Are you planning to start an online store? Well, if you are then you must give security a high preference if your eCommerce store will be dealing with vital financial transactions. This is actually more of a necessity than a choice these days because of the escalating number of cyber criminals who are on the hunt for victims on the web. This is where SSL certificates come into the picture with the aim of protecting eCommerce sites from eavesdroppers who might want to intercept data between your consumers and your server. In this regard, this article takes you through everything you need to know about SSL certificates and how you can use these certificates to secure your online store built with an eCommerce Software.


The Importance Of SSL Certificates In eCommerce

If you are new to the world of eCommerce then you might be wondering what SSL certificates are all about. SSL might sound complex but in simple words, it is a term that stands for Secure Socket Layer. This is just a set of rules or protocols that protect information between two destinations in a network. In other words, if you are running a web store with SSL Certificates then the communication between your consumers and your server will be protected through SSL.

So, let us first understand what’s the importance of having an SSL certificate on your eCommerce website?

  • SSL Certificates Provide Encryption

First, security via SSL is made possible through one of the very important facets of communication security i.e encryption. This simply means that the information sent between the server and the client remains safe as it travels around the internet. As we know, essential data like credit card information is routed through the web whenever it is submitted by the user. That means it is possible for any computer on the web to intercept such info if it is not encrypted using an SSL certificate.

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  • SSL Leverages Authentication

Again, since information from an eCommerce client will be travelling through the internet, it is possible for a computer masquerading as a server to intercept the information. This is why it is necessary to establish the authenticity of the destination. It is possible through what is known as public key infrastructure and buying an SSL certificate from a trusted SSL certificate vendor. Such a certificate will only be issued to a trusted eCommerce site after rigorous check to establish the authenticity of the owners and the business. The identity checks are much tougher for getting EV SSL certificates than standard SSL certificates.

  • SSL Shows Trust

Talking of authenticity, did you know that SSL certificates will show your users if your site can be trusted with sensitive information? Yes, that’s right? Web browsers give visual signals to users pertaining the security levels of the user with your server. This comes in the form of a green bar or a lock that will surely convince your users for a call to action on your website. An SSL service provider will also provide you with a trust seal that will show your users that they are shopping on a very safe website.

  • SSL Is a Requirement for Compliance with Security Standards

If your business is planning to handle credit card information then you need to comply with the standards set for online businesses that accept credit card payments. One such standard is the Payment Card Industry Compliance and SSL certificates is a must if one wants to meet these standards.

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  • SSL Certificates Boosts SEO Rankings

At the heart of every business is the quest to make money and eCommerce is no different. This is why your business should rank higher on search engines than your competitors. Of course, search engine optimization requires a lot of work to deliver results, but one key place to start is by buying your eCommerce site an SSL certificate. This is because, since 2014, Google has been using SSL certificate as one light metric inculcated into the search algorithms. Thus, an eCommerce store with an SSL certificate would rank higher than one without it.

How To Know If Your eCommerce Store Needs An SSL Certificate

Wondering if your store needs an SSL certificate? Now, if your website does not capture sensitive data then you might not necessarily need an SSL certificate for your eCommerce store. This can be also a scenario where payments are handled by a credible third party like PayPal. However such third parties should be trusted to have implemented top-notch levels of security to protect user data. It is a smarter decision to protect your online store rather than take chances and get hit hard by attacks.

How To Get An SSL Certificate

Now that you know something about SSL certificate, how do you get an SSL certificate for your online store? There are two options, the free option and the paid SSL certificate but we are going to talk about the more robust option – the paid SSL certificates.

Getting a paid SSL certificate is actually quite straightforward. You simply need to purchase the certificate from a trusted SSL Certificate provider, for example, SSL2BUY where you can get a wide array of SSL certificates for an eCommerce store of any size.

Encrypt Your Business Today

There you have it! Everything you need to know about SSL certificates in the world of business today. The bottom line is that SSL certificates are not as complex as they seem to be and this why you should protect your coveted business from attackers who will never stop looking for prey around the web!


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