Update 1/19/2017: This post has been updated with additional top level retail management software options.

In today’s ultra-competitive world, consumers have become more cautious while purchasing. With the advent of online business, the number of options and purchasing channels have skyrocketed. To stay at par with the customers’ demands, the retailers need to remain updated with the latest retail management software that are blended with technology to give the best customer services across multiple channels to generate revenues and drive growth.

This article has a comprehensive list of such multi-channel retailing software that have integrated functions like e-commerce, marketing, inventory management,  merchandise, financial and warehouse management and CRM all in a single centrally operated solution.

1. HDPOS by Hyperdrive:


The cloud-based HDPOS is a billing and inventory account management software. It is easy to use, feature rich, affordable, does not require SQL, installed on server and client computer, has a 30-day free trial version and is used for multiple cash registers.

HDPOS for your retail Shop:

  • Inventory Management
  • Batch Management
  • Coupons and Offers
  • Event log
  • Manage your customers
  • Smart Billing
  • Financial Accounting
  • Access Rights
  • Generate Extensive Reports
  • 2-way SMS Support
  • Drill-down Reports
  • Manage Multiple prices

HDPOS offers the add-on services that can help you hold your retail business online with complete simplicity.

2. Shoper 9 by Tally:


Tally solutions make a centralized framework available for all point of sale (POS) necessities.

All the aspects of POS from sales, inventory, revenue collection and profit margins can be integrated. Tally provides cost effective enterprise solutions that are developed and customized keeping in mind the individual requirements of clients and their areas of operation.

With the evolution of technology, businesses have to keep in step to benefit. The often challenge faced is to satisfy customers at the same time. Shoper 9 has been designed by Tally to grasp lakhs of SKUs, thousands of proceedings per day and hundreds of stores in the chain. The modern retail business core strengths get to be used to full advantage this way. Shoper 9 shows the best of the breed by way of its unequaled retail expertise and rich development.

Shoper 9 has top incorporated top features from the prominent control of promotions to the detailed stock reservation. This retail management software pinpoints and solves the common problems such as multi-head office operations, the exchange between different warehouses and stores. Shoper 9 is chosen by India’s leading specialty stores and it is successfully serving apparel, textile and footwear segments.

3. MARG ERP 9+ Retailing Software by Marg:


Retail management software by Marg address the challenges of Small & Independent Aspirants. It helps the retailers and large multi-store Retail Chains to manage their complex businesses. Their sector specific orientation, built using latest technologies, assures retailers ‘a visible improvement’ in customer engagement, by helping them source the right product at the right price & also at the right time.

  • Stock reports of different category of drugs
  • Supplier details and fresh/near expiry/ expired stock
  • Single and multiple users
  • Generates separate supplier wise stock reports
  • Directory of suppliers and customers
  • Printing of labels
  • Data security
  • Individual hospital software
  • Printing of a report from anywhere in the world

4. PrimaSeller by PrimaSeller:primaseller

Primaseller is one of the promising names in the category of retail management software. The software provides a flawless interface with incredible features. One can very easily sell the product by fetching the customers from various marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart & many more. A very handy feature of this software is in-store POS billing which may help you manage your physical store sales. Further, one can very easily synchronize inventory. Whether offline or online, you can always have access to your inventory irrespective of location.  The option to create digital catalogs for your products adds extra essence to the product. User-friendly interface and responsiveness of the site add to the comfortability of the user. Also, the data is secure and safe with the SSL security.

5. Gofrugal by Gofrugal:


Gofrugal has a specialized retail billing software to address unique needs. It is comprehensive retail billing software that fits any size or type.

The features provided by software are:

  • Fast Billing
  • Inventory
  • Smart reports
  • Integrations
  • CRM & Loyalty
  • Multi-store management

It serves the unique industries as well: Supermarket Fruits & Vegetables, Groceries & Departmental Stores, Pharma & Healthcare, Apparel & Footwear, Electrical & Electronic, Lifestyle & Fashion, Specialized Retail.  It also has a mobile app that takes orders, verification of the stock status and steward management for various industries. It works seamlessly on three devices – Online POS, Mobile POS and Desktop POS.

6. AcTouch by AcTouch.com:actouch

This software is designed for retail and inventory management. The product provides best-in-class audit controls and financial reporting capabilities. It is diligently designed for working professionals & SMBs businesses that process significant volumes of transactions.

While using the software, you will experience a very comfortable interface with large icons on the dashboard. The software incorporates 250 functionalities and the design of the menu is such that one can easily navigate features that he/she would like to use. The overall design is simple which saves you from spending too much time in learning the software. The software is also very fast to load which would help you in increasing your efficiency.

7. eLite ERP Retail by Accusol:


This ERP software is designed especially for small and medium sized businesses like retailers, clothing and apparel stores, grocery stores, Spa and salon stores and store franchisee. The eLite ERP Retail enables smooth and flawless operation of sales, inventory management and supplier and customer management. The reason why it is preferred more is due to its user-friendliness and interactive dashboard that enables the user to have a complete over-view of the transaction.
Key features:

  • Interactive dashboard
  • Complete control of inventory management
  • Re-ordering facility
  • Provides supplies for schemes
  • Ease of accounting
  • Coordination with weighing scale

 8. RetailPRO by Integrated Retail:


RetailPRO enhances your store’s inventory management and POS thereby leading to cost reduction and increased efficiency by Employee management, managing the back and front office, call center, e-commerce and order fulfillment. There are many perks of using this software having 35,000 global installations include:

  • CRM
  • Loss prevention feature
  • Reporting tools: They are used for retail inventory management and sales and purchase. Each report can be customized as per your requirements.
  • Customized user interface tools.
  • The best solution for chains and franchise.
  • An effective solution that gives you peace of mind.
  • Advanced features for saving time and money.
  • Increases your revenues and profits.

9. Uniretail by VRS softwares:


Uniretail is powerful and fully integrated business software that provides solutions to retailers, distributors and wholesalers. It is user-friendly, affordable, easy to use and can be quickly implemented. Based on Microsoft .net platform it has SQL server as a back-end and can be used in online and offline mode. The main features are:

  • Comprehensive sales management system
  • Inventory management system
  • Consumer relationship management
  • Managing accounts and finance
  • Generating reports
  • Generation of advanced MIS reports: Analysis reports of sales, stock, comparative analysis and ABC reports.

With the effect of these software solutions, retail industry is also set to see some extreme changes taking place in future. It will open up new possibilities for the retailers at the point of sale.

Wrapping up: The retailing software’s are aimed to reduce the manual operations and make the entire process right from inventory management, CRM, POS, tracking sales, billing and ultimate profit generation a transparent process. Most of them are affordable and designed for small and medium scaled organizations and can be used by business sizes.
There are many software available, the fact is to understand that what software will satisfy your business need? and select the software accordingly. Before finalizing the decision, you can go through the list of more retailing software at softwaresuggest.com or you can talk to software experts at SoftwareSuggest.com for the right software suggestion.