6 Essential Content Marketing Tools and Platforms for Marketers

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That content marketing is here to make a splash is a fact that no one can deny. However, even after careful strategy and optimal use of human effort, it is not necessary that you may get the kind of returns you were expecting to get.

With the growth in content marketing landscape every year there have been multiple tools which are targeted to make this task much easier. Each one of them is designed with a specific purpose in mind and what may work for one marketer may not for the other. Let us have a look at 6 essential content marketing tools and platforms that are going to make the task at hand easy for marketers.

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Top Content Marketing Tools and Platforms

1. Hubspot


A widely popular service Hubspot offers many content marketing tools. Since most of them are essentially free of cost it acts as a stepping stone in this field for many novice marketers. There are popup tools and a powerful form builder that come handy when you have to create worthwhile content and market to your customers. You can also opt for live chat and chatbots that are useful when it comes to handling the queries of the customers. Apart from the content marketing tools, there are other growth initiator tools which can handle any hurdle you might face while setting up processes. 

2. SEOOutreachers


When it comes to targeting the right audience through innovative content SEOOutreachers rules the roost. They know the art of making content work for their clients and through a strategic approach are able to find out which style needs to be adopted to get customers to relate with your brand. Having vast expertise in this field it is their unique and out of box thinking which garners the client’s many customers hence implying straight off a huge profit.

3. Google Docs

google docs

If you have your own content to write or have assigned the task to someone else then you must not Google Docs. Basically, once your work is done you need a place to prepare it for final presentation and Google docs is that very platform. Free to use it is extremely simple to share the content online to any other user if needed. Apart from that you can comfortably sync it with your content management system (CMS) and relax peacefully as all work happens in a streamlined manner.

4. WordPress


If you are still in doubt about which CMS to subscribe to the most obvious answer is going to be Word Press. In fact, it is being said that Word Press alone powers 30% of the internet. You can use Word Press to set up your own website right from a scratch. Along with the plugin architecture provided ensures that your blog gets prepared according to the mood and temperament of the customers you are looking at. The ability to customize the same leads to WordPress is extremely popular both with bloggers and marketers alike.

5. Yoast


Yoast in simple words is like an all in one-word press plugin which would handle all the tasks that are needed to be completed to keep you in top position in SEO rankings. You can optimize the content for any keyword, edit Meta description and slugs, increase readability and basically modify things till they meet the criteria of perfection. So far they have a rating of 4.9 out of 5 in the Word Press marketplace which is sufficient to emphasize how popular this plugin is. Best is that using the Yoast plugin is quite simple and if you are far away from technical stuff still you can manage the website with ease.

6. Ahrefs


Keywords are very crucial to ensure that your Google rankings stay on top position. You wish to track the progress report of your keywords you can do so efficiently. Not only that you can use the same to track your competitor’s keywords too. With multiple features, you can customize the tool to your benefit. You can also use their reports like top pages to know which pages are the top-ranking ones. Along with is the content gap report which shows where your competitors have done better than you have.


Whichever tool amongst them you choose there is one basic fact that needs to be kept in mind. If you do not have a neat content strategy in place taking help of these tools would not prove to be very helpful. In such a scenario it would be better if you take the help of a content management agency to do the same. Content marketing can work wonders for you but only when all the necessary factors work in accordance with each other. It is always best to take professional help when you feel the things may not be working in tandem. It is better than implementing a flawed content strategy and gaining nothing beneficial.

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