In the age Millennials where connections, engagement, and speed are valued and practiced, Human Resources too needs to change from a system of record to a system of engagement. This demographics brings in different expectations and requirements to cloud HR and organizations. And thus, it needs to reinvent its processes to keep up with times.

Moving online operations to cloud HR helps organizations to build upon engagement, deliver better experiences, and accelerate processes. It connects the operations that otherwise are scattered and difficult to manage manually thereby making the Human Capital Management a cumbersome process. Manually maintaining employee profiles, tracking time & attendance, reviewing employee performance, managing training needs often leaves you cluttered with a lot of excel sheets. Manual HCM minimizes user experience, eats up a lot of time and also often leads to a loss of information further impeding the use of this information.

Online Software is recommended as it integrates all the processes into a single system eradicating the challenges of manual management. Let’s understand some of the benefits of moving your HR operations to the Cloud:

Reduced time & effort – Cloud-based HR software require lesser time, effort, and resources to deploy when compared to on-site that involves a lot of time, manpower, and efforts in order to be deployed. All the important company data is stored in a single system thereby eliminating excess time spent and reducing paper clutter.

Reduce cost – There are many cost advantages that are realized up front when using a Cloud-based HR software. There is no installation cost, updates in the cloud-based HR software are also easily done, no expensive maintenance, and no hidden costs.

Improved employee engagement & productivity – A cloud based HR system is tiresome and results in employees either walking away or disliking the system in place.  Having an easy-to-use HR system helps improve the user experience. The ability to use the cloud-based HR software from anywhere anytime adds up to this user experience increasing the employee engagement dramatically. Employees are more satisfied when they complete tasks without having to ask HR assistance.

Data security – It means you can backup your important data without having to fear for data loss in case of computer/server failure. Advanced settings ensure only required people have the access to sensitive information. The system reduces the risk of errors which are part of the manual process.

Improved workflows – workflows between different functions and geographical locations are improved with Cloud-based HR Software in place. Any change or integration is easily implemented and understood all across thereby improving productivity and efficiency.

Now is the time to move to Cloud HR software if you haven’t done that already. With the right cloud-based HR solution like EmployWise, you can efficiently manage your company payroll, employee performance, appraisals, attendance, leave, travel, expenses, and employee information.