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Bohdan Khomyn

Did you know that 47% of customers will switch to your competitors because of poor customer service?

Yes, this fact is enough to convince any business owner that customer satisfaction is paramount to climb the ladder of success. While achieving it is tough, riding on the idea of implementing a call center solution can make it easier. Right from unifying customer service across multiple channels to automating your business phone system, call center software helps you grow and sustain your business.

Founded back in 2010 by Bohdan Khomyn, VoIPTime is an incredible call/contact center solution that is built to meet the needs of industries, such as Finance, Insurance, Online shops, Telemarketing, Telesales, B2B Lead Generation, and more. Being the main ideologist behind VoIPTime, Bohdam Khomyn has equally shared the responsibility with the team right from developing the product to building sales and marketing strategies.

In conversation with Bohdan Khomyn, Founder of VoIPTime

What led you to the inception of VoIPTime?

Before we came up with the idea of this product, we worked as IT integrators. I was engaged in IP telephony and Contact Centers. We were responsible for introducing solutions based on Cisco and Avaya. The price was unaffordable for the customers, and that was the first reason to create our own product. This led to the inception of VoIPTime.

You have worked across different industries at multiple positions, starting as IT Engineer to laying the foundation of VoIPTime. Tell us about your experience and expertise you developed in this long run.

Yes, I did go from the performer to the manager. Therefore, I am well-versed in details, such as networks and the basics of IP telephony. It allows you to fully understand the problems and know how to solve it. In recent years, most of the time has been devoted to marketing, sales, process building, and team building.

The VoIP market is growing at a rapid pace. Where does VoIPTime stand in this fierce competition?

Yes, the call center industry is very competitive and fast-changing. Every vendor who wants to operate globally has to compete with hundreds and hundreds of local and international players. Potential customers, in their turn, are more likely to prepare the exact list of must-haves and nice-to-haves. And in this situation, that vendor, who can help with existing challenges and offer the best solution will succeed.

I mean that our expertise, ability to meet even the non-standard requirements, and flexibility help us to stand out from the competition. VoIPTime helps SMBs and mid-sized call centers to extend the number of channels they are serving, automate the routine processes, provide the best customer service, and simplify the call center management.

We have 10 years of experience in implementing our call center solution in many industries and help financial organizations, insurance, BPO, etc. That is why we are ready to implement all our experience and knowledge to ensure the availability and proper functioning of your call centers.

What is it that VoIPTime offers differently than its competitors?

We are really committed to making our customers successful. We don’t just sell the software and let our customers alone. Our main task is to help them succeed: we pay much attention to their current ways of interacting with customers and offer ways for their improvement. So the deep dive in the call center operations is one of the obligatory steps when it comes to cooperation. It may include IT infrastructure audit, business process audits, staff training, etc. That’s why we are recommended by our customers to their colleagues, even by call center managers, after changing the company they were working with.

VoIPTime offers a multichannel call center solution. We configure the cloud instance for the customer in the shortest possible time – 24 hours for simple cases, and 48 hours for more complex ones. And you are ready to go, with the fully configured solution, connected multichannel SIP trunks and local phone numbers for 100+ countries, trained team, everything. Just start handling your customers’ requests.

Running non-standard call center processes in a fairly short time has actually become our specialization.

According to you, what is success? How do you measure it?

I define success as the ability to provide customers with a high-quality product so that they become satisfied. In this respect, my success can be measured by plenty of positive feedback and the product, which is in demand.

Who are your valuable customers? Name a few.

It is hard to name a few. Every customer is valuable to us. Our cooperation, in most cases, lasts for years. Customers we are proud to work with are Ideabank, Meest, Dunapack Packaging, Lafarge, and many-many others.

Tell us something about the work culture at VoIPTime.

VoIPTime strives to offer a positive ambiance to the employees for them to concentrate on their work and interact with other workmates. We encourage discussions at the workplace, promote team building activities, offer friendly policies, and practical guidelines. We are convinced that a healthy work culture is the key to satisfied employees and, thus, increased productivity.

How do you keep yourself motivated and updated?

The balance between work and personal life is the key to success. Therefore, it is necessary both to work and have a rest, to devote time to relatives and friends. The latter is very motivating.

What would you preferably do if you weren’t building VoIPTime?

I’m always looking for new ideas, so I certainly would not sit aside. My character is such that I can’t control myself, so I would run some other projects, which is what I’m doing now.

Any piece of advice you have for emerging entrepreneurs?

Build clear plans, set achievable goals, and steadily go to them. No matter how hard it is, if you have decided to be an entrepreneur, you should not look back. The road is not easy – it must be passed.

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