Top 20+ WhatsApp Marketing Tools For Businesses

Priya Naha

Senior Writer

WhatsApp Marketing Tools You Should Use in 2022

With more than 2 billion users worldwide, Whatsapp is the second most used platform after Facebook. It has also turned into one of the most used marketing channels. Every day there are more than 65 billion messages sent on WhatsApp.

Looking for WhatsApp Marketing Software? Check out SoftwareSuggest’s list of the best WhatsApp Marketing Software solutions.

Did you know By June 2024, WhatsApp is projected to reach nearly 3 billion unique active users worldwide?

All these statistics and the increasing popularity of WhatsApp have triggered many marketers to use this platform for marketing their business. This is due to the high acceptance of WhatsApp among users.

The best way to market your products and services via Whatsapp is by using WhatsApp marketing tools with clever whatsapp marketing ideas to get a good success rate. We have compiled some of the best tools for you in this article.

Why Should You Use WhatsApp Marketing Tool?

WhatsApp marketing Tool is one of the easiest ways to send promotional offers and gain brand recognition at a very early stage. Also at a time where there are many social media channels being used for the marketing of products and services, it is important to choose the channel that quickly disseminates key information.

protip image

Tailor your messages to individual customers, addressing them by name and customizing content based on their preferences. Personalized interactions create a stronger emotional connection, increasing engagement and conversions. Use WhatsApp's multimedia capabilities to share visually appealing content, making your marketing messages stand out and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Happy marketing!

Some of the major benefits of WhatsApp marketing are –

1. B2B Businesses

B2B businesses can efficiently make use of this platform to inform their clients about their offers and services

2. Multimedia Support

WhatsApp not only supports text messages, but you can also attach images, audios, Vcards, and other multimedia content along with messages to effectively market your products and services. Additionally, you can send URLs to get more clicks and drive website visits, making it a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance their strategies for marketing their business.

3. Cost-Efficient

You can circulate information about the products and services at a very minimal cost.

4. Blue Ticks

Blue Ticks help marketers to know the open rate of messages. This helps to monitor the success of marketing campaigns.

5. Cross-Platform Communication

There are various WhatsApp marketing tools that help to establish communication across various platforms.

6. Easy To Use

WhatsApp is an easy-to-use software that requires no training and no additional plug-ins.

How We Select & List Softwares?

Our selection of these WhatsApp Marketing Tool is based on thorough research and analysis. We have listed these softwares based on usability and satisfaction score that include features, ease of use, customer support, ratings, and number of reviews from SoftwareSuggest. Our goal is to help businesses select the right softwares that can help them optimize their business processes.

Top 20+ WhatsApp Marketing Tools

Provider NamePricingFeatures
99€/month – StarterPowerful Integrations, Dedicated Support, More Flow Actions
Enterprise Plan: $99/monthIt has an easy-to-navigate user interface (UI)
Rs. 500 or $10Send text, images, and videos with captions
$125/ LicenseWhatsApp Numbers filter to filter out active regular and business WhatsApp numbers
Advanced plan : $25 USD/user/monthFeatures for analytics to track sales performance in real time
WhatSender Professional - $29.90Customize messages and add recipients name or other variables
Contact WhatsApp Bulk Sender for pricingAdd unlimited WhatsApp numbers and send thousands of messages
Starts at $99/monthHelps in cross channel marketing i.e. you can integrate other marketing channels like fax, email, web push notifications, etc in your e-marketing campaign
$135 per year (for 3 PCs)You can attach documents, images in various formats such as .docx, .xls, .png and vCards
WhatsApp Marketing Software Sender Pro - Starting from Rs. 2000Add images, videos, and audios to your messages to make the marketing campaign more effective
Standard - $29/YearEasily import contacts from CSV, TXT files or by simply copying and pasting
Contact the vendorTake advantage of almost all functionalities of WhatsApp without waiting for account approval
Start from $9.99 as a one-time payment per userCapture web subscribers from all of your websites and text them for effective marketing
Rapid Planner (Monthly Pack) - Rs. 350/MonthCustomize all the system generated replies
Starter - $40/MonthAccess customer information and past records to create hyper-targeted marketing campaigns
1 PC, priced at INR 1,899 per licenseSupport for all major multimedia formats, such as photos, videos, documents, and more
A lifetime license will cost you $400Send bulk messages to give important information to potential clients without any “Cost per Message”
Basic - Starting from $99/ MonthWhatsApp shared inbox that can be accessed by all employees
Professional - $14.99/Month and $8.99/Month when you subscribe annuallyGet a message directly on WhatsApp when a customer places an order
5.000 Message Credits - $176.20Create a database of your clients and send bulk messages
WAAM-it Blaster Basic - Unlimited WhatsApp Text Messages on lifetime payment of $547Personalize your messages and include any information including names, emojis, links, etc.
Starter Team - $127/Month or $1200 annuallyAutomated posting on various social media channels
Q-sender charges $15 per user annuallyActive user filter to get a list of customers for targeted marketing

1. Chatarmin

In the e-commerce sector, staying connected is crucial, and WhatsApp is increasingly becoming the channel of choice. stands out as a comprehensive WhatsApp marketing tool that offers seamless WhatsApp Shopify and WhatsApp Klaviyo integration. This tool takes customer engagement to the next level by automating key interactions.

Reclaim lost sales by addressing abandoned carts and sending shipping updates directly through the platform’s WhatsApp Shopify integration. Its WhatsApp Klaviyo integration also provides an effective way to segment your audience and personalize your messaging strategy.

Even if your focus isn’t e-commerce, remains a powerful asset. Its feature-rich platform includes a flow builder and API compatibility, positioning it as a versatile WhatsApp marketing tool for diverse business needs.

Pricing & Plans

99€/month – Starter:199€/month – Smarter:
Bulk Newsletters, Flow Builder, Segments & TagsAll Starter Features, Powerful Integrations, Dedicated Support, More Flow Actions
  • Best Klaviyo & Shopify Integration World-Wide
  • Bulk Newsletters & Campaigns through WhatsApp
  • Very strong Flow Builder
  • Setup can take up to 30 min
  • Have to bring your own WhatsApp Number (recommended)

2. ControlHippo

ControlHippo logo


4.5 out of 5 stars

15 Reviews

ControlHippo is a new player in the market. This WhatsApp shared inbox platform empowers sales, support, as well as marketing teams to efficiently manage customer communications through a centralized dashboard.

By leveraging this platform, companies and marketing agencies can ensure that all their business communications remain streamlined, ensuring prompt responses to customer queries and timely addressing of concerns.

Moreover, the tool enables companies to integrate it with other tools such as HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Zoho. Additionally, it offers a Google Chrome extension that allows you to enable the “click-to-call” function, enabling you to directly call any number on the internet with a single click.

Key Features:

  • The platform offers a shared WhatsApp inbox.
  • It has an easy-to-navigate user interface (UI).
  • It integrates smoothly with third-party tools.
  • Provides analytics and reports.
  • Allows seamless data extraction.
  • The setup process is simple and quick.
  • Ensures guaranteed data security. 

Pricing & Plans

Basic Plan: FreeEnterprise Plan: $99/month
Free 10 Users, Customized channels, CRM Integration, All core featuresEverything in Basic Plan, Unlimited Users, Data Extraction, All core features
  • CallHippo boats an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • It offers comprehensive monitoring and control capabilities.
  • The platform prioritizes data security to safeguard sensitive information.
  • It streamlines operations and improves productivity.
  • The initial setup of ControlHippo is complex.
  • The platform has compatibility issues with certain operating systems.
  • The users have a learning curve for advanced features.

3. WappBlaster

WappBlaster logo


4.7 out of 5 stars

7 Reviews

WappBlaster is one of the best WhatsApp marketing tools that helps you to send unlimited bulk messages to your current and potential clients. This intuitively designed tool offers several features for effective marketing.

Since there is no character limit to sending text messages, pitching your ideas to potential and loyal customers becomes straightforward through WappBlaster.

Key features

  • Anti Blocking algorithm for hassle-free bulk messaging
  • Multi-language functionality
  • Supports multiple accounts and you can switch between several accounts in running campaigns
  • Share video links to get thousands of clicks or views
  • Instantly create and upload a database of customers
  • Automatic group posting
  • Schedule texts
  • Send text, images, and videos with captions
  • Easily generate reports of messages that you have sent

Pricing Plans

First Key Per DaySecond Key Per Year
FREERs. 500 or $10
  • Users of WappBlaster can simultaneously send bulk messages to multiple WhatsApp contacts.
  • WappBlaster assists companies in reaching and interacting with a larger audience.
  • The platform offers options to personalize messages like adding names, dynamic content, etc.
  • It automates sending messages and makes it easier to schedule messages.
  • At times, recipients feel inundated with messages.
  • The platform does not offer advanced targeting options.
  • The use of third-party software may raise privacy concerns.

4. Whappext

Whappext logo


4.5 out of 5 stars

2 Reviews

Whappext is a WhatsApp marketing tool that allows you to send bulk messages to millions of users at one time. The solution comes with numerous features that enable you to communicate with your existing and potential customers on WhatsApp and keep them engaged. Whappext comes with global support and allows you to connect with your customers worldwide.

Key features

  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Guaranteed data security for business and customer data
  • WhatsApp Numbers filter to filter out active regular and business WhatsApp numbers
  • Detailed reports and statistics for better decision-making
  • Support for all major types of multimedia
  • Put your campaigns on autopilot mode with the auto-responder feature
  • Simple setup process to start sending messages instantly
  • Share video links to get thousands of clicks or views
  • Support Multi-language functionality
  • One time payment for any license with lifetime support and updates

Pricing Plans

Single PCSoftware + KEYGEN
$125/ License
(1 PC license, Unlimited Messages, Personalization, Group Extractor, Training Videos, Free updates, Guide Book + Anti Ban Solution)
(Generate unlimited licenses, Set expiry of licenses, 24×7 support for a lifetime, Free updates, Training Material, Guide Book + Anti Ban Solution, Enterprise Solution, Group Extractor)
  • The platform has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  • Whappext implements end-to-end encryption.
  • It goes beyond traditional messaging and offers a range of communication features.
  • The platform is optimized for low data usage.
  • The platform has a limited user base.
  • It lacks seamless integration with third-party applications.
  • The tool’s platform compatibility is also limited.

5. Kommo

Kommo is a business solution provider that provides conversational concepts for the WhatsApp Marketing Tool. This WhatsApp CRM app makes it simple to segment the communication process into multiple sales funnels with a pipeline display, enabling even small businesses to effectively manage sizable customer relationships. With minimal additional tool usage, leads can be arranged effortlessly.

With its wide range of functions, this CRM tool offers numerous benefits across multiple departments, from boosting sales to overseeing team collaboration and assignments.

Key feature

  • A feature of a no-code salesbot that provides prompt customer support.
  • A unified inbox to access a message from multiple social media sites.
  • It has a WhatsApp bulk sender feature that can connect perfectly to salesbot.
  • Features for analytics to track sales performance in real time.
  • Easy automation and integration features can create a seamless workflow.
  • It provides an adjustable view that lets the user change the workflow as necessary.

Pricing plan

It has a 14 days free trial.

Base planAdvanced planEnterprise plan
$15 USD/user/month$25 USD/user/month$45 USD/user/month
  • A WhatsApp CRM application with an intuitive user interface.
  • It can be used for both team collaboration and sales boosting.
  • With all historical data accessible in a single application, the team can understand context faster.
  • Performance issues may arise when using the platform while it is updating.
  • Pipeline filters are limited to 50 variations.

6. WhatSender

WhatSender logo


4.3 out of 5 stars

6 Reviews

Whatsender is one of the most user-friendly Whatsapp marketing tools that allows you to send bulk marketing messages right from your PC. the tool can be easily customized as per the needs of the user.

You can send personal messages like greetings or business-related messages like promotional offers easily through this platform using a laptop. It is supported by Windows XP, Windows Vista/7/8, and Windows 10.

Key features

  • Import all the contacts from CSV and TXT files by simply copying and pasting
  • Customize messages and add recipients name or other variables
  • Get access to new contacts from WhatsApp groups
  • Generate a log after sending messages
  • Automatically send messages on a set time
  • Filter contacts to drive targeted campaigns

Pricing Plans

WhatSender FreeWhatSender Professional
  • The platform allows efficient bulk messaging.
  • WhatSender offers personalization options for businesses.
  • It has automation features to schedule and send messages.
  • The platform has in-depth analytics to track marketing campaigns.
  • Though it has automation features, the options are limited.
  • It is highly dependent on Whatsapp’s Application Programming Interface (API).
  • The platform has spam and overuse risks.

7. Whatsapp Bulk Sender

Whatsapp Bulk Sender Dashboard

WhatsApp Bulk sender is one of the most advanced bulk messaging tools that comes with many features. The tool allows you to send messages from any number at any time. Also, you can share promotional messages along with images and videos.

It comes packed with many features in an intuitively designed user interface and constant customer support.

Key features

  • Add unlimited WhatsApp numbers and send thousands of messages
  • You can personalize your inbox for all the incoming messages
  • Send individual reply to customer queries
  • Categorize clients into different groups to target audience effectively
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Track marketing campaign after sending messages
  • Receive alerts after sending messages or before sending automatic messages

Pricing Plans

Standard LicenseUltimate License
Contact WhatsApp Bulk Sender for pricingContact WhatsApp Bulk Sender for pricing
  • The platform allows you to send messages to many contacts simultaneously.
  • It saves time by automating message distribution.
  • Whatsapp Bulk Sender offers real-time customer support.
  • It has a vast global user base.
  • The platform has the risk of spam and unwanted messages.
  • Whatsapp Bulk Sender has a limited feature set.
  • It does not provide explicit opt-out or unsubscribe options

8. Agnitas

Agnitas logo


Agnitas is one of the widely used WhatsApp marketing tools in the industry that will help you to monitor your marketing campaign effectively with minimum cost. The tool has got various features such as multimedia and multiple language support that will help you to reach a wider audience.

Key features

  • Helps in cross channel marketing i.e. you can integrate other marketing channels like fax, email, web push notifications, etc in your e-marketing campaign
  • Easily personalize and customize messages
  • Integration with CRM features to manage client database
  • Automatic reply sent to customers on right time
  • You can design and test the messages before sending them to the audience
  • Access statistics to ensure the success of campaigns

Pricing Plans

Agnitas have a pricing model that starts at $99/month. They also provide a free trial of their Whatsapp marketing tool.

  • Agnitas provides a vast selection of tools and functions.
  • The platform offers a selection of editable email templates, which saves time and effort.
  • Agnitas has robust analytics capabilities that allow customers to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of email campaigns.
  • Agnitas emphasizes data protection, adhering to GDPR.
  • Agnitas has a feature-rich UI with a high learning curve for new users.
  • The customer support options are limited.
  • Integration with various marketing and CRM systems is challenging.

9. Viking WhatsApp

Viking WhatsApp logo

Viking WhatsApp

5 out of 5 stars

1 Reviews

Viking WhatsApp Marketing Software is an all-in-one tool that helps to create a customer database and carry out e-marketing campaigns. The tool has many features to send promotional messages on WhatsApp in popular formats such as .docx, .xls, .png, etc.

Viking’s software can help you manage campaigns on Whatsapp easily through various tools by sorting contacts, easy reports extraction, and sending files in a few clicks.

Key features

  • Send bulk messages to your clients
  • You can attach documents, images in various formats such as .docx, .xls, .png and vCards.
  • Add unlimited WhatsApp numbers and send messages from anywhere
  • Filter WhatsApp contacts to carry out more targeted campaigns
  • Customize your inbox and send replies to customers individually
  • WhatsApp forwarding feature available

Pricing Plans

Viking WhatsApp Tools Ultimate License
$135 per year (for 3 PCs)$95 for 6 months (for 3 PCs)
  • Viking Whatsapp ensures secure communication with robust end-to-end encryption.
  • A unique set of Viking-themed emojis and stickers add a fun and creative touch to conversations.
  • Users can personalize their chat experience by choosing from various Viking-inspired themes.
  • Viking Whatsapp offers the convenience of sending voice messages with Viking-themed audio effects, enhancing the overall communication experience.
  • Viking Whatsapp may have a smaller user base than mainstream messaging apps.
  • Viking Whatsapp may face compatibility problems with certain devices or operating systems.
  • Due to its specialized theme, Viking Whatsapp might lack integration with certain third-party apps.

10. Allwebmart

Allwebmart logo


5 out of 5 stars

1 Reviews

Allwebmart is a great Whatsapp tool for small businesses due to its cost-effectiveness. You can send bulk messages to your clients and inform them about your services.

This tool helps you send up to 20 messages per minute, which means you can target up to 5000 customers a day without fearing message spam.

Key features

  • Send bulk messages without any credit limit
  • It is very easy to create and add WhatsApp groups
  • Add unlimited characters to your text messages
  • Generate reports on sent messages quickly
  • Add images, videos, and audios to your messages to make the marketing campaign more effective
  • Send a minimum of 100 messages to an unknown person and 3000 messages to a known person

Pricing Plans

WhatsApp Marketing Software Sender Pro WhatsApp Marketing Panel Bulk WhatsApp Q-senderWhatsApp Blaster for Official Use
Starting from Rs. 2000Starting from Rs. 2500 in India and Rs. 4000 in other countriesStarting from Rs. 1300Starting from Rs. 3500
  • Allwebmart offers various products catering to various customer needs and preferences.
  • The platform boasts an intuitive interface, making navigation and shopping easy for customers.
  • Allwebmart often provides competitive prices, allowing customers to find good deals on their favorite products.
  • It offers excellent customer service, promptly addressing queries and concerns.
  • Allwebmart's international shipping options are restricted.
  • Some customers have reported variations in product quality.
  • The return and refund processes could be cumbersome at times.

11. Whatso

Whatso logo


4.8 out of 5 stars

26 Reviews

With more than 25000 small and large clients, Whatso is one of the leading Whatsapp tools. Also with new Anti-Blocking technology, you can seamlessly send messages to targeted customers.

This tool is ideal for small and mid-sized businesses as its features are intuitively designed to increase user engagement and drive sales faster.

Key features

  • Send announcements, updates and offers to many customers at a time
  • Customized your messages with greeting and customer name
  • Easily import contacts from CSV, TXT files or by simply copying and pasting
  • Extract contacts from WhatsApp groups
  • Schedule messages
  • Filter the contacts for targeted marketing
  • Send text messages with images, videos, audios, and vCard files

Pricing Plans

$29/Year$34 For Lifetime$69 For Lifetime
  • Whatso offers an intuitive and easy-to-navigate platform, making it simple for users to manage their marketing campaigns.
  • The tool allows users to send bulk messages, saving time and effort.
  • Whatso enables users to schedule messages in advance, streamlining their marketing strategies.
  • The tool provides valuable insights through analytics, helping users to make data-driven improvements.
  • Whatso focuses solely on WhatsApp, potentially limiting access to a broader range of social media channels.
  • Any changes in WhatsApp's policies or restrictions may impact the functionality and effectiveness of Whatso's features.
  • WhatsApp's strict anti-spam policies may lead to limitations or bans for accounts engaging in excessive promotional messaging, affecting campaign reach.

12. Whatsapp Business API Sandbox

Autochat WhatsApp Marketing Tool

Whatsapp Business API Sandbox by Autochat will help you in WhatsApp API integration without any special setup. This tool doesn’t require any infrastructure setup as you can start using the software simply by registering your Whatsapp business with them and you are good to go.

This tool comes with a straightforward messaging interface wherein you can manage to send and receive messages on a single screen. There is no need to maintain multiple accounts.

Key features

  • Take advantage of almost all functionalities of WhatsApp without waiting for account approval
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Customize additional features like chatbox to enhance the client experience
  • Threat protection features for secured conversations
  • Do various testings using sandbox

Pricing Plans

Autochat offers a free trial for this Whatsapp marketing software, but you can contact the vendor for additional details on pricing.

  • Provides a safe and controlled space for businesses to experiment and test their WhatsApp API integrations without affecting real users or production environments.
  • Free to use, allowing businesses to evaluate the WhatsApp Business API's features and functionality without incurring additional expenses during the testing phase.
  • Offers valuable insights and learning experiences to developers and businesses on effectively utilizing the WhatsApp Business API for customer communication.
  • Accelerates the integration process as developers can quickly identify and address issues or bugs before moving to the production environment.
  • The sandbox may lack certain features and functionalities in the production environment, leading to incomplete testing representations.
  • As the platform serves multiple users, performance fluctuations may occur, making it challenging to accurately assess API response times and scalability.
  • Despite smooth testing, transitioning from the sandbox to the live environment may encounter challenges, necessitating additional efforts to ensure a seamless deployment.

13. AutoBlast Messenger

AutoBlast Messenger logo

AutoBlast Messenger

AutoBlast Messenger is a WhatsApp marketing tool specifically designed for agencies, small and medium businesses. The tool provides all the features that give you end-to-end solutions for marketing campaigns.

Apart from bulk messaging the tool also provides various features for contract management by maintaining appropriate user engagement.

Key features

  • Capture web subscribers from all of your websites and text them for effective marketing
  • Constant support services
  • Contract management by developing seamless communication channels
  • Mass messaging to a selected group of customers without any limited

Pricing Plans

AutoBlast Messenger has various plans that start from $9.99 as a one-time payment per user.

  • The platform offers a smooth experience for users by providing easy access to related services and features.
  • The application boasts robust end-to-end encryption and security protocols.
  • The app's intuitive and user-friendly design makes it easy for users to navigate and communicate effectively.
  • It supports multiple platforms, allowing users to seamlessly switch between devices while staying connected.
  • The platform has restrictions on third-party app integration, limiting its versatility for users who rely on external services.
  • The application has a smaller user base, resulting in fewer contacts and connections compared to more established platforms.
  • Some users find the app's customization options limited, which leads to a less personalized experience.

14. Rapid Planner

Rapid Planner is one of the top choices for mid-sized businesses that are looking for a WhatsApp Tool. The software will not only help you to send bulk messages but also ensure that your social media marketing campaigns are carried out effectively.

The tool is very intuitively designed that allows small businesses to send personalized messages to clients in real-time. Also, you can directly interact with customers and build a good brand image.

Key features

  • SEO tools for effective social media marketing
  • Customize all the system generated replies
  • Bulk broadcasting of messages to clients
  • Filter contacts and create a focus-based broadcasting list
  • Anti-spammer to send many messages within minutes

Pricing Plans

Rapid Planner (Monthly Pack)Rapid Planner (Quarterly Pack)Rapid Planner (Half-yearly Pack)Rapid Planner (Yearly Pack)
Rs. 350/MonthRs. 800/QuarterRs. 1500/Half YearRs. 2800/ Year
  • Rapid Planner significantly reduces planning time and improves productivity by automating repetitive tasks.
  • The software enables seamless teamwork and synchronized planning updates among team members.
  • Its advanced algorithms minimize errors, leading to more precise and reliable project schedules.
  • The tool offers intuitive charts and graphs that aid in better understanding and decision-making.
  • Users face initial challenges adapting to the software's features and functionalities.
  • Some users find the options for customization and tailoring project plans restricted.
  • The tool encounters compatibility problems with certain operating systems or hardware configurations.

15. HubSpot Marketing Automation

hubspot Whatsapp Dashboard

This is a perfect WhatsApp tool for companies who are looking for complete automation of their marketing campaigns. HubSpot Marketing Automation contains some powerful tools that will help you to easily convert visitors into leads.

Target the right market on the basis of who is really interested in your products. This will save resources and let you focus on core marketing activities.

Key features

  • Customize messages and emails for each recipient
  • A/B test to gain insights on open rates and click-throughs
  • Access customer information and past records to create hyper-targeted marketing campaigns
  • Manage all social media accounts by monitoring brand mentions and also schedule your social media posts
  • Design CTAs and check clickthrough rates over time

Pricing Plans

StarterProfessionalEnterpriseStarter + CMS Hub Professional
  • HubSpot offers a wide array of marketing automation tools and features.
  • The platform's intuitive interface makes it easy for marketers and non-technical users.
  • HubSpot's automation allows businesses to deliver highly personalized content and tailored messaging.
  • The platform enables marketers to gain valuable insights into campaign performance, customer behavior, and areas for improvement.
  • HubSpot's pricing can be relatively high, especially for small businesses and startups.
  • While the interface is user-friendly, mastering the more advanced automation features may require time and effort, making it challenging for new users.
  • For highly intricate automation workflows, HubSpot's capabilities might not match up to some dedicated marketing automation platforms.

16. Bulk WhatsApp Messenger

Bulk WhatsApp Messenger is a WhatsApp marketing automation tool best suited for small businesses and educational institutes. It allows you to send messages to WhatsApp users without saving their contact numbers. The software also allows you to import contacts in the form of .txt or .CSV. Bulk WhatsApp Messenger supports multiple languages and multimedia formats, making it ideal for all your communication purposes.

Key features

  • Create and manage multiple accounts from one place
  • Send messages to unlimited contacts
  • Support for all major multimedia formats, such as photos, videos, documents, and more
  • Support for all Windows versions: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10
  • Filter WhatsApp numbers to identify active and inactive contacts
  • Generate WhatsApp numbers and extract contacts from WhatsApp groups

Pricing Plans

Bulk WhatsApp Messenger is available in three plans: 1 PC, priced at INR 1,899 per license; 2 PC, priced at INR 2,999 per license; and 5 PC, priced at INR 4,999 per license.

Validity- Lifetime

  • Bulk WhatsApp Messenger allows businesses to reach a large audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising methods.
  • Businesses can send personalized messages and build stronger relationships.
  • The user-friendly software enables businesses to create and send campaigns with minimal technical expertise.
  • The platform provides timely customer support, addressing queries and concerns efficiently.
  • Bulk messaging can raise privacy concerns among users and lead to negative perceptions about the brand.
  • Overusing bulk messaging can lead to spamming and abuse, causing recipients to block or report the sender.
  • WhatsApp's restrictions on automation can make managing large-scale campaigns challenging and time-consuming.

17. WhatsApp SMS Myntra

WhatsApp SMS Myntra is one of the leading bulk SMS tools that will make your marketing campaigns seamless. It has some state-of-the-art features that will let you track your marketing campaigns.

The WhatsApp marketing tool will help you to send bulk messages instantly and drastically reduce your marketing expenses.

Key features

  • Send bulk messages to give important information to potential clients without any “Cost per Message”
  • Seamlessly send a personalized message to selected clients
  • With Mobile Number List feature send message to your clients instantly
  • Send image, audio, and videos along with text messages
  • Send messages globally
  • Share transaction details with clients to enhance transparency
  • Add unlimited mobile numbers

Pricing Plans

A lifetime license will cost you $400. Indian clients can make a one-time payment of Rs. 16000.

  • WhatsApp SMS Myntra allows easy integration with WhatsApp, facilitating effective customer communication.
  • The tool ensures real-time message delivery, enabling quick customer updates and notifications.
  • businesses can engage customers more effectively, leading to improved customer satisfaction.
  • The tool provides valuable data and analytics on message performance to optimize messaging strategies.
  • WhatsApp SMS Myntra's effectiveness heavily depends on the popularity of WhatsApp in the target region.
  • Adhering to WhatsApp's policies and regulations can be challenging, particularly concerning data privacy and consent for messaging.
  • Since WhatsApp requires an internet connection, reaching customers in areas with poor or no internet coverage may be problematic.

18. Sirena

Sirena WhatsApp Marketing Tool

Sirena is one of the most efficient WhatsApp marketing tools that will help you to discover customers, communicate effectively with them, and increase conversions.

There is a centralized platform that helps employees to view all the queries and respond to them. So no more personal chats with clients. This helps to enhance customer service and brand loyalty.

Key features

  • WhatsApp shared inbox that can be accessed by all employees
  • Automated first contact and replies
  • Easily broadcast messages
  • Easily track visitors who visited your website
  • Easy integration with multiple channels
  • Chat with clients using laptops and PC

Pricing Plans

Starting from $99/ Month

(Gives 1 WhatsApp line and for a team of 10 users)

Starting from $299/ Month

(Multiple WhatsApp lines and for Multiple teams)

  • Sirena has an easy-to-navigate interface, ensuring a smooth user experience for all levels of proficiency.
  • The platform seamlessly integrates various communication channels like email, chat, and social media, streamlining customer interactions.
  • Sirena provides in-depth analytics, enabling data-driven decision-making and performance monitoring for businesses.
  • With advanced AI capabilities, Sirena offers automated responses, saving time and enhancing customer support efficiency.
  • Implementing Sirena may require training, especially for less tech-savvy employees.
  • Setting up and configuring Sirena can be time-consuming and requires expert assistance.
  • While Sirena supports various communication channels, some popular third-party integrations might still be missing.

19. WhatsHash

WhatsHash logo


WhatsHash is a multitasking WhatsApp Marketing Tool that will help you to semi-automate your marketing campaigns and also help in CRM. The tool helps you to create broadcast lists, automate replies and handle other major CRM operations at minimum cost.

Key features

  • Quick reply feature to send instant messages
  • Save text messages and other media sent by customers
  • Build a customer profile by saving all the data
  • Sales funnel to increase conversions
  • Create a store on WhatsApp with links and products
  • Get a message directly on WhatsApp when a customer places an order
  • Conduct customer polls and gather customer feedback easily

Pricing Plans

Free$14.99/Month and $8.99/Month when you subscribe annually$29.99/Month and $17.99/Month when you subscribe annually
  • WhatsHash supports multiple languages facilitating localization efforts.
  • With the ability to schedule campaigns in advance, it allows businesses to maintain a consistent presence without constant monitoring.
  • The built-in analytics feature provides valuable insights into campaign performance.
  • WhatsHash integrates smoothly with existing CRM systems.
  • Implementing WhatsHash effectively requires training, which is time-consuming for businesses new to the platform.
  • Since WhatsHash relies on WhatsApp, any changes to the messaging app's policies or limitations can impact its functionality.
  • The platform's multimedia support is limited.

20. WhatsAppMarketing

Create successful marketing campaigns using WhatsApp Tool. The intuitive user interface will help you to create and upload the list of potential clients and send bulk messages.

Also once you create a list, it is stored and can be accessed from the user panel to send promotional messages. The tool also provides an option to send images and videos along with text messages.

Key features

  • Create a database of your clients and send bulk messages
  • Attach images, videos, and texts with more than 1000 characters per message
  • Share the YouTube video URL to increase clicks
  • Easily access statistics on results of delivered messages
  • Easily customize your marketing campaigns by sorting clients according to their name, last name, city, and date of birth
  • Create polls on WhatsApp
  • Automatically send replies to users

Pricing Plans

Number of MessagesTotal PackagePrice per Message
5.000 Message Credits$176.20$0.0352
10.000 Message Credits$345.71$0.0346
20.000 Message Credits$691.42$0.0346
50.000 Message Credits$1338.24$0.0268
100.000 Message Credits$2230.40$0.0223
300.000 Message Credits$6356.64$0.0212

Profile Picture + Image + Text = 1 Credit Message

Profile Picture + Video + Text = 2 Credit Messages

  • WhatsApp's extensive user base allows businesses to connect with a large, diverse audience worldwide.
  • Brands can engage customers with tailored messages, fostering a more personalized and meaningful interaction.
  • Messages are delivered instantly, ensuring timely communication and quick responses from recipients.
  • WhatsApp supports various media formats, enabling businesses to share engaging content like images, videos, and audio messages.
  • WhatsApp has character limits for messages, restricting the amount of information businesses can convey.
  • Improper use of WhatsApp marketing results in spamming users, leading to negative brand perception.
  • WhatsApp provides limited analytics and insights, making it challenging to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

21. WAAM-it Sender

WAAM-it Sender logo

WAAM-it Sender

5 out of 5 stars

2 Reviews

WAAM-it Sender is an intuitively designed and economical WhatsApp marketing tool. The tool will help you to send unlimited customized messages sent on WhatsApp to any number of contacts you want.

Also, the tool supports almost 60 languages and is perfect for all global organizations.

Key features

  • Send up to 5000 messages per hour around the world
  • Personalize your messages and include any information including names, emojis, links, etc.
  • Multiple language support
  • Supports LTR and RTL messages
  • Import contacts from various formats including .xls, .xlsx, .CSV, and text
  • Time schedule your messages
  • Send images with caption

Pricing Plans

WAAM-it Blaster BasicWAAM-it Blaster Pro
Unlimited WhatsApp Text Messages on lifetime payment of $547Unlimited WhatsApp Text Messages and files on lifetime payment of $687
  • The software boasts an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, ensuring a seamless experience for all skill levels.
  • WAAM-it-Sender offers a wide range of customizable email templates to personalize their messages efficiently.
  • The platform provides detailed analytics and performance metrics, empowering users to track email campaigns effectively.
  • It is compatible with various operating systems and devices, ensuring accessibility and flexibility.
  • The free plan's features are relatively restricted, which does not fully cater to the needs of businesses with larger-scale requirements.
  • Users new to the software face a learning curve due to its various features and functionalities.
  • Some users have reported occasional issues with email deliverability, leading to emails being marked as spam.

22. PreBuilt Marketing

PreBuilt Marketing WhatsApp Marketing Tool

PreBuilt Marketing perfect WhatsApp marketing tool for small organizations that are struggling with content creation and being consistent on social media posting.

The tool fully automates your marketing campaign by writing content, posting them, and analyzing the results. This can help you to develop brand recognition and develop good customer engagement.

Key features

  • Social media monitoring
  • Automated posting on various social media channels
  • Publish content automatically
  • Get analytics on various social media marketing campaigns
  • Online support

Pricing Plans

$127/Month or $1200 annually

(1 user license)

$300/Month or $3000 annually

(3 user license)

$500/Month or $4800 annually

(10 user license)

$750/Month or $7200 annually

(25 user license)

  • Saves time by providing ready-made marketing materials, reducing the need for extensive design and content creation.
  • Generally more affordable than custom marketing solutions, making it accessible for small businesses with limited budgets.
  • Allows businesses to launch marketing campaigns swiftly, speeding up reaching potential customers.
  • Tailored prebuilt marketing materials may cater to certain industries, effectively addressing their unique needs.
  • Less flexibility to tailor materials to a business's unique brand identity and requirements.
  • Lacks originality, leading to marketing materials that resemble those other businesses use.
  • Prebuilt materials might not align perfectly with a company's branding strategy, causing inconsistencies across marketing efforts.

23. Q-Sender

Q-Sender logo


Q-Sender is one of the most affordable WhatsApp marketing tools that allows you to send personalized messages to the users. The tool also helps to establish two-way communication with your clients and establish a brand value.

It is among the fastest broadcasting software through which you can send promotional messages, offers, news to 1000 customers per minute.

Key features

  • Personalize messages
  • Supports all multimedia formats
  • Active user filter to get a list of customers for targeted marketing
  • Get feedback from customers in real-time
  • Generate instant analysis on marketing campaigns
  • Contact management
  • Email management

Pricing Plans

Q-sender charges $15 per user annually with tech support and updated version.

  • The platform streamlines communication by automating message distribution, saving time and effort.
  • Q-Sender allows personalized messages, enhancing engagement and building stronger connections with recipients.
  • It enables simultaneous messaging to multiple recipients, maximizing outreach and effectiveness.
  • The platform allows users to schedule messages in advance, ensuring timely delivery and convenience.
  • Automated messaging can increase the risk of being labeled as spam, leading to potential deliverability issues.
  • Q-Sender might struggle to interpret complex language nuances, resulting in less contextual responses.
  • Q-Sender may encounter technical glitches or downtime, disrupting message delivery.

Final Word

These WhatsApp marketing tools are very effective to convert potential clients in a very cost-efficient way. Also for new businesses these tools can help to gain early recognition. If used appropriately, WhatsApp can turn into a great marketing channel for you.

Many companies have already started making use of this platform after realizing the huge potential offered by WhatsApp. So, leverage these top WhatsApp marketing tools and get the best out of them for your business.

If you have worked with any of these Whatsapp tools, then leave us your review in the comment section below.

WhatsApp Team Inbox For Sales And Support Teams
Efficiently handle multiple WhatsApp accounts, integrate with CRM for streamlined communication.
Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp Marketing Tools are platforms created to make marketing and communicating on WhatsApp easier. They provide services, including contact management, analytics, and chatbots for automated responses. These tools aid companies in reaching their target market, promoting their goods, offering customer service, and assessing their marketing initiatives' success.

WhatsApp marketing tools include features like contact filtering, mass messaging, automated messaging, and scheduling. They allow companies to personalize messaging, increase communication efficiency, and reach a large audience. Some technologies also include analytics for monitoring campaign performance and integration with CRM programs for improved customer management.

Using WhatsApp Marketing Tools for unsolicited messaging is against WhatsApp's policies and can lead to penalties, including account suspension. Unsolicited messaging violates user privacy and may be considered spam. Obtaining recipients' consent before sending marketing messages is crucial to ensure compliance with WhatsApp's guidelines.

Businesses can use WhatsApp Marketing Tools to reach and engage their customers effectively. They can utilize broadcast lists for targeted messaging, set up automated responses for quick customer support, and employ WhatsApp Business API for larger-scale interactions. Businesses can foster stronger relationships and boost brand loyalty by sharing relevant content, promotions, and updates.

WhatsApp Marketing Tools vary in security and compliance. Some reputable tools prioritize data security and adhere to WhatsApp's policies, protecting user privacy. However, others may compromise security or violate policies, risking user data misuse. Choosing trusted tools with a proven track record for secure and compliant marketing practices is essential.

Yes, WhatsApp Marketing Tools can provide analytics and insights. These tools can track message open rates, click-through rates, delivery statuses, and user engagement. They offer valuable data to measure campaign performance and optimize strategies, allowing businesses to make informed decisions and improve their WhatsApp marketing efforts.

Yes, there are limitations to using WhatsApp Marketing Tools. These include potential privacy concerns, risk of spamming, and adherence to WhatsApp's terms of service. Automation may lead to account suspension, and some tools might not comply with WhatsApp's guidelines, resulting in legal consequences. Caution and adherence to best practices are necessary.

WhatsApp Marketing Tools can be effective for marketing campaigns, offering features like bulk messaging, automation, and customer targeting. However, success relies on factors like audience relevance, non-intrusive messaging, and compliance with WhatsApp policies. Building relationships and delivering value through personalized interactions are key to harnessing WhatsApp's potential for marketing purposes.

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