Business process management software primarily serves the purpose of providing a platform for people to design, build, analyze, modify and the test the various business processes. It facilitates effective simulation of the various stages of a business process lifecycle for a highly accurate implementation. The logs that are thus created during the process execution are then analyzed for potential patterns of bottlenecks, loopholes and other inefficiencies.

While proprietary BPM software products often exist as standalone solutions that require independent maintenance of each business logic development lifecycle processes, open source software products demonstrate greater compatibility with continuous integration and delivery pipelines for effective IT assets management.

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Importance of Business Process Management Software For Your Business

Business process management software is quite an innovative solution for the existing IT industry, owing to its evolving and highly effective BPM technological solutions. A BPM software provides for extensive automation of processes, increases productivity and ensures regulatory compliance. Also, open source BPM software provides for a more credible and highly cost effective alternative compared to proprietary BPM software vendors, thus creating the scope for a better business solution.

Top Free and Open Source Business Process Management Software

  • Bonitasoft

Widely known as the Bonita BPM, this particular platform provides for continuous business improvement with respect to the various DevOps teams. It facilitates easy and effective application delivery that demonstrates immense compatibility towards changes in business standards in a real time environment. Also, Bonitasoft is extremely lightweight and implements a modular architecture backed up by a strong hold of the open source community of more than 12000 members for various query resolution requirements.

  • Red Hat JBoss BPM suite

This suite integrates the functionalities of business process management, resource planning, and event processing and rules management on a single BPM platform. It can also be effectively used to capture the various business policies and procedures and facilitate automation of the various business operations and activities. Deployed across different environment like physical, virtual, cloud, etc, this software serves best for different business organizations and IT service companies.

  • Alfresco Activiti

Activiti is one of the best open source BPM software and workflow engine platforms that is specially designed for the business organizations and developers. It is lightweight and incorporates a super fast BPMN 2.0 process engine for java. Also, Activiti is greatly optimized for dealing with technical and non-technical aspects namely analysis, modeling, business process compatibility generation and software creation and support respectively.

  • Adobe Livecycle

The enterprise suite 4 of Adobe Livecycle is high-end BPM software that integrates the concepts of form platform and enterprise documentation. The objectives of using this software include processing of information, delivery of personalized communications and effective protection of sensitive information. Using this software, the users can reduce the total cost of ownership by connecting and automating the critical business processes, thus increasing productivity in general. It also helps in the creation of minimalistic forms for effective data capturing and processing of the obtained information.

  • Adonis

This tool optimizes support for BPM through online publishing, feedback mechanism and search and analysis functions. It also helps in the management of risks and facilitates standardization and acceleration of the executing processes. The essentials that are associated with Adonis include process design documentation, analysis and optimization, performance management, compliance management and control management of the various internal operations. These lead to a significant reduction of cost and time complexity for better productivity on a greater scale.

  • Appian

This is the leading BPM software solutions provider in the market. It aims towards delivering of comprehensive and flexible solutions that satiate the business requirements of both the private and public sectors on a global scale. A full-time web-based solution, Appian provides for highly accurate real time analytics and integrated knowledge management. It minimizes the collaboration between IT and business for an achievement of corporate goals and distributes the high-end functionalities via a software-as-a-service model.

  • Bizflow

This software suite assists in better alignment of business strategies, metrics, and objectives for streamlined deployment of process-driven solutions. This ultimately improves agility, efficiency and a greater turnaround time in terms of process standardization and optimization. Highly equipped with an interactive user interface, Bizflow provides for its users a high-end design studio for effective design and build of various web applications without the need for a coding environment. It supports procure-to-pay, hire-to-retire, request-to-service, etc solutions, best suited to the latest market trends and opportunities.

  • Camunda

Camunda executes BPMN 2.0, is extremely lightweight and provides extensive scalability. This platform is best suited for JAVA EE and spring and provides for powerful REST APIs and scripting language support solutions. It can also be used as a container service in Tomcat, Jboss, etc for multiple applications without the requirement for shutting down the processing engines. This is one of the largest companies in the world and a highly dominating BPM solutions provider in the global market.

  • Orchestra

Optimized to deal with long-term service oriented process, it provides functionalities that handle complex business processes. It is based on OASIS standard BPEL and provides extensive services integration for improved productivity levels. Orchestra is completely open source business process management software and can be downloaded easily under the LGPL license.

  • jBPM

jBPM is an open source BPM software and workflow engine that bridges the gap between business analysts and developers. It is written in java and facilitates the process executions using the BPMN 2.0 specifications. It can run on any java environment and can be embedded easily for deployment into various applications.


BPM software solutions have a proven track record of improving the business and financial standards of various competing industries with respect to the latest market trends. These incorporate high-end tools and utilities for effective management of the various business processes, ultimately catering towards a creation of better business opportunities. Incorporation of a BPM software suite in any given business is, thus extremely important for deriving maximum profits and better business levels on the corresponding economic forefront.

These are some of the best free and open source BPM tools that we have come across. If you have some other favorite, do let us know in comments below.