4 Reasons Why You Should Integrate CRM Systems With Cloud Telephony


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4 Reasons Why You Should Integrate CRM Systems With Cloud Telephony

Customer Relationship Management systems, if utilized efficiently, are one of the most valuable and important assets of a business. Recent studies show that companies that fully utilize their CRM system can increase their revenue by 29%. CRM systems have a significant role to play in maintaining strong Customer Relationships, supporting Customer Retention and ultimately business growth. Your business may have a CRM system in place, but are you maximizing its potential benefits?

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Integrating a CRM system with a Cloud Telephony solution can forge an all-powerful partnership, with extremely high potential. If your business or workplace is yet to harness the benefits of integrating a CRM system with the cloud, then here are 4 reasons why you should make this key integration a priority. Read On…

1. High Customer Satisfaction

By integrating CRM Software with cloud telephony, you can empower your sales team to deliver a much more personalized customer experience to your customers. A wealth of customer information also gets instantly accessible and available to the responding agent as the cloud telephony solution will trigger a screen pop-up with all the relevant details of the client or account. The responding agent can, therefore, begin a much more informed conversation with the calling lead or customer. Sales teams can also switch from voice to video calls or easily share their screen with the caller to better understand a customer issue or provide a more informative sales call.

2. Improved Productivity

Improved Productivity

Cloud telephony empowers a sales team to automatically dial contact numbers from prospect details in their CRM System through the “click-to-dial” functionality which can greatly speed up the customer contact and response times. Cloud telephony solutions can also use CRM data to ensure calls are intelligently routed to the correct agent, thus reducing the time a customer spends on hold and the time that the sales team spends trying to locate the most appropriate agent.

Moreover, the need to manually search for and populate customer data is also eliminated. All the relevant telephony data is made available by the cloud telephony solution within the CRM. The result is that the sales team’s time is much better utilized. They ultimately spend more time selling/up-selling and less time on administration and miscellaneous, unnecessary tasks.

3. Reduced Missed Sales Opportunities

By integrating a CRM system with cloud telephony, businesses can ensure that missed calls do not mean a missed sales opportunity. The cloud telephony solution can record all missed call data while lines are busy or while the sales team members are out of the office. This data is then readily available through the CRM system for agents to respond to once they are back in the office or finish their current prospect/client call.  This is one of the most significant benefits offered by integrating CRM systems with cloud telephony. Closing the gap on missed calls can essentially close the gap on missed sales opportunities leading to increased profitability.

4. Seamless Industry Compliance

Many industries, particularly the financial services and telecoms industries, operate strict compliance regulations regarding client communications. Integrating a CRM system with a cloud communications solution is one of the easiest and most effective means of ensuring businesses in such industries meet regulatory compliance. The call archiving functionality, call encryption and IVR software offer military-grade CRM security of customer data which not only meets but exceeds the communications compliance requirements.

Integrating CRM With Cloud Telephony = Increased Profitability

Ultimately, integrating a CRM system with cloud telephony creates an incredible alliance that enables quicker, smarter, and more effective sales and marketing. Business operations are streamlined, customers are happier and the profitability is continuously strengthened. CRM systems are an incredibly powerful tool that can form the backbone of a successful business. However, to maximise their potential benefit, Companies simply need to embrace cloud communications!!

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