8 Reasons to Embrace a Virtual Phone System for Your Online Business

Tirtharaj Raman

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Reasons Why Virtual Phone System Is a Must Have for Work From Home

Telecommuting jobs have sprung up like a necessity right now, just the way wearing masks to survive amidst this COVID-19 pandemic. All companies, instead of leading the global economy into recession, are having their teams go through remote working – to help them survive these tough times in supporting their families.

And this is bringing a worldwide revelation in every organization in the levels of productivity from their employees.

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It has allowed jobbers to increase their potency by staying at home around their computer/laptop while enjoying time away from the everyday mundane commutes to the offices.

All thanks to cloud technology, employees are today able to log their work hours sitting in a homey environment directly from their computers/laptop screens. But attending the meetings from home is becoming a frustrating task as team members face a lot of disturbance due to the video/audio quality of the meeting over the “so-called” stable telecommunicating applications.

Hence, we think this is the best time for you to invest in a virtual phone system for your business communications and implement the system across all the employees from their remote working since work from home is probably going to stay around across the globe for the next few months.

A virtual phone system will not only help you separate your personal life from the background of your home with your professional presence on the screen but also increase your productivity.

It might turn out to be the single most “win-win” for your company as well as your employees in such critical times.

Why You Should Get a Virtual Phone System for Your Online Business

1. It’s Inexpensive

If you think you don’t have a virtual phone system because it might be expensive, then let it be assured that you don’t have to buy several phones for each employee to get connected. You just need to buy one phone on your company’s name with no virtual up-front costs for everyone to communicate with it.

2. You’ll Be More Productive

A virtual phone lets you access messages and phone calls from anywhere. If you are sitting at your home with a setup of a meeting, your employees need not be sitting with the same configuration. They can access the conference through their phone, tablet, home computer, or even a laptop to connect. Virtual phone systems make it much more feasible to operate businesses than to be physically present at a meeting. You can also fax documents, draft an email, or use any tools online while working through a virtual phone.

3. It’s More Professional

A virtual phone makes your internet calling less unprofessional while you are around anything or anyone. It can help you leave a professional voicemail when you are away from the registered connected devices, can let you transfer calls to any employee connected to the device and put themselves on hold to music, and even forward calls automatically.

4. You Grow, I Grow

A virtual phone system will grow even if new employees are getting added to your organization. You can enable extensions to be added to the system. Hence, it doesn’t matter even if you scale up; a virtual phone will help you cover all your members of the organization during every conference.

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5. There’s No Cost To Call Internationally

The best part about virtual phone numbers is that you can bypass all the expensive charges associated with long-distance calling. You will only need to purchase an area code of any country with which you have to communicate, and you can make as many calls as you wish without any incurring charges. This might come in more handy when you have to deal with clients over long distances without feeling petty over the outrageous international calling fees.

6. No Spam Callers

Virtual phones come equipped with a PBX system which enables you to avoid blacklisted callers and also keep track of your phone calls. Thus, no more worries from local spam callers harassing you over trivial matters.

7. Provide Multilingual Services Across Different Time Zones

It is perfect if your company works with geographically, diverse employees. Having an extensive network of employees who are enabled to work from homes situated in different regions and states can be managed through one single system of communication. Internet calling and a virtual phone system can help you unite with even the most remote worker round the clock in all native languages.

8. Virtual Dashboard

Get to keep an eye on all the communication activities done through the virtual phone with an accessible dashboard where everything gets registered. From missed calls to answered, inbound calls to voicemails or any internet interactions can be tracked within the organization right from home.

Organizations that provide autonomy to their employees whenever necessary create optimal conditions for a productive working environment.

Although getting a virtual phone system network might be beneficial to only those who regularly work remotely and also to those employees who are self-motivated, productive, and responsible in their tasks.

You can also consider getting a virtual phone number, which is powered by a call-management software through which all the employees can access it from everywhere. Thus, provide your employees with a consistent communicating environment despite working from home to make a cooperative organization.

If you don’t already have a virtual phone system for your company, then this is the best time to try one out with your top management. It might turn out to be the most economical and effective way to grow and manage your business even from home during such times of crisis.

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