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SoftwareSuggest is a business software & service discovery and recommendation platform that helps companies find the best business solution for their growing needs. With 4L+ monthly website visitors and over 75K+ Blog views each month, SoftwareSuggest serves as an excellent platform for guest contributors to create engaging content and widen their audience.

Got an idea that can engage our readers and move the software industry forward?

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But, before you submit your Guest Post, take a sneak-peak at SoftwareSuggest’s requirements.

What We Publish?

The topics you choose to write on must relate to the software industry. It can be any, for example, Mistakes to avoid while buying Project Management Software

To ensure your Guest Post fits SoftwareSuggest’s requirements, please refer to our editorial guidelines:

  • Unique and original content only.
  • Minimum 1200 words.
  • Simplicity and readability are what keeps the readers engaged. So, make sure your content is easy to understand.  Post is actionable and educational. Well, you can take a look around our previous posts at any time.
  • See to it take your content maintains a positive, conversational, and encouraging tone thoroughly.
  • Structure the content in a way that the reader quickly grasps your idea. The use of several subheadings is highly recommended.
  • Post ends with a short conclusion section titled “summing it up” or “conclusion”
  • If your post includes statistics or data,  it should have been backed by sourced link. Contains a maximum of 2-3 additional links to outside websites and one link back to your site max within the content of the article. Anything that comes across to us as “spammy content” or as an overly self-promotional, it will be edited to our discretion.
  • If your post includes images, do send them as an attachment in an email.  Make sure they are of high quality.
  • Submit your post in a Google Doc along with Edit Access.

Terms & Conditions

  • We do not accept posts that have already been submitted elsewhere or the ones that you are planning to circulate to other websites.
  • If you are submitting a Guest Post for enhancing SEO search results or to get a brand mention for promoting your service or business, we are not interested in publishing such posts.
  • As we are not accepting brand promotion posts, we’ll be happy to include Author Bio that contains links to your website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. Please make sure that your bio does not exceed 2-3 sentences.
  • Kindly submit one post at a time. You’re most welcome to submit different post again once your previous post is published.

By submitting your content to, you accept that the Guest Post content you provided to us 

  1. is accurate and true;
  2. has not been copied from any other work;
  3. does not contain any confidential information of the third party.

Once you submit the content, we reserve the right to

  1. refuse publication for any reason in our absolute discretion;
  2. edit, modify and update the content of the Guest Post at our sole discretion

By submitting any Guest Post on, you agree to accept our Terms & Conditions.

Why Write for Us?

Writing for SoftwareSuggest will benefit you with the following:

  • Thousands of target audience will read your piece of work.
  • You’ll get a good platform for communicating your ideas.
  • As SoftwareSuggest is followed by top industry experts, getting your Guest Post published on its website will indirectly help you expand your reach. 

Note: The applications are reviewed by our team, and the team holds the right to accept/reject the same.

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