Top 14 Digital Wallet App in India for Online Payment

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digital wallet app in india

What is a Digital Wallet?

A digital wallet acts as a virtual wallet where you can store your money digitally and use it for various online and offline transactions. It can be linked to your mobile number and your bank account to facilitate quick, easy, and secure monetary transactions.

Which Digital Wallet App is the Most Secure?

Have you ever wondered about the number of debit and credit cards you juggle around in your pockets every day? Have you ever thought of an alternative measure? A single platform where you could merge all of your accounts? This is where the digital wallet app comes in.

These applications, which can be installed on your smartphone, are linked either to your bank account, debit card, or credit card information. You can then tap on your phone, enter a few details, or scan a code to do transactions.

For instance, we can cite the example of PayPal, which dominates the market of digital wallet apps. Adding to this software is Google Wallet, MasterCard PayPass, and Square Wallet.

However, many new users are wary when it comes to data transmission via mobile networks, which is considered to carry many security risks. Hence, this risk is present in a digital wallet, as well.

What if you lose your phone and you end up with all your personal and financial information landing in the wrong hands? Again, customers also fear the likelihood of fraud when they use these mobile apps. When you use a debit or credit card, you have some accountability from your bank. However, the fraud does not apply to digital wallets.

So, what do you do in such a case? You must ensure that you install the safest wallets on your phone so that the respective providers can be held accountable if fraud happens.

Again, when you install reputed, reliable apps, you also make sure that the percentage of illegal transactions is minimal. Below, we have outlined the best digital wallet apps in India that offer you a safe, seamless transaction experience.

List of Top 14 Digital Wallet Apps in India 

1. PayTM

PayTM, the most common and popular app among the current millennial generation in India, offers you the option to transfer money into a digital wallet and use it to make payments. It was launched in 2010 and followed a semi-closed model, which takes advantage of the enormous mobile and smartphone market.

Any user can use the app to make payments in stores that have tie-ups with the company. Other uses of PayTM include making bill payments, transferring cash, and availing the services of travel and entertainment websites. Currently, it is also utilized to make cashless fee payments in educational institutes.

2. Amazon Pay

The next entry on our list is Amazon Pay, yet another of the best digital wallet apps in India that is, as the name suggests, owned by none other than the com giant Amazon.

Amazon Pay

It was launched internationally in 2007 and is widely used by Amazon’s massive customer base. Secure and extremely efficient, you can use it to easily make payments while using the balance in your Amazon account. It can be used on external merchant websites, as well.

3. Google Pay

Currently, you can see Google Pay is a payment option in almost all brick-and-mortar as well as online stores. It has a massive user base; it can be used to quickly send money to friends, pay bills, buy anything online, order food, recharge your phone, or shop at stores.

It links your existing bank account to the app and does not require you to load wallets or verify KYC since it is directly connected to your bank.

Google Pay

4. PhonePe

Yet another digital wallet app in India that launched in 2015, PhonePe, has been downloaded by more than 100 million users to date. It can be used to conduct UPI payments, do recharges, and ensure secure money transfers, as well as online bill payments.


Since it comes with a very easy-to-use user interface, it is one of the most common apps in India.

5. Mobikwik

MobiKwik is a widely used digital wallet app in online retail stores. You can add money using your debit, credit card, and net banking account into the mobile wallet and then utilize this money to recharge or pay bills and shop at online sites.

Several grocery stores, as well as food establishments, use MobikWik, especially for its feature called expense tracker, which offers the unique option of monitoring spending and maintaining a budget.


6. Yono by SBI

Surprisingly, when SBI launched the Yono application, it turned out to be one of the best digital wallet apps in India. You can use this software to transfer money to other users and bank accounts. You can also use Yono to pay your bills, do recharges, make movie bookings, hotel reservations, and online shopping.

It is a type of semi-closed prepaid wallet that is available in multiple languages and can even be used if you do not have an SBI account.

Yono by SBI

7. HDFC PayZapp

PayZapp by HDFC is extremely popular as it has the option of making all payments in just one click. You can use it to recharge your phone, DTH connection, and data card, make utility bill payments, book flight tickets (after comparing prices), make reservations for buses and hotels, shop, purchase movie tickets, and shop at music and grocery stores. You can also use it to transfer cash to anyone on your contact list.

HDFC PayZapp

8. BHIM Axis Pay

Rounding up the list of the most secure and best digital wallet apps in India is BHIM Axis Pay, which works on UPI banking and allows you to transfer money immediately to anyone through your smartphone. You can use it to do mobile and DTH recharges as well.

BHIM Axis Pay

9. ICICI Pockets

The ICICI Pockets e-wallet app is not just limited to those banking with ICICI. You can add money to the digital wallet using any bank account. You can use the VISA-powered e-wallet app to transfer funds to any phone number, bank account number, Facebook user, or email ID.

It also allows you to shop online, carry out recharges, split expenses with friends, purchase tickets, and send gifts. ICICI also gives you the option to convert it to a zero-balance savings account with the bank.

ICICI Pockets

Subject to a fee, you can also obtain a physical debit card for your digital wallet that can be used in offline stores and also for online purchases. The app provides you with exclusive discounts, deals, rebates, and packages from leading brands. The ICICI Pockets app is an excellent example of a well-developed mobile application.

10. JioMoney

Jio SIM users will find the JioMoney app installed automatically on their smartphones. If you are not a Jio user, you can download it from the app store on your device and use it. You do not necessarily need a bank account to recharge JioMoney.


You also have the option to pay cash to a Jio dealer, who will load the amount into your digital wallet. This feature is especially significant since Jio smartphones are widely used in rural India. You can enjoy exclusive discounts and offers from select merchants and also earn multiple cashback benefits on various transactions when you use this e-wallet app.

11. Ola Money

Ola has extended Ola Money’s e-wallet functionality. You can now pay for not just cab rides but also utility bills, buy tickets, groceries, and much more from various online merchants such as BookMyShow, Yatra, IRCTC, Mumbai Metro, Dominos, etc.

You can add Ola Money to your account through multiple banks, and you can also withdraw your Ola Money to your bank account.

Ola Money

The Ola Money e-wallet app also comes with the Ola Money Postpaid feature. It saves you the trouble of recharging your Ola Money digital wallet.

You can use this mode of payment not just for cabs but also for payments on over 300 apps. It comes without any additional hidden charges. You will need to pay for all the expenses once every 15 days.

12. Mswipe

MSwipe is a mobile point-of-sale solution that enables hassle-free digital payments. It comes as a machine that can be attached to mobile phones, tablets, and even computers to facilitate card payments.

It is linked to your bank account. MSwipe also has a mobile app for its merchants that includes features that enable merchants to receive payments using a QR code.

MSwipe’s mobile app creates comprehensive reports of all transactions and provides a single-screen view of transaction histories. The app comes with quick and easy in-app support options.

Frequently used options, as well as promotional offers for users, can be launched quickly. It also allows you to provide an EMI facility to your customers.

13. Vodafone M-Pesa

Vodafone M-Pesa enables you to recharge mobile phones, pay utility bills, and transfer money to the digital wallets of other M-Pesa users. To send money to someone, you only need to enter their number, specify the amount, and input a 4-digit code.

One of the standout features of this e-wallet app is that when someone transfers money to your M-Pesa digital wallet, you can collect the payment in cash from one of their M-Pesa outlets.

All you need to do is show them the transaction SMS along with an ID proof and withdraw the amount in cash. M-Pesa also lets you earn a 5% cashback on various transactions.

14. Airtel Payments Bank

You can download the Airtel Thanks app on your device to manage your Airtel mobile accounts and make use of the Airtel Payments Bank and the Airtel Money Wallet. Money added to the Airtel Money Wallet goes into the Airtel Payments Bank account. It also earns a nominal amount of interest.

Airtel Payments Bank

You can use the money to shop online, recharge your prepaid account, pay your postpaid bills, and send money to other people. It also lets you enjoy discounts, cashback and offers on hotel, bus, flight, and movie ticket bookings.

The app also gives you free access to platforms such as Amazon Prime, Wynk Music, HOOQ, Airtel TV, etc. All payments are secure and require a 4-digit mPIN.

Wrapping Up

Mobile apps are becoming a lot more sophisticated, user-friendly, reliable, and less risky and have opened up a whole new avenue to make a cashless economy a reality. Digital wallets and mobile e-wallet applications have created much value for users, and it comes as no surprise that it is finding more takers every day.

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