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Virtual telephony is the future of unified communication for different businesses. Virtual phone numbers are the must-have tool for many companies, especially those aiming for business from New Zealand. It eliminates the use of hardware and shifts it to seamless internet connectivity only. The Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) is changing the ways of communication between businesses and customers.

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Companies often face the dilemma of investing in the New Zealand virtual phone system. Let us understand this technology and its benefits for any business, irrespective of size or type.

Advantages of the Virtual Phone Numbers in New Zealand

Benefits of Virtual Phone Numbers in New Zealand

It is easy to understand the importance of VOIP phone services in New Zealand by gaining insights into the key benefits of this technology. These include:

  • Professional identity

New Zealand virtual phone numbers can give businesses a professional brand identity and help them establish a strong presence by competing effectively in local markets.

  • Well-established greetings

It is easy for companies to show their professionalism to callers with the well-established greetings offered by VOIP phone services.

  • Earning local marketing campaigns

Businesses can maximize the results of local marketing campaigns using the virtual phone system. Call analytics can help channel marketing campaigns.

  • Range of numbers

Businesses can opt for different choices of numbers, including free virtual phone numbers or toll-free numbers.

Why Go to New Zealand Virtual Number?

Like any other investment, the decision to go for the New Zealand virtual numbers should be backed with solid research and forecasted results. First, New Zealand has an advanced market economy with high rankings in gross domestic product and Index of Economic Freedom. The dependency of New Zealand on international trade further makes the audience accept foreign investments.

New Zealand

With a large section of the New Zealand population living on the north side of the island only, it is easy to offer services to this population using virtual telephony.

Hence, many growing businesses enter the New Zealand markets with VOIP phone services without entering the region.

It is not only about the regional or economic benefits; virtual phone numbers are easy to manage the daily workflow with no additional hassles. When it comes to New Zealand, it offers an ideal environment for any business covering economic, cultural, demographic, and marketing benefits.

Different Types of New Zealand Virtual Numbers

The different types of the New Zealand virtual number include

  • Toll-free numbers: These are free for the customers, while the companies have to pay for the incoming calls. The toll-free numbers are charged like any other call.
  • Local area numbers: These numbers come with the local area code specific for a particular region in New Zealand. Hence, it becomes easy for businesses to target a specific region.

New Zealand local area codes:

It is easy to go through the local area codes of New Zealand before investing in virtual business phone number services. It makes the selection easy as businesses can choose the respective area codes based on their prospective audience.

RegionArea code
New Plymouth06
Palmerston North06

Steps to Get the New Zealand Virtual Phone Number

New Zealand 2

It is easy for any business to get the virtual phone numbers in quick steps:

  • Sign up to the portal of the service provider.
  • Select the type of virtual numbers from the available options: local area numbers, toll-free numbers, etc.
  • Go for the suitable payment options from the list of options available on the portal and pay for the features selected.
  • Start using the virtual numbers assigned once the email confirmation process is complete. The whole process takes a little over a few minutes.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a New Zealand VoIP Number?

The exact costs of the New Zealand VOIP numbers depend on the features included in these numbers. However, a quick look at the cost components for any virtual telephony includes

  • Monthly costs: The average monthly price starts from 3.99 USD, depending on the features of the calls.
  • Calls and call forwarding: All the calls and call recordings on virtual numbers are charged like a local call only.
  • Additional services: It is easy to go for other services like call recording, call responses, etc. These are available in the business packages and the premium packages of the virtual telephony service providers. 

Wrapping Up

Any business aiming to get the best of technology advancements can use virtual phone numbers in New Zealand. It is easy for any startup or established business to select from the available virtual phone numbers like toll-free numbers or local area numbers. These numbers are full of features and highly affordable for businesses.

Not to miss is the ease of connecting with the local audience without the hassles of local presence. New Zealand has a mixed economy, and it is easy for businesses to tap the diverse population with the virtual phone system. The leading VOIP phone service provider handles all when selecting the numbers, features, and customer service for using this powerful technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

The New Zealand virtual phone numbers allow the companies to grab the attention of the local customers from the region without opening a physical office at the location. As a result, it is easy for small and big businesses to reach customers from New Zealand with no additional costs of installation or infrastructure needs. In addition, the top features of these virtual numbers make it easy for the companies to offer ultimate levels of customer satisfaction.

The New Zealand virtual phone numbers provide different integration with the existing system and software used in the organization. CRM forms a base for customer satisfaction and effective working of the internal workforce, and it is easy to integrate the virtual technology with CRM. In addition, it offers a suitable place for multiple communication regarding customers, vendors, and internal team communication.

It is easy to buy the New Zealand virtual numbers using the simple sign-up process. Once the company details are shared with a service provider, it is easy to complete the payment and start using this technology for your business calling. The availability of the different numbers ensures that all team members can effectively use this technology for serving customers.

The costs of the New Zealand virtual numbers depend on the features included in the numbers and the type of the number. For example, these numbers can be local area numbers or toll-free numbers. The average cost of these numbers starts from 24 USD monthly, including features like unlimited calling, call recording, etc.

It is easy to dial a New Zealand virtual number like any other phone number. The country code of New Zealand is +64 and is followed by the single-digit area code. The phone number entered after it has seven digits. Hence, the New Zealand number is written like +64 (0X) XXXXXXX.

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