9 Ways to Improve Your Corporate Marketing Strategies

Bharat Baghel

Senior Writer

Ways to Improve Your Corporate Marketing Strategies

Marketing is the lifeblood of any successful business. If you want to gain an edge over rivals, it is time to focus on your marketing strategies, and keep them simple and smart!

It’s 2020, and the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about widespread changes to how organizations are functioning all over the globe.

Just like all other functional domains, even marketing needs to be redone for better results. Today, it’s not just about getting traffic, rather targeting relevant audiences and engaging with them on multiple levels.

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Your effective b2b marketing strategy can have a significant impact on your overall sales, business revenues, and customer retention.

You need to move beyond traditional corporate marketing strategies, and adopt innovative ideas to survive in the current cutthroat competition.

9 Vital Elements That Will Help Businesses Enhance Their Marketing Plan & Accomplish Long Term Goal

1. Data-Driven Marketing

It is important to harness the power of real-time data to enhance the expenditure on advertisements and marketing.

You can use customer information to ensure that your advertisements target the right audience and segment clients on basis on demographics, preferences, and behavior.

Data-driven marketing ensures that you spend your precious resources on the right channels, so that your business can maximize lead conversion. It’s a great way to ensure that your messages do not get lost in the sea of marketing content, and target the right audience!

2. Determine Customer Pain Points

A pain point is any problem that your customers are facing, hence if your product can effectively resolve it, you will be sure to win clients! Your customers may be facing issues that are monetary, based on non-productivity or lack of customer support.

Your organization needs to respond rapidly to client requirements, and show customers that they are willing to take extra initiatives to help them. If you specifically solve a nagging issue, you can be certain that you will gain loyal patronage from your customers!

3. Utilize Video Content

We live in a hyper-digitalized world. Video content is booming in a big way, and is making waves in the virtual world. Organizations need to restructure their blog and written content by converting them to videos. Your videos should be engaging, short, and relevant so that they can hold audience interest.

Customers can watch videos through their mobile devices anywhere, even while they are on the move! It is the best way to build brand awareness, and advertise your products or services to potential clients.

4. Adopt Social Media Marketing

Social media has exploded in the virtual arena, and it is imperative for companies to use these platforms as a marketing tool. And these tools are especially handy for marketers who have little to no design skills but big ideas. You need to make sure that there are tons of buzzing activity on your organization’s social media pages.

Many marketers are using the Instagram and Facebook Stories feature to showcase their novel products and services to clients. They update live stories that contain exciting snippets about events, discounts, new launches, and user reviews.

You can also create polls on social media channels or hold interactive content to get your customers to engage with the brand. Social media marketing is a smart way to build trustworthiness and ensure high brand recall.

5. Personalize The Customer Experience

Customization is the current marketing buzzword, and the one-size-fits-all approach does not work anymore! It is important for companies to personalize every customer interaction to gain positive lead conversions.

There are a number of automated CRM tools that can help businesses to store customer data and leverage it efficiently. You need to have a unified database that contains all client information such as contact details, past purchases, product preferences, and previous call history.

This will empower your staff members to have more meaningful interactions, and provide a personalized client journey! 

6. Leverage Voice Searches

Many customers do not have the time to type and conduct a search anymore – they simply do a quick voice search. This makes it super important for marketers to optimize their content so that it comes up in a voice search.

Make sure to determine long-tail keywords that will come in a voice search, and include it in your advertising content.

Since the average voice search result time is 4.6 seconds, you also need to make sure that your page loads fast, so that it is not skipped in the search. Since voice technology is the future, make sure to come up with a marketing plan that ensures that your company ranks high in voice searches.

7. Build A Credible Digital Image

While many new marketing strategies are emerging, nothing beats word-of-mouth marketing. To ensure that you get great reviews and positive recommendations, make sure that your brand has a credible online reputation.

Remain active on customer forums, and respond to client reviews – either positive or negative.

Engage with audiences on social media platforms, and build a strong presence on digital channels. Make sure that you respond to feedback, suggestions, and complaints so that your customers enjoy a better service experience.

8. Update SEO Keywords

Never underestimate the power of search engine optimization, as it is one of the most affordable and effective corporate marketing strategies. Currently, search engine algorithms have changed, and they don’t just focus on a few keywords.

The algorithms lookout for synonyms, and similar words, hence it is important to frame your content well. Your website should come up within the first few pages during a customer search so that it gains visibility and maximum traffic.

9. Use Chatbots On Websites

It is imperative not to ignore customer calls or keep them waiting unnecessarily. Make sure to include chatbots in your marketing plan, as they can engage your audiences if your support representatives are not available.

They communicate with clients and respond to any queries that they may have. Your customers will get personalized attention, and will not have to wait for long periods of time to get service.

Marketers need to remain at the top of their game to battle out the fierce competition. It is important to regularly fine-tune y our corporate marketing strategies so that you can get your brand message out in the most powerful way!

Remember, in 2020, the whole point of impactful marketing is to connect with your stakeholders. Think out-of-the-box, and keep reinventing your strategic goals to achieve marketing success in all key performance indicators!

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