Long gone are the days when people stood in caterpillar lines and waited patiently for their turn to book a movie. Not just a movie, in fact almost each and every sector which includes booking of tickets has taken a revolutionary trend with the advancement of technology and implementation of easy solutions of Online Reservation and Booking sites. Most of you even prefer recharges done online instead of going to the shop and have it done by the shopkeeper. So, why on earth is this change taking place and how is this trend changing our lives for the better? Read along to know more!

 What Are The Various Aspects Of Online Booking and Reservation System?

  • Booking Travel Tickets – Most of you are familiar with the booking of travel tickets online. Whether it is train travel, bus travel or simply flight travel, the online facilitation has revolutionized the travel industry. Also, consider the rise in the number of applications for booking of cabs and auto rickshaws. This has made the travel space hassle-free and easy upto a great extent.
  • Booking Entertainment Tickets – Nowadays, more often than not, people prefer booking of movie and sports event tickets online. If you are wondering why exactly, think about all the time saved rather than physically going to the actual event/show counter and getting to know that seats are no longer available. Hurts, isn’t it?
  • Hospitality Industry – When you can browse a Hotel’s website, choose the best list of rooms as per your preferences, apply various deals and promo codes to avail the discount schemes and even successfully book a room in minutes – all these from the cozy comforts of your home, then why should you or anyone even consider the traditional method of hotel booking??!!
  • eCommerce Sites – When we are talking about Online Booking Systems, how can we leave behind the most important sector or field of business which has been revolutionized the most? Yes I am talking about eCommerce or in layman’s term – Online Shopping. eCommerce sites are just another example of an online booking system where you can browse through the list of options, zero-in on your desired products, go through their details, analyze them nicely, finalize the product and then book it for delivery at your doorstep and that too with Cash On Delivery (COD)!! Cool, isn’t it?
  • Examinations – A number of Online Examination Portals offer Examination Systems for recruitment and other significant processes. Such an examination system consists of Guidelines on how to give the Exam, Questions, their Options and even Answers which can be revealed only at the end of the examination. The booking of these examinations is done usually online to get the best transparency in the transaction details and the booking process.

Well, these are some of the major aspects that have seen the greatest revolutionary trend of Online Booking and Reservation System, You can go along citing more examples, try thinking of a few, won’t you?

What Are The Advantages Of Using An Online Reservation And Booking System?

  • Time Saving – As I have discussed before, there is no more need of waiting in lines to book your tickets, pay your bills or for that matter to get any of your task done. Also, you wouldn’t have to get embarrassed when there are no seats available anymore by the time you reach the counter end.
  • Easy Payment Solutions – Although nothing can substitute real cash flow from your hands, however the payment processes facilitated by Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Online Wallets, etc. exquisitely takes care of the fact that your bucks are dealt accurately and with immense security.
  • Transparency – With the system of Online Booking and Reservation, you can now enjoy greater transparency regarding the booking process – such as the availability of slots filled, slots vacant, the various charges incurred, the tax deductions, etc. Hence, no more need of becoming a doubting Thomas that the person behind the counter is taking extra charges from you.
  • Easy Access To Resources – There is no fixed limit of timings for booking when you are booking online except of course for the maintenance timings of the given server. Also, these booking and reservation facilities can be easily done while you sit comfortably in your pajamas, sipping a hot cup of Chocolate Coffee!!
  • Great Deals And Discount Offers – Apply some promo code or a gift card and have the necessary deduction made to your total bill so that you can pay less than the specified total amount on the bill. No haggling, No bargaining! Just Quick Acceptance!!

What Are The Potential Cons Of Making Online Booking and Reservation System An Integral Part Of Our Lives?

Well, we have had the fair share of the best advantages of using online booking and reservation system. However, such softwares are no less than a coin with another side attached to it. I am talking about the negative aspects of online booking and reservation system. So, what are the potential risks involved in integrating this system as a part and parcel of our daily lives? Here are the answers…

  • Security Threats – Is there anyone spying on your payment transactions? Is there someone out there trying to sniff your password while you book away to glory? Totally possible! Although, necessary security tools, features softwares have been developed and some technologies also implemented to prevent such security threats, there can exist some loophole somewhere in the system which ultimately paves the way for the attacker.
  • Technical Glitches – Technical glitches in the software may often lead to undesirable consequences and convert your easy solutions into a highly difficult one. To avoid this, the software needs to be constantly updated with the latest technologies to prevent such things from happening. And this very need for constant updation of the Software/System can be termed as one main potential con when it comes to online bookings and reservation system.
  • Down Time Of The Server – While using such online bookings and reservation system, if the Server goes down at any time, you have no other option but to halt your booking, which might ultimately prove to be a great disadvantage for you. This is because such instances may cause loss of time, loss of payment, loss of money, loss of opportunity and even make your discontinued/incomplete transactions prone to cyber attacks.
  • Internet Connection Is A Must – According to a recent survey conducted by a Search Engine giant, in the Year 2016, just about 40-45 percent of the total population in the world is equipped with an Internet Connection. This means that about 60% of the total world population does not have an Internet Connection. Also, out of the 40% people with an Internet Connection, more than half of them have to be content with below-standard internet speed. The point I am trying to drive is that here is where an online booking and reservation system becomes redundant or meaningless. And the same can happen with you as the absence of internet or low internet speed is not going to help you in your online booking/reservation even if you have the best software at your disposal!!

On the whole, the Online Booking and Reservation System is actually creating a greater potential for improving the lifestyle standards of the people. Such a system is simplifying the lives of people and also helping corporates and firms in providing creative solutions for best services. The Online Booking and Reservation System is thus predicted to become a massive wave in the sea of Internet of Things (IoT) in the coming years!!