Interview with Mr. Venkatesh Sakamuri, Co-Founder and CEO of StayFlexi

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Venkatesh Sakamuri

While automation and technology have modernized the operations of several industries so far, the hotel and hospitality industry largely remains untouched by this trend. Even today, the majority of hospitality operations like guest check-ins, room upgrades, and bookings are done manually, leaving room for errors, and leading to negative customer experiences. Thankfully, StayFlexi caters to the needs of such hotels and rentals, allowing them to digitize their operations completely. 

Not only does StayFlexi automate the management of properties, but the SaaS application also has an upselling platform to help hotels reap more profits. This has earned the application quite a reputation and has led to its popularity worldwide. We are fortunate to have interviewed Mr. Venkatesh Sakamuri, the Co-Founder and CEO of StayFlexi, and learn about his mission, vision, and journey henceforth.

In Conversation with Mr. Venkatesh Sakamuri, Co-Founder and CEO of StayFlexi

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

A warm welcome from SoftwareSuggest Mr. Venkatesh Sakamuri. Our readers are keen to know what prompted you to create Stayflexi? Tell us about your journey so far.  

I, along with my co-founders Preetam and Sasank started Stayflexi to fix our own problems we faced during our travels. 2 PM check-in and 11 AM check-out of hotels never worked for us; we would always arrive early or leave late. Three of us met and used to work for a reputed company in Silicon Valley, California, before we started Stayflexi. 

What is your success formula? Something you have followed personally that has helped you in your personal and professional journey.

 If you are aiming to be an entrepreneur, execute it today, there will be no tomorrow. I am still learning a lot.

What was the biggest challenge you faced while working towards Stayflexi’s growth and how did you overcome it?

Once your product is launched on the market, balancing the customer issues/requests and executing the company’s vision is the biggest challenge I faced. I would not say we successfully did overcome the challenges; we clearly bifurcated our vision and mission. The mission should always have short and near short term goals that point towards the vision. We started taking only these customer requirements, which align with our mission and vision. 

What separates Stayflexi from its competitors?

Emphasis on guest flexibility, Ease of usage, and automations differentiates us big time.

How do you see the company changing in two years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?

We might grow aggressively in the US and other countries with potential partnerships with hospitality networks. We would launch a Software + Services model in India; pure software play may not work in India as a hotel.

I may work with industry experts to make Stayflexi a viral product in the Hospitality industry. We already have Advisors like David Millili, former CEO of Pegasus, who would be guiding us to achieve our goals.

How has Covid-19 impacted your business, and what is your strategy moving forward in the new normal?

Yes, it did. But in a positive way, many of our product lines like contactless check-ins made more sense for the post covid world. 

What new and exciting updates can we expect from Stayflexi in the near future?

We are working on something, but that’s top secret. 🙂 For now, just providing satisfactory service to our customers and get more hotels onboard on our SaaS platform.

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