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All About The Virtual Phone Numbers in Austria

The demand for virtual phone numbers in Austria is on a sudden rise in the 21st century. A virtual phone number in Austria can increase local presence, business communication, and customer service.

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So, if you are any small or medium enterprise with prospects of expansion in Austria, this read to know whether business phone number services are a good fit for your business.

Austria virtual phone number

Who is eligible for a virtual phone number in Austria?

Any person or company can opt for a free virtual phone number service in Austria. It is a smart tool that can help businesses stay connected to global customers and increase operational efficiency.

What are the benefits of having an Austrian virtual phone system?

Owning a virtual phone system in a foreign land is a boon for any business. It boosts the business prospects and also saves a lot of money. Let’s guide you through all the perks of a virtual phone system and how to get a free virtual phone number in Austria.

1. Cost-effectiveness

Having a virtual phone system in Austria means saving your finances from unnecessary expenses on 

  • Setting up an official physical premise in the land of Austria.
  • Making traditional international calls with a much more expensive tariff.

2. Better efficiency

The user-friendly attributes of a VOIP number ensure that your business enjoys increased efficiency and revenues. Automated features like auto-dialing, call forwarding, reports, and data analytics are of additional benefit to businesses that prioritize customer interaction.

3. Flexibility

When you have a virtual phone number, your business enjoys the much-needed flexibility. The clients and leads can be attended to from any remote corner of the world. Customer interaction is present as there is increased accessibility. Moreover, it becomes easy to route the calls on a mobile device when needed.

4. Privacy

Owning an Austrian virtual phone number ensures that the privacy of your phone number is intact. Customers can contact you through a VOIP number without getting details about your contact.

Key Features of the Austrian Virtual Phone System?

On getting a VOIP number, it’s not just a local calling attribute that benefits you; instead, there is a complete boutique of features. These features are inclusive of automation, better interaction, and enhanced business experience.

With the presence of virtual numbers in Austria, companies can invest in marketing campaigns, cold calling campaigns, get a space in the local directory, etc. Owning a business phone system in Austria is like creating a virtual presence in a foreign land hassle-free.

  • Super efficient power dialer function. This feature ensures that all the uploaded list of numbers are dialed in volume with no manual failure.
  • Smart switch for better connectivity. It allows the representatives to choose the best telephony network for placing a disturbance-free call.
  • The global connect feature ensures that the call representative is aware of the local time zone and the validity of the number he is about to call.
  • The smart call forwarding attribute ensures the calls are easily forwarded to alternate numbers without putting the caller on hold.
  • The call transfer attribute allows the representative to transfer the call to another number while the person is still on call.
  • The call conference feature is the one where a third person can easily be added to the call for a conference.
  • Call queuing is the feature where the client is attended to with a courteous and customized auto message when the representatives are busy attending to other clients.
  • Call barging is the attribute where the supervisor monitoring the call can barge the call as and when needed.
  • The call recording attribute ensures that all the calls are regularly recorded for training and monitoring purposes.
  • Voice mails are customized emails to impress clients.
  • The call analytics attribute automates the analysis of calls and provides product information for training.
  • On-hold music is required to keep the caller engaged when lines are busy.

How to get a virtual phone number in Austria?

To get a virtual phone number in Austria, one needs to proceed with the following steps:

  • Sign up with the preferred VOIP service provider.
  • Log in with the username and password.
  • Move on to the dashboard.
  • In the ‘Numbers’ section, click on ‘Add Number’.
  • Select the country’s name as ‘Austria’. 
  • Choose the number of your preference from a detailed list of options. 
  • Add credits to your account.
  • Assign the chosen number to your team.
  • Start with calls.

What are the different business phone numbers in Austria?

There are two kinds of VOIP numbers available in Austria – 


+43 is the country code for any local Austrian number. After that, for region-specific numbers, one will get the numbers specific to that region. Here is a list of a few regions with their respective region code:

  • Vienna: 1
  • Salzburg: 662
  • Linz: 70
  • Innsbruck: 512
  • Graz: 316
  • Villach: 4242
  • Klagenfurt: 463
  • Steyr: 7252
  • Saint Polten: 274


Toll-free numbers begin at 0800. Callers need not pay any charge while dialing this number to connect to you.

What is the cost of owning VOIP phone services?

the cost of owning VOIP

On signing up with the virtual phone number service provider, a free trial for 10 or a few days is available to the user. However, one needs to pay a lump sum amount on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis to avail of many services. The payment plans are categorized based on the number of services provided in each plan, along with their duration of availability. 

Therefore, depending on the cost of the plans, they are suitable for either small startups, solopreneurs, sales and support teams of small and medium enterprises, or complete enterprises.

Every service provider has a list of certain premium features available as add-ons on the payment of their respective charge. Such features can be dashboard user, customer caller ID, call tracking, masking number, etc.

Do remember that charges of incoming calls, outgoing calls, and even outbound SMS are chargeable variably, depending on the county.

But, whatever the overall price structure of owning a VOIP number, this phone system has proven to be of immense help to businesses and individuals who have a strong foothold and contacts in a foreign land. As a result, the overall cost-benefit is much more than the actual expense.

Final note

Now that you are well aware of all the essentials revolving around Austria’s virtual phone number, it’s time you own one. For this, you may contact CallHippo, one of the most reliable VOIP phone service providers.

Once you have your local identity in the form of a toll-free number or VOIP number, your company can experience all the perks of local business in Austria while being seated in any other corner of the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business professionals who look to expansion of their prospects in the territory of Austria are advised to opt for Austria's virtual phone system. Such VOIP numbers are of immense help to organizations who wish to act locally by being seated at another corner of the globe. Moreover, the overall effective cost of owning any VOIP service is much less compared to the valuable returns it generates for the business.

The Austria virtual phone numbers provide different integration with the existing system and software used in the organization. Any organization needs CRM to ensure round-the-clock customer satisfaction and effective working of the internal workforce. With the presence of technology, this CRM can easily be integrated with VOIP numbers, too. All of these offer a suitable place for multiple communication regarding customers, vendors, and internal team communication.

The costs of the Austria virtual numbers depend on the features included in the numbers and the type of the number. For example, these numbers can be local area numbers or toll-free numbers. The average cost of these numbers starts from 16 USD monthly, including features like unlimited calling, call recording, etc.

It is easy to dial an Austria virtual number like any other phone number. The country code of Austria is +43, which is then followed by the local area code. The phone number entered after the codes has six to nine digits. Hence, the Austria number is written like country code+area code+6-9-digit number.

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