In today’s heavily competitive world, where the Customer is King and customer loyalties as good as their most recent purchase, more and more companies are trying their best to improve their customer interaction process. In an ideal world, each and every customer query, feedback, complaint or suggestion should be handled in real time by well-trained customer care professionals, but in reality, it is not possible in most settings. More and more companies are therefore automating their help desk processes so that the Customer Care functions are prompt, standardized and suitably addressed – all these without the use of a constant human interface. To satisfy this very requirement of Companies, a whole lot of best help desk software are available in the market today, each with their different characteristics and features.

Let us discuss the Top 10 Help Desk Software that can take your customer care to an entirely different level! Read On.

1) Zendeskzendesk- top 10 help desk software

It is perhaps the most popular customer service support platform and also the most diverse and feature-rich. Zendesk comes with a highly customizable front-end portal with functionalities of live chat and mobile app integration. Zendesk allows the customers to interact across different mediums such as email, mobile, social media, etc. The software can be bought either individually or as a part of an integrated suite. The advanced features are available only on the higher plans.

2) SupportBeesupport bee- top 10 help desk software

SupportBee is another very popular software that is focused more on the Email. Once a customer contacts a business through SupportBee, the system creates a ticket that is then taken up by the concerned person in the organization. Although more suited to smaller businesses, the pricing, as well as the features of the software, are quite simple for basic help desk functions such as raising and managing tickets. It is constantly rated as one of the simplest software to install and use.

3) HelpSpothelpsoft- top 10 help desk software

One of the most affordable yet feature-rich software in the market today, HelpSpot is a fully independent helpdesk system. It is very useful for businesses that have been relying on email software such as outlook. With automatic ticket generation and management, HelpSpot allows different agents to communicate with the customer and this aids in providing quick resolutions. On the flip side, however, the HelpSpot user interface has been found to be more prone to bugs.

4) Integria IMSIntegria- top 10 help desk software

Integria is extremely powerful, simple and easy to use. With an automated inventory which can be controlled from a single interface, Integria helps in speeding up the ticket management process by providing real-time reports on resolution process. Integria is quite flexible as well as affordable. But a lack of an exclusive mobile interface is a feature that some businesses have reported to be missing in the Integria IMIS software.

5) GrooveGroove- top 10 help desk software

The groove is a simple help desk system that allows for visually checking the ticket completion and customer metrics without generating too many emails. With more than 3000 customers, simple pricing, and free demo versions, Groove provides basic yet well-integrated functionalities such ticket management, knowledge-based reporting and a simple, interactive dashboard.

6) InteraktInterakt- top 10 help desk software

Interakt is a comprehensive software that provides advanced functionalities for  intimate customer engagement and support. It also enables automatic lead generation as well as multi-user access from a single platform. The Interakt dashboard is quite interactive and data rich, and this allows real-time access to customer data, customer complaints, and query handling status.

7) TicksyTicksy- top 10 help desk software

Ticksy is one of the simplest yet powerful customer support software that has an intuitive user interface. The best thing about Ticksy is that it also supports the customized branding of any client company. Ticksy has a unique feature that makes it stand out from other similar software – its integration with Envato’s marketplaces. Ticksy even verifies the authenticity of the person filing the tickets. Tricksy displays some really useful statistics such as the average response time, and time in between messages alongside the ticket thread.

8) Assyst Assyst- top 10 help desk software

Assyst is another popular help desk software that has many unique features such as automation of operating level agreement, automated reporting, robust knowledge base etc. Assyst is extremely easy to configure and customize. The software is an all-in-one software that provides multiple functionalities for managing the service hierarchy. Its interface is quite user-friendly with functions such as drop-and-drag and process wizards.

9) QuickBase Quickbase- top 10 help desk software

Quickbase is one of the most flexible as well as user-friendly software when it comes to help desk tracking applications. The best thing about QuickBase is that it very easy to integrate with other apps such as Gmail, Zapier, and QuickBooks. This empowers the automation of workflow up to a great extent. Quickbase is also known for its great customer support and advanced features.

10) Freshdesk freshdesk- top 10 help desk software

Freshdesk has a great user interface, and it is very competitively and transparently priced. Freshdesk provides the multichannel capability, smart automation as well as integrated game mechanics as part of its software. Freshdesk has an extremely efficient process for ticket management that allows individual tickets to be assigned to agents depending on nature of the work. The software also provides features such as automatic replies and task-based ticket generation. Overall, Freshdesk is a competent and well-priced software.

The Bottom Line

As is evident from the above listings, there is no dearth of quality help desk software in the market, all with their own unique set of features. But it still makes a lot of sense for individual businesses to study the pros and cons of the software and match those with the services that they require, before finalizing any ‘one size fits all’ software. You as a business owner should keep the following point in mind before making your purchase decision: The help desk software should be able to provide a unique, customized and satisfactory service to your customers who come to you with any query, help or grievance. That’s it!