What is Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)?

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Dynamic Number Insertion

Dynamic Number Insertion, or DNI, is a call tracking technology mostly preferred by business owners, marketing experts, and marketing agencies to understand how visitors come to their websites. Dynamic Number Insertion, like IVRS software, records and gauges phone call conversions from online marketing campaigns (SEO campaigns, PPC ads, etc.) and provides businesses with valuable insight into how successfully their advertising mediums generate incoming calls. Since DNI technology allows you to track phone calls at the keyword level, it is also known as keyword-level call tracking. 

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Businesses of all sizes across the globe have been using DNI to associate callers with their advertising campaigns and to generate a better return on investment.

For example, suppose you land on an organization’s website through an affiliate website. In that case, you will get a different calling number than if you landed on the same website through an organic search, an online ad campaign, or any other site.

In simple words, each caller who desires to communicate with a customer care agent is provided with a unique calling number, which displays advertising tracking numbers on your website to reveal how the caller found you. 

Dynamic Number Insertion is essential for businesses having a global presence. It shows your customers a local number to help you create a local presence in different countries. It helps you build customers’ trust besides assisting you in analyzing your visitors, website traffic, and call logs.

MWhat’soreover also enables you to direct calls to native language-speaking agents to make the callers feel special and enhance customer satisfaction. DNI tracks your phone calls in real-time and enables you to gather the required data about the customers’ calls. Dynamic Number Insertion solution can be enabled on your CRM software, business phone system, and your company’s website to track visitors from all corners of the globe.

How Does Dynamic Number Insertion Work?

Dynamic Number Insertion requires digital marketers to identify and recycle unused phone numbers for their online marketing campaigns. All you need to do is register a pool of telephone numbers. The number of phone numbers in our DNI pool depends on the intensity of your website’s online traffic.

The process of installing a Dynamic Number Insertion solution is quite effortless. All you need to do is install a line of JavaScript code on your company’s website so that it can identify the callers’ source. The JavaScript Code also stores a cookie on visitors’ browsers that prompts your business website to display specific calling numbers when a user visits your site. It can also identify the visitor and the source of their visit. DNI’s JavaScript displays the same phone number for the particular users even after they leave your site and return for a repeat visit, even weeks later. It stores customer data in your Google Analytics account to let you view the sources driving incoming phone calls.

How to Get Dynamic Number Insertion? 

Once you get Dynamic Number Insertion installed on your website, you need to test it to ensure it functions flawlessly.

Here are a few steps that you need to follow to make DNI work perfectly:

  • Clear your cookies.
  • Turn on private browsing on your browser to enter your website like any other organic visitor.
  • Search for your URL on Google.
  • Click on your URL and visit a page that contains your tracking phone number.
  • If it is there, then it is working perfectly. 

Dynamic Number Insertion generates valuable data that helps you perk up your marketing initiatives for driving sales. The insights gathered from the data also allow you to improve the content available on your blogs, webinars, etc., driving phone calls. The data accumulated from DNI also optimizes your business offerings by the web pages generating more calls.

However, depending on the type of DNI software you choose, the availability of analytics may differ.

DNI sans Cookies

The more sophisticated DNI solutions also work without cookies. While cookie-based DNI is user-specific, DNI solutions without cookies are person-specific. DNI solutions that do not use cookies load your web pages using the DNI script. It tracks visitors in the following ways:

  • Unique individual – based on IP, location, device identification, or cross-referencing an in-house database.
  • Sessions (including engagements, interactions, activities, time, dimensions, etc.)


To survive in today’s cut-throat market, you cannot ignore the importance of channels driving customers to your business. Incorporating DNI into your Google Analytics goes a long way in helping you understand your customers inside out. So what are you waiting for? Get started today with DNI and gear up to take your business to the next level.

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