LMS vs CMS: Which One is Better?

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Content Management System and Learning management systems are quite different from each other and consist of different options.

E-learning has become quite popular these days, and people are making the most of it.

Before discussing the differences between LMS vs CMS, we would first describe what is CMS and then What is LMS?

Difference Between LMS and CMS

What is CMS?

CMS or content management system is a platform that helps bloggers and website owners can create a blog or website. There are several types of CMS, and the most common among them are WordPress, Jumla, Tumblr, etc. For a blogger who has not much knowledge about creating a website should choose for a proven CMS. CMS provides users with endless options for editing and reviewing the content.

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Each type of CMS is unique in its way and provides users with different features like themes and plugins. WordPress is the most popular content management system that has millions of users worldwide. More details about the various examples of content management systems are provided below.

Examples of Content Management System

1. WordPress


WordPress is a popular CMS that has millions of users worldwide. It is a free content management system and has many important tools, and pluginsWordPress.org has around 55,487 plugins and is easy to use. You can create several blogs and websites using WordPress. Plus, you can also create an eCommerce store using this open-source content management platform.


2. Tumblr


Tumblr is another content management system that provides users with deep integrated social capabilities. This content management system is also user-friendly but doesn’t give the users as many attractive features as WordPress does. It is mostly used for creating a weblog and not websites.


3. Joomla


Joomla is another open-source content management system that is widely used for publishing content. Joomla is a mobile-ready and user-friendly platform that provides users with thousands of attractive features. In this popular platform, websites and applications can be created.


 Learning Management System (LMS)

LMS is a software application that is widely used for documentation, tracking, reporting, training programs, learning programs, etc. LMS was introduced in the 1990s. This type of management system includes videos, courses, and documents. 

LMS allows organizations to organize their learning and course distribution. In simple words, LMS makes the process of learning fun. Using a learning management system, the creator can design a quiz, see the results, track the progress of users, and organize a video conference.

Example of the Learning Management System

1. Easy-lms.com

easy lms

This type of LMS, which is commonly known as Easy-LMS, helps the users create quizzes, create exams, build courses, make assessments, etc. It is a user-friendly learning management system that provides users with plenty of options. It helps the business owners train their employees quickly and funnily. Easy LMS is a simple learning management system that is designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It is a cloud-based and hassle-free LMS platform and doesn’t require any technical skills.

2. Docebo


Docebo is another highly acclaimed learning management system that is trusted by reputable companies. It provides newbies with 14 days of a free trial. It is a great learning platform and is one of the best Learning management system.


3. LearnUpon LMS


LearnUpon LMS is a quick and easy to use learning management system that consists of tons of powerful features. LearnUpon LMS is device friendly and effectively engages the learners. It is the 7th best Learning management system.


4. Moodle


Moodle is one of the most common LMS options available today. Moodle also allows users to create an online private learning space. 




Now that you know what is CMS and what is LMS. We will now compare CMS vs LMS. We will enlist the differences between CMS and LMS and, in the end, try to conclude which is better among the two. CMS vs LMS will give you a deeper knowledge of both the management systems.

There are several differences between CMS and LMS that can affect the user experience.

LMS is quite different than that of CMS and is specially designed for online learning. It consists of various learning features, such as gamification and quizzes. It also allows the creators to start a video conference or live webinar. It is more engaging as compared to CMS.

CMS is a simple system and allows the users to upload content and also has design limitations as compared to LMS. If you use LMS, then you will be able to customize the learning activities.

Lastly, LMS provides the users with detailed reporting as compared to CMS. It allows you to track the user activities with only a few clicks. If you use a learning management system, then you would be able to track the user activities and assess their learning and quizzes.

Which is Better?

LMS and CMS are both useful and unique in their ways, and LMS is specially designed for employee training. It consists of various essential elements, such as quizzes, courses, etc. CMS consists of pages, posts, and libraries. It is a perfect software to organize business documents and create attractive blog posts.

Despite all of these, it is not considered a great learning platform. A robust LMS is one of the best platforms and if you compare LMS vs CMS, then you would conclude that LMS is the best software and will help you fulfill all of your essential needs.

It has several benefits and has always been proven useful to people. It is also safe and protects users from cybercrimes. It is also mobile-ready and helpful for most people who operate using mobile phones. LMS is quite convenient and provides the employee’s access to popular courses anytime, anywhere. These benefits provide long-term success to a company and its employees. It saves time and frustration for the user.

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