SANeFORCE – a division of San Media Ltd. is a Sales Force Automation Software specially designed for the healthcare market. SANeFORCE has 18 years of experience in providing SFE to 45,000 users in India, Kenya, and UAE. It is providing its services to Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, and Healthcare industry.

What’s Good?

  1. Effective analysis for the Business.
  2. Offline, Location Tracking and GEOFencing mobile app.
  3. Quickly made reports will help you analyze your business.
  4. A simple interface and easy to learn software.
  5. Strong features in the support of an MR, manager, and admin.
  6. Graphical representation will help you analyze data better.
  7. Having parameterize your requirement from admin panel.
  8. Control system for the business.

What can be improved?

  1. The UI can be improved.

Full review:

The software is designed from three prospective – Medical Reps, Manager, and Admin, which makes it convenient for the entire team. Let’s have a look at the MR version of the software first.


SANeFORCE Dashbord

The dashboard will give you following information with graphical representation:

  1. Average calls made by field force. You can select month and year so that you can have the exact details of that period.
  2. Coverage: Every field force has a target to accomplish. Based on his targets, how much work has he finished, that is his coverage.
  3. Repeated call details.
  4. Missed calls and percentage
  5. Joint work details.
  6. Details like total doctors met, no. of doctor, promotion graph.

SANeFORCE for field force has three major drop downs which contain lots of functions:

  1. Information
  2. Activities
  3. MIS reports


This drop-down enables field force to find all the information like:

    1. Product details: From the name to the unit price. It would be very convenient for a new joinee to find out the product that he is going to promote.
    2. Territory: Every field force has a fixed territory to work within. He can add or edit the territory details from this option.
    3. Details of target: Every field force has various tasks to visit doctors, chemists, and hospitals each day. He can find out the list of doctors, chemists or hospitals, and make necessary edits as well.
    4. SFC view: Field force can find out his work distance details, and allowance details.
  • Holiday lists

To Sum Up: This drop-down will give existing details to field force, which would be really helpful from a fresher’s perspective as he would be knowing fewer details about the products and targets.


Activities will provide following features to an MR:

  1. Territory: Field force can find out Territory/Patch wise Listed Dr.
  2. Monthly Tour plan: Field force can make an entry of his daily work and send it to the manager for the approval.Monthly Tour plan
  3. DCR: DCR stands for Daily Call Report which becomes a necessary function in pharmaceutical business. Here an MR can submit his daily call details to the manager which is a part of his work. Have a look:DCR

As an MR, you have to perform various tasks like field work, camp work, doctor visits, doctor survey, administration work etc. All these can be easily added from this menu. The manager can have a close look at each sales guy’s work with these reports.

  1. Expense Statement will be generated based on the Daily Call Report, allowance and distance, which is fixed from admin panel.
  2. Secondary sales will be entered based on the Stock & Sale Statement which is collected from Stockist. This screen can be modified as per your requirement.

MIS Reports:

MIS reports have a vast range of importance in every business, and it covers a wide genre of people starting from sales reps to the manager. In SANeFORCE, various reports can be seen from this drop down. Here, a sales rep can find doctor details and actual reports on his performance based on the specialty of the doctor. So, an MR can find his areas of excellence and areas of improvement. It gives a pie chart generated based on your performance.

Another interesting feature here is the DCR analysis. The call entries that a sales guy has fed, can be seen in form of a well-managed report. These kinds of reports give you the exact number of your performance in each section. These numbers can be really helpful for future goals for the employees, and performance management for the manager.

Other important features like missed calls reports, campaign details, call average views, etc. are covered in this drop down.

Let’s see an another side of SANeFORCE – Manager Module

Manager Module

As we can see, the manager module is about approvals. As a manager, you will be leading many MRs, and that’s all this module is about.

  1. Tour Plan: You can decide and approve your trainee’s tour plans.
  2. Expenses: You can approve claimed reimbursements by your MRs.
  3. Listed Doctors Addition: You can add doctors in the list of “Listed Doctors” provided by your sales reps.
  4. Listed Doctors Deactivation: You can remove doctors from the list of “Listed Doctors”.
  5. Add Against Deactivated Approvals: You can simply replace the doctor information.
  6. Leaves: You can approve leaves of the employees that are under your tree.
  7. Secondary Sales: Here the manager can find the pending approvals of secondary sales.

Admin Panel:

There’s a separate provision for administrators in SANeFORCE. The admin panel lets you perform following things:

  1. Allot division and designation to employees.
  2. Provide rights and access to respected employees.
  3. Check entire field force list, and find the current status of each employee.
  4. Check Call Average of MRs.
  5. Check daily call report of each MR.
  6. Checklist of field force territory wise.
  7. Handle expenses of the field force.
  8. Check Product wise business of doctors.
  9. Enter and edit sample dispatch information
  10. Set targets for each employee product wise.
  11. Check Manager – HQ coverage.
  12. Check tour plan of both – base level and manager level.
  13. Create secondary sales analysis.

Mobile App:

SANeFORCE mobile app provides a lot of services to the field force. As sales guys have on field jobs, they need a mobile app to exchange data or upload their work details. Here are some of the features of the mobile app:

  1. Submitting call reports.
  2. Submitting day plan and activity details to the manager.
  3. Adding doctors, chemist or hospitals.
  4. Internal communication with MRs and manager.
  5. GPS tracking and GEO tagging.
  6. Internal email
  7. RCPA Entry

Here are some screenshots of the app:

Mobile App


Field Force has a daily task of explaining various products to doctors. Back then, MRs used to use hard papers to explain the products, and that is very inconvenient, and papers have a short-term life, so they have to make a new copy almost every day. With the eDetailing app of SANeFORCE, field force can show various products to the doctors, as many times as they want. Here’s how it works:

  1. MRs can download the eDetailing application from SANeFORCE from their tablet devices.
  2. After the initial verification process, they can find all the listed products in the app itself.
  3. An MR can choose the products to “My Briefcase” for his convenience.
  4. The MR just have to select a doctor and all the historical information shows up.
  5. Now, the sales rep can give a short demo with all the details of the product to the doctor. He can deliver content, videos, audios, and images to the doctor for a better presentation.
  6. After the completion of the demo, MR can take feedbacks from the doctor as well.

Apart from delivering demos, the app will also help MRs to figure out their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Hence, the eDetailing app is not just about delivering presentations, but it is also designed for the performance improvement of sales reps and managers.

Here are some modules which are necessary for any pharma company, and with the SANeFORCE, they can utilize in a better way:

  1. Expense Statement
  2. Target and Secondary Sales
  3. Data Security and Access
  4. Daily Call Report
  5. Tour Plan
  6. Master Data
  7. Screen Access
  8. eLearning (Online Quiz)
  9. Mobile App

Bottom line:

SANeFORCE has a vast experience in serving Pharmaceuticals, FMCG and Healthcare industry for a long time. If you’re looking for a strong feature centric SFE solution for your company, then SANeFORCE is a wise choice for your business. SANeFORCE has the experience of offering this product to companies with a 45,000+ workforce and proved itself efficient in all terms.