match your comfort zones and to build a rapport of trust.

business needs meeting expectations

Get accurate information from these questions,

  • How did they reach you? If their answer is through referrals, chances for closing them increases by 16%.
  • What is the company offering? 
  • What is their target audience? 
  • What is the budget they are interested in investing in your product or service?
  • What are the scalable results they are looking for?

Let them know how you can address their business challenges. All this results in impeccable use of resources and time.

2. What factors trigger interest and trust in your pitch?

The framework revolving around budget, timelines, action, and needs helps in concluding your conversations.

  • Budget: What is their definition of excellent service and what price are they ready to pay for it?
  • Action: Figure out who is the decision-maker to accelerate the process.
  • Timelines: Check with them beforehand about the time they take for decisions. This helps you in following up further.
  • Needs: Bring out all the missing pieces of growth in their business. It gives you a chance to let them know all the value or services you bring to their door.

3. What timing best fits for a productive conversation?

Ensure to include this question to have a flexible conversation without time restrictions.

productive conversation

  • Use this time information for follow-ups.
  • Check the best way to communicate with them.
  • Their comfortable timings to take the deal further.
  • How are they willing to address their challenges?
  • Enquire what sort of results impress their business.

4. Are you building a prism of priorities and spectrum of target reach?

Give prime attention to the priorities of leads. Figure out what attracted them to consider your pitch. Doing so gives you an idea of approaching the conversation.

Help them understand how you nurture a strategy to reach their target audience. A well-tailored approach helps in closing the deals of a qualified lead.

Lend them an ear for their challenges. Give them a hope of your testimonials driving their fears out. Involve them in your pitch. Listen to their conversations, reactions, and connect with them to understand their business.

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5. Are they comfortable signing in for the price quoted?

Try providing free upgrades or other services for less price, if they feel the price you have quoted is high.

  • Price is the only concern that often holds the leads back. Be clear on the pricing terms right from the beginning so that it will be a win-win case.
  • What is the final concern that bothers them? Come up with a stunning solution that’s comfortable for them to sign the deal.
  • Be clear about the prices and the timelines.
  • Ask them to review the contract without extending for a longer time.

6. Does Competitive Analysis Help the Journey of Prospects?

Do thorough research on the lead’s competition. Throw light on what works for them to out-stand the market.

Competitive Analysis

Also, ask them why do they need a change in service. This will help you in the following ways,

  • Use this chance to know their candid expectations.
  • Brag about your problem-solving techniques and show them stats of your mettle.
  • Discover their business issues. Help them understand how uniquely and tremendously you are going to handle them, unlike your competitors.

7. What are the problems you are facing with the existing vendor or service provider?

When it comes to their business, check out what all they have tried to face their challenges.

  • Check if they are into contracts with any of your competitors to avoid conflicts.
  • Take the lenience to ask if they have worked with your competitors. And why are they looking for a change now?

This feedback helps you to figure out what the lead is exactly looking for.

8. Are the leads inclined to your products?

leads inclined to your products

You may not get a straight answer to this question. Instead, ask the leads, what troubles them with the existing agency or service provider. You can take this further by doing the following,

  • Bring personalized solutions.
  • Ask them about the timelines they usually give.
  • Check about the solutions they have tried till the date.
  • What are the new outcomes they are looking for?
  • How fast do they need the results?
  • Are you able to promise them with all those results?

Clearing the air helps you in extending the lifetime for every new lead partnership. After knowing what exactly they don’t like, you come to terms with what they need. As you know, your products better, explain the lead how effectively you are of help to their business.

9. How did you hear about us?

The answer to this question helps you to focus on improving your brand presence on the channels that drive leads. Always build your business using the lead’s feedback.

Summing Up

All these are simple questions to keep in mind before framing a qualifying lead certification. Don’t miss any of these to avoid inconsistent responses. Leads must understand your unique selling point right from the initial stages of the conversation.

Always stay in touch with the decision-maker to close the deal on time. Stop wasting your time following the leads who don’t bother to answer your questions.

Beware of not getting into bad leads as this hampers your brand reputation in the market. Lead qualification is also an inevitable process as lead generation. Having a lead qualification checklist makes your task of putting down the prospects a cakewalk.

A lead turns into a prospect with efficient sales strategy and analytics proving your competitive reach. Follow these nine helpful lead qualification checklist questions to convert traffic into prospects of high conversions.

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