Update 2/24/2017: This post has been updated with additional Tips for buying HR software.

The benefits of an HRIS software are multiple- it makes payroll processing easier, ensures statutory compliance, can simplify recruitment and save 100s of hours every month of your HR team. However, a wrong selection of software can increase your manpower requirement exponentially. As there are multiple options like sumHR, TribeHR etc available, as an IT Head or HR manager, you need to ensure that the HR software you decided to purchase is selected carefully.

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My team works with more than 100 companies every month and helps them select the right software. Here are 6 tips which will help you simplify the software purchase process.

Know Your Business

The most important step in selecting the right HR software for your business is to “Know your business well”. This will help you in understanding the company’s current software needs. Try mapping the company’s strategic plans & growth rate. You will then need to work with your HR department and create a comprehensive list of requirements. Reading more on HR software and videos will help you clear your detailed requirement.

Understand Software Compatibility / Features

What can be so worse than investing time and money in buying a new software, only to find out at a later stage, that the new software you have purchased, doesn’t work with your existing software. And some critical features are missing. So before you buy any software, check all the features you need are effectively and efficiently provided. Ensure that your all future and current systems get properly integrated with the software. This is important as you may need to integrate your human resource software with your CRM software, project management software, ERP, payroll software, etc.

Never buy just any software!

Besides software there are many other factors you need to keep in mind while purchasing an HR software. To ensure proper service, support & training, customer should ask few questions like

  • Who else are your customers? Get references. (Go for the visits, ask questions to users. Know if they face any problem.)
  • How many hours/Number of training or on-going technical support will be provided?

The answers will help you know the stability of vendor and product.

Take a trial first!

Testing is one of the crucial parts in buying process. Generally you should test following things before you buy Human Resource Information System

  • Ease of learning
  • Simplicity of data entry
  • Functional performance
  • Flexibility
  • Reporting Capabilities

If your needs are critical, such as highly customized reports, test that section thoroughly.

Know the bug fix policy

Software without bugs is impossible and so you need to know how the vendor handles the problem when a bug is found. Are there any patches available? Do you have to wait for the next release? What will be expected time? How much it will cost? Every software vendor has their own policies. And you will need to understand them thoroughly.

Hidden Cost

Last but not the least when you finally decide to buy an HR Software, the question arises- What will it cost? Cost of the software and support are the fixed cost. Besides this there are many variable cost associated with the Human Resource Management System – HRMS, i.e. implementation cost, hardware/software upgrade costs, ongoing maintenance cost, extra training cost. So better ask and clear all costs attached with software.

However, you can go through the list of Top HR Software available or you can talk to software experts at SoftwareSuggest for right software suggestions.

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