Doctors have one of the most stressful jobs in the world – building up treatment plans, attending to patients, charting, administrative work and keeping up with the latest advances in medical technology. Doctors are our miracle workers on Earth and sure seem to have their hands full at all given times! However, with the advent of modern technology encompassing all aspects of life, it is no surprise that there are a number of time-saving convenient software for doctors.

Given how many available options are out there, it is surely not a difficult task for a physician to pick out suitable software which can satisfy his professional needs to the best. These software act as sure shot life-savers and help to increase the efficiency of doctors, lower costs and save time. These software can change the game plan of doctors, surgeons, pharmacists, clinicians and mid-big sized hospitals.

So here are some of the best software for doctors available today in the market:

  • Easy Clinic – Easy Clinic is a simple, powerful software for doctors, medical clinics and hospitals. It is designed to make the organization more efficient and reliable. Electronic medical records enable doctors to view patient summaries, create comprehensive case notes, prescribe correct medications and order investigations. Patient summaries provide doctors with important data with the click of a button and also help them to analyze graphical progress charts, past visit details, medication protocols and analysis of lab results. Easy Clinic is packed with customization options, and flexible templates which can help to streamline processes according to the requirement of the clinic/hospital. It is a user-friendly solution for doctors, packed with innovative features, and takes minimal time to master.
  • Clinicea – This is a revolutionary and comprehensive software tool designed to make life simpler and easier for doctors and hospitals. The software for doctors enables to reduce paperwork by creating intelligent digital patient case sheets. Clinicea helps doctors by creating a detailed patient portal, which enables efficient patient registration, medical billing, appointment scheduling and updating of medical records. The software also facilitates claims management, contact management and electronic prescription. It is highly customizable, and can be used by multiple physicians at the same time. The innovative features, sleek interface and integrated platform make Clinicea a must have product for doctors /hospitals.
  • Practo – A highly specialized, radical and cutting edge medical software, Practo is fast gaining popularity globally. Through this software, doctors can create their own detailed profile, schedule patient appointments, track their patient progress and manage their treatment plan. Practo serves as a definitive platform which enhances the operational efficiency of dispensaries, clinics and even small hospitals. It supports patient registration, feedback, consent form filling; schedule management, billing and all the details are uploaded online to make the data accessible anywhere. It is a holistic healthcare solution which regulates the storage, management and exchange of electronic health data to increase the productivity and engagement by doctors.
  • Visual Doctor – This is an all-inclusive health care software application that can be used by doctors, a group practice, diagnostic centers, pharmacies and clinics. The software helps to digitalize all patient records, so as to provide a 24/7 accessible complete patient history to the doctor. Visual Doctor manages Electronic Medical Records, patient registration, OPD billing, appointment management and inventory management. It is highly specialized software for doctors and has various modules such as General Physician, Ophthalmologist, Pediatrician, Dermatologist, General Surgeon, ENT Surgeon, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Orthopedic, Psychiatrist, Dentist and Pathology. These modules can be used by the requisite doctors for their specific needs. It is extremely user friendly and comes with full back end support and training to adapt it to the clinics specific needs.
  • Doctor Sahab – Doctor Sahab is a free medical online, medical practice and clinic management software for doctors, which provides wide-ranging features for operational efficiency. The software provides a 30 second online patient registration, thus ensuring that critical medical data is secured, updated and available for quick access by doctors. It also has various specialized features which help in appointment scheduling, payment & billing, generating reports and updating medical history of patients. Doctor Sahab has an in-built comprehensive drug database and searches can be made through brand name or generic name.
  • Prescription Pad – A true companion of a clinician – Prescription Pad helps in giving safe patient prescription, modifying prescriptions, choosing brands and drugs from already existing records and maintaining important information about patients. It is a repository of all the data a doctor or clinician needs while writing prescription like complete drugs and brands information, an exhaustive list of diseases with differential diagnosis, disease related list of investigations along with their interpretation along with the facility to store patient’s full information along with all kinds of investigation. The software has the ability to formulate the program according to the needs of the doctor through various package control options, whether it is the outward appearance of the interface or the main database.
  • pMD – This software is an innovation leader in healthcare technology sector and has the ability to automate hospital discharge alerts to mobile and web applications. pMD significantly improves the quality of follow-up care for patients after they are discharged from the hospital. Its data capture platform vastly increases efficiency, improves collaboration, and allows doctors to capture more accurate information right at the point of care. The software’s timely alerts automate the communication between the physician and scheduling staff, allowing them to follow up with the patient within 48 hours of discharge. It also helps in capturing patient billing charges, accessing information in real-time and eliminating tedious manual processes.
  • MacPractice – MacPractice is a wonderful medical tool that encompasses a spectrum of complementary, integrated software and hardware solutions, along with best-of-class support and training. It offers an electronic health record (EHR) system and practice management & patient scheduling applications. The software also includes a focused inventory module for keeping accurate tallies of medical supplies and an attachment module for inserting digital documents into patient files. MacPractice allows doctors to create and update patient portals which allow them to access lab results, view clinical and demographic data of patients and flag important data Use requirements. This innovative software for doctors is the foundation for a modern medical practice and is designed to be user-centric so as to increase productivity and optimize workflow.
  • Lybrate – is a pioneering online doctor database that gives one access to over 90,000 highly trained medical experts, just through the click of a finger. You can hence access a highly trained professional doctor through your mobile, tablet or personal computer. It is also a tool for doctors to schedule appointments, upload and manage patient records, prescriptions and medical reports. All medical Reports, bills and prescriptions are uploaded in digital format for anytime anywhere access The medical data is uploaded on Amazon Cloud servers and is totally encrypted and secured for confidentiality. This ground breaking software enables doctors to enjoy seamless connectivity with their patients, thus breaking the barriers of the traditional format.
  • Bp Premier – This medical SQL software is fast, stable and robust and rich in functionality. It is clinical management software for doctors with personalized professional support as a priority. Bp Premier boasts of an impressive range of features such as online bulk bill claiming, private patient claiming, patient registration and verification and advanced reporting facilities. It also has an advanced feature – Digital Health Media which provides leading-edge interactive multimedia and 3D animation of health functions, thus enhancing patient engagement and compliance. The software has forged a reputation for quality products, great user functionality and excellent customer support. It is highly beneficial to general practitioners, surgical specialists and medical staff as it results in better performance, zero-error margins and time-saving.


The medical business is a dynamic and complex world, and it is easy for doctors to get sucked into mundane tasks that keep them from their more pressing task of attending to patients. The various arrays of medical software in the market today can help mid-big sized hospitals give a simple, effective, budget-friendly and optimized solution for their practicing physicians. The best part about most of these software is that they have highly flexible modules, giving a doctor the opportunity to customize it to suit his specific needs. These comprehensive and integrated information systems designed to manage all the aspects of a hospital operation, and give doctors access to all the information that they require.

Electronic medical records of patients can be easily created and updated with patient details, medical history, appointment schedules and prescriptions. This radical software technology can be utilized by doctors to accrue the benefits of cost savings, convenience, speed and accuracy, thereby giving them the gift of time, which can be devoted to needy patients. Above mentioned software for doctors are truly a blessing, which can revolutionize the healthcare industry for the better.


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