20 Best Virtual Phone Number Providers for WhatsApp Business

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Impress Customers Through Virtual Phone Number

Seamless communication is the need of many businesses to have in-house contact centers or third-party contact center management. 

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Startups or businesses entering this service sector need high-end technology to match the services of the existing companies. The virtual phone numbers come in handy for these companies that want to incorporate multiple benefits under one roof. Especially with businesses jumping on to WhatsApp, having a virtual number for your business account becomes necessary.

More than 5 million businesses actively daily use WhatsApp Business to run operations. This makes it all the more essential to be able to target more customers there via a virtual phone number for WhatsApp.

What are the Virtual Phone Numbers for WhatsApp?

The benefits of the virtual phone numbers can be extended by the businesses using these numbers for their WhatsApp services. Hence, corporate users can easily create WhatsApp business accounts using virtual phone numbers without separate numbers for this popular instant messaging service.

Plus, WhatsApp has over 2 billion active users, which only makes it sensible for companies to shift to it via a virtual phone number.

Virtual telephony is changing the way contact centers operate. The virtual phone numbers for WhatsApp can give multiple businesses a cutting-edge over other service providers. In addition, it offers a live chat that is one of the best means to stay connected with customers globally.

There is no rocket science in using the existing virtual phone numbers on this instant messaging service. It is easy to start WhatsApp with the help of the service provider on the virtual number by following the given steps:

Why Use Virtual Phone Numbers for WhatsApp

Why use virtual phone numbers for WhatsApp business

WhatsApp comes at par with SMS as one of the most preferred channels to receive business communication via customers and clients right after emails. Some of the top ways that businesses can use the virtual phone numbers for WhatsApp to get the best out of this technology includes:

  • Customer communication:

    It is easy to send WhatsApp texts to busy customers and add a personalized touch for handling every customer. Hence, companies can take customer communication to the next level by using virtual phone numbers for WhatsApp.

  • Marketing & promotion:

    It is easy to grab the attention of the new and existing customers on WhatsApp. Hence, using this instant messaging service on virtual phone numbers allows businesses to go for promotion and marketing activities.

  • Customer support:

    Virtual phone numbers for WhatsApp improve customer support by quickly handling issues and solving them.

  • Internal communication:

    WhatsApp is used by all employees for personal use, and hence it is easy to use virtual phone numbers for WhatsApp without any hesitation. It offers reliable internal communication.

How to get a Virtual Phone Number for WhatsApp Business

  • Start registering the existing or new virtual phone numbers on WhatsApp.
  • Choose the country.
  • Enter the virtual phone number.
  • The virtual number service provider receives a verification code.
  • To use WhatsApp on virtual numbers, enter the verification code.

If you have been searching for the right virtual phone number provider, this list is just for you. Read on:

Best Virtual Phone Number Providers for WhatsApp for Your Business

Today, we bring a detailed list of the tested service products that offer dedicated virtual numbers. A quick look at their features and pricing plans is followed by a deep understanding of virtual telephony technology and its advantages for any business. 

1. CallHippo

CallHippo virtual phone number dashboard and app view

CallHippo is a leading virtual number service provider available globally in more than 50 countries. It offers cloud phone system technology and provides seamless communication to clients and customers.


  • Easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.
  • Offers multiple features like call recording, call forwarding, queuing, etc.
  • Has real-time analytics that differentiates from competitors.
  • Multiplatform support, including web browsers and mobile devices, is provided.


Bronze PlanSilver PlanPlatinum Plan
$14 per user monthly$24 per user monthly$35 per user monthly

2. Grasshopper

Grasshopper virtual phone number dashboard and app view

Grasshopper is another virtual phone number service company that works ideally for all small and mid businesses. You can use the numbers from this company on landline and mobile phones.


  • Offers quick text sending using virtual numbers.
  • Helps track business transactions and sends faxes as PDFs.
  • Makes and receives calls using desktop and mobile devices.
  • Converts voicemail to text.


Solo PlanPartner PlanSmall Businesses  PlanConnect Plan
$29 monthly$49 monthly$89 monthly$39 monthly

3. ConXHub

ConXHub virtual phone number app view

ConXHub is a leading virtual phone number service provider for small businesses. It offers multiple advanced features that you can use on various profiles for making and receiving calls.


  • Offers HD quality calls and helps forward calls to global numbers.
  • Provides an auto dialler for quick business operations.
  • Includes accounting, tracking, and call recording features.
  • Options to choose from international, local, and toll-free numbers.


Verification SMS PlanSilver PlanGold  Plan
$3.50 monthly$13.50 monthly$18.0 monthly

4. VirtualPBX

VirtualPBX virtual phone number dashboard view

VirtualPBX is an ideal virtual number provider company for contact center businesses. It offers call monitoring and manages all works related to the department traffic. In addition, the contact centers can customize business phone numbers and outgoing caller IDs.


  • Offers a quick setup for a date and time.
  • Provides a status indicator.
  • Gives cross-platform support.
  • Allows audio conferencing and real-time call transfer.


1st Plan2nd Plan3rd Plan4th  Plan
$17.99 per user monthly$27.99 per user monthly$34.99 per user monthly$49.99 per user monthly

5. RingCentral

RingCentral virtual phone number dashboard and app view

Another virtual phone number company seamlessly helps multiple contact center operations. RingCentral is powered with numerous advanced capabilities to improve the business operations of call centers.


  • Offers HD video and web conferencing.
  • Available in more than 100 countries.
  • Provides quick incoming and outgoing fax management.
  • Additionally, it allows call forwarding and sharing file tasks.


1st Plan2nd Plan3rd Plan4th  Plan
$39.99 per user monthly$49.99 per user monthly$54.99 per user monthly$69.99 per user monthly

6. Talkroute

Talkroute virtual phone number dashboard and app view

Talkroute is a leading choice in the virtual number providers for making and receiving domestic and international calls. In addition, there are multiple advanced features and essential functions like interaction management, call recording, call forwarding, and offering dedicated business phone number services


  • Offers detailed history reports.
  • Can effectively manage user accounts and permissions.
  • Provides support on multiple platforms.
  • Helps incoming and outgoing calls management and offers quick sending and receiving texts.


1st Plan2nd Plan3rd Plan4th  Plan
$19 monthly$39 monthly$59 monthly$99 monthly

7. Nextiva

Nextiva virtual phone number dashboard and app view

Any business looking for dedicated virtual phone number services, including audio and video calls from mobile and systems, can go for the Nextiva services. It further includes all essential telephony services like receiving messages, sending emails, and converting voicemail to text.


  • Offers recorded greetings that are created professionally.
  • Provides unlimited conference calling.
  • Shows detailed customer information and a real-time view of multiple interactions.
  • Manages end-to-end communication and data management.


1st Plan2nd Plan3rd Plan4th Plan
$25.95 per user monthly$30.95 per user monthly$40.95 per user monthly$65.95 per user monthly

8. MightyCall

MightyCall virtual phone number dashboard and app view

Small businesses looking for the virtual number for WhatsApp can go for the MightyCall services. It allows the users to make and receive calls, messages, etc. and allows customized business phone numbers. In addition, many businesses are managing their contact centers remotely by using MightyCall services.


  • Offers call recording and call forwarding on multiple devices.
  • Gives unlimited calling.
  • Displays a choice between area code numbers and toll-free numbers.
  • Allows visualizing voice emails.


1st Plan2nd Plan3rd Plan
$29.99 monthly$49.99 monthly$99.99 monthly

9. Freshcaller (Now Known as Freshdesk)

Freshdesk virtual phone number dashboard view

Source: website-assets-fw.freshworks.com

Any business looking for quick inbound and outbound call management can go for this virtual number services of Freshworks. It is powered by all the necessary features for seamless contact center management.


  • Offers a flexible phone system
  • Comes with multiple round routing engines and necessary call handling features.
  • Provides communication experience management 
  • Available phone numbers from more than 40 countries.


1st Plan2nd Plan3rd Plan4th Plan
$15 per agent monthly$29 per agent monthly$45 per agent monthly$69 per agent monthly

10. Phone.com

Phone.com virtual phone number homepage

Phone.com is one of the virtual phone number service providers that offer easy and quick telephony system integration. Phone.com is helping multiple businesses establish a dedicated relationship with clients and provide seamless connections within teams.


  • Offers real-time address book synchronization for updated data.
  • Gives customized schedule creation.
  • Helps you gain a unique caller ID and call routing.
  • Has a quick and easy-to-install setup.


1st Plan2nd Plan3rd Plan
$12.99 per user monthly$19.99 per user monthly$29.99 per user monthly

11. OnSIP

OnSIP virtual phone number dashboard and app view

Startups and small businesses can invest in the virtual number for WhatsApp services of OnSIP. The USPs of this company include HD voice calls, HD video calls, and quick click-to-call links.


  • Can assign tasks and roles in specific groups.
  • Allows call blocking to prevent spam.
  • Offers emergency dialing and extension dialing.
  • Provides dedicated support for mobile and desktop accounts.


Basic PlanUnlimited Plan
$49.95 per account monthly$18.95 per user monthly

12. GlobalCallForwarding

Global Call Forwarding virtual phone number app view

GlobalCallForwarding is ideal for businesses looking for high-quality virtual phone numbers for different operations like telesales, customer service, etc. In addition, the company offers a wide range of toll-free numbers, local numbers, and mobile numbers.


  • Offers a wide range of extensions for smooth integration.
  • Gives sequential call forwarding and call recording.
  • Can manage multiple accounts effectively.
  • Provides chat-based customer support.


1st Plan2nd Plan3rd Plan4th  Plan5th  Plan
$5 monthly$10 monthly$15 monthly$20 monthly$25 monthly

13. Avoxi

Avoxi virtual phone number dashboard and app view

Avoxi is another good choice for busy contact centers and allows a variety of virtual phone numbers online. In addition, all Avoxi products are powered by VoIP features and include call forwarding to multiple locations, call routing facilities, etc.  


  • Offers a customized caller ID.
  • A cloud-based contact center.
  • Provides numbers from more than 160 countries.
  • Can host unlimited calls for busy contact centers. 


1st Plan2nd Plan3rd Plan
$16.99 monthly$25.99 monthly$43.99 monthly

14. Blacktel.io

Blacktel.io virtual phone number app view

Blacktel.io is the best virtual number service provider ideal for multiple service businesses. The company offers a collection of message, video calling, and voice services. All products from Vonage Virtual Number come with a telephone keypad for quickly dialing numbers.


  • Allows dedicated numbers for WhatsApp.
  • Offers call forwarding, call recording, and redirecting incoming SMS to email.
  • Can send automatic call responses through SMSs.
  • Allows quick sending and receiving of fax documents.


It starts from $11.32 monthly and goes up to $56.61 monthly

15. Vonage Virtual Number

Vonage virtual phone number dashboard and app view

Vonage is the best virtual number service provider ideal for multiple service businesses. The company offers a collection of message, video calling, and voice services. All products from Vonage Virtual Number come with a telephone keypad for quickly dialing numbers.


  • Offers voicemail optimization and call forwarding.
  • Allows changes in voicemail PIN.
  • Helps link any mobile phone.
  • Has a quick and easy setup.


North America PlanUS & Canada PlanWorld Plan
$14.99 monthly$14.99 monthly$19.99 monthly

16. Exotel

Exotel virtual phone number dashboard view

Small businesses and startups can benefit from Exotel’s virtual number for WhatsApp. In addition, call recording, call forwarding, etc., are all standard phone features included in Exotel products.


  • Allows real-time notifications.
  • Has an easy-to-understand and drag & drop dashboard.
  • Offers automated call distribution.
  • In addition, it provides detailed analytics and unlimited channels.


1st Plan2nd Plan3rd Plan
$133.32 monthly$266.6 monthly$666.65 monthly

17. Virtualphone.com

Virtualphone.com virtual phone number app view

Businesses interested in international virtual numbers will know that Virtualphone.com is a great choice. There are over 120 countries where it is available, and it’s easy to place or receive calls. Further, it is easy to use numbers from Virtualphone.com on mobile and web-based devices.


  • Offers call forwarding and call scheduling.
  • Has an easy-to-use setup.
  • You can use it for international calling.
  • In addition, it provides live chat with voice features.


1st Plan2nd Plan
$9 monthly$19 monthly

18. Ooma

Ooma virtual phone number dashboard and app view

Ooma is a popular virtual phone number service provider that suits all complex requirements of call center companies. All company products include top features like call distribution and voicemail capabilities.


  • Offers a choice from the toll-free and local numbers.
  • Empowered with cloud integration and offers virtual fax services.
  • Can allow call blocking.
  • Gives 24*7 customer support.


1st Plan2nd Plan3rd Plan4th  Plan
$4.99 monthly$5.99 monthly$17.99 monthly$25.99 monthly

19. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 virtual phone number dashboard view

Bitrix24 is an ideal virtual number for a WhatsApp service provider that allows quick call recording and call forwarding. The other main features of Bitrix24 products include automatic dialers and IVR features.


  • Offers a free CRM and allows the system to telephone interaction.
  • Is a fully-featured virtual phone service provider.
  • Allows quick call transfer to different departments.
  • Supports multiple platforms.


1st Plan2nd Plan3rd Plan4th  Plan
$19 monthly$55 monthly$79 monthly$159 monthly

20. eVoice

eVoice virtual phone number homepage 

eVoice is another contender in the top 20 virtual number service providers globally. The company is famous for offering exquisite features like customer greetings with studio-recorded greetings, auto-attendant, call forwarding, etc.


  • Offers advanced functions like speed dialing and call recording.
  • Can allow businesses to choose from landline numbers.
  • Help teams to block spam phone numbers.
  • It further allows video conferencing.


Plan starts at:
$14 per user monthly


Virtual Phone Number: A secret to changing the way customers experience your brand.

US virtual phone number infographic

Wrapping Up

It is hard for any business, whether small or big, to ignore the benefits of virtual numbers. These numbers are ideal for multiple contact centers to increase productivity at affordable costs. 

According to your business requirements, it is easy to go for any of the above-mentioned virtual phone number providers. Multiple features are associated with each product making it easy to find the best matching service provider for any small or big business. A dedicated list of the common questions facilitates quick decision-making.

Further, many businesses can use these VoIP services by going through the faster setup process. Based on the report from Persistence Market Research, VoIP services which are used to run the virtual numbers are expected to reach up to $195 billion by 2024.

If any company is not using virtual numbers, it is the right time to fetch some benefits of this affordable technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual phone number works without a dedicated telephone line and hence are the direct access numbers. It works on seamless internet connectivity.

Any business can go for the virtual numbers for their operations as these are 100% legal in multiple countries. Further, companies must refrain from using these numbers for any unauthorized activities.

The benefits of the business virtual phone numbers include options to choose from customized numbers, local area code prefixes, and toll-free numbers.

It is easy to get connected to any of the above-mentioned top service providers to get the virtual number for WhatsApp.

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