Best Bulk SMS Software

The best Bulk SMS software are Text Request, TextLocal, SendinBlue, Servetel, and SimpleTexting. SMS software identifies all the contacts on the list to whom a particular message is to be sent, without fail.

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List of 20 Best Bulk SMS Software

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AN Intelligent SMS Blast Software

EZ Texting is an intelligent SMS blast software that helps you gain significance in the market. All your messages that you will send through this SMS software are HTTPS and SSL secured. Setting up drip campaigns is now easy. Read EZ Texting Reviews

Software by SimpleTexting

Get all the answers related to how to send bulk SMS with the help of innovative Bulk SMS software, SimpleTexting. This easy-to-use bulk SMS software comes with Zapier integration that automates texting at all levels. Read SimpleTexting Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Sensible enables you to do SMS and email marketing from a single platform. All the actions are GDPR complaints and come with in-build CRM operations. This bulk SMS software can create targeted pages and help you do effortless marketing. Read Brevo Reviews

Emergents | 2023

Can send bulk SMS in 200+ countries

TextMagic is making SMS marketing a cakewalk for you by offering pre-set templates and bulk sending facility. This bulk SMS software can easily convert your emails into text and help you do targeted marketing. Read Textmagic Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Software by Servetel Communications

Servetel is the leading cloud telephony service provider in India that facilitates you with cloud telephony solutions for all your business needs. We spark your business communication with our economical, innovative and handy cloud solutions. Read Servetel Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

RapBooster Basic simplifies marketing by utilizing the popularity of WhatsApp. With it, businesses can send messages, images, videos, and audio to their potential customers. Read Rap Booster Reviews

Emergents | 2023

9500 + Software Installation done successfully

Imagic SMS is the industry’s leading bulk SMS software that can be used in any ecosystem a deliver impressive SMS marketing. By taking it on board, you can automate the SMS creation, sending, and editing process in the best possible manner. Read Imagic SMS Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Offers result-oriented SMS marketing

MOBtexting is what you should own for powerful A2P messaging. With the help of this bulk SMS software for android mobile phone, you can bring 2-way authentication, SMS API, shortcode & long code SMS, and bulk SMS plugin into your SMS marketing. Read MOBtexting Reviews

A Supranational Bulk SMS Service Company

Shree Tripada Provides Bulk Sms . Boost up your business revenue using our Bulk SMS Services Choose our Bulk SMS Service & save your time, money and efforts . Read Shree Tripada Bulk Sms Reviews

Emergents | 2023

Can send 150millions SMS per month

Doing impressive and result-oriented SMS marketing is pocket-friendly with MessageMedia Web SMS. This bulk SMS software comes with a powerful web portal, REST API, or Email to SMS to send messages facility to empower your marketing. Read Sinch MessageMedia Reviews

High Performer | 2023

Can add email and voice API in your marketing

MSG91 comes with a powerful 2-way authentication facility for data safety. This bulk SMS software can easily integrate with your current framework and directly import/export SMS data from platforms like WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify. Read MSG91 Reviews

High Performer | 2023

Experience mobile-first cloud telephony

MyOperator is India's top cloud communication provider, with 10,000+ businesses like Amazon, Myntra, and Apollo using its offerings like Corporate Line, 360-degree Campaign Management, and Office IVR. Read MyOperator Reviews

Most Reviewed

Category Champions | 2023

All-in-one SMS Marketing and Business Texting

TXTImpact, USA based leading provider of cloud-based business text messaging and SMS marketing solutions. TXTImpact offers two-way SMS and MMS using Shortcodes, Local and Landline numbers to interact with customers or employees effectively. Read TXTImpact SMS Marketing Reviews

Bulk SMS and API messaging Platform

Datagen Internet Service Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted enterprise grade platform that serves messaging, voice broadcast and WhatsApp business API worldwide. A top-notch features, exceptional user experience, resilient technology, and strong carrier partnerships. Read Datagen Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Smart Classes software is the best tuition or coaching class management & online learning system. It is the most user-friendly & affordable Saas based system allow users to use It from web, andoird or IOS devices Read Smart Classes Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

RetailGraph is a reliable Retail management software for Small & mid-market Retailers. Manage Retail billing, inventory, accounting, GST filling, POS system & more. Get real-time updates from Multi-stores. Multiple reports to analyze business performance. Read RetailGraph Software Reviews

Connecting people, Technology & Ideas

Broadcasting the message in real voice is a great way to communicate with your audience. Our interactive voice broadcasting solution helps you to send your pre-recorded voice message to mass. Expand your reach with our outbound voice broadcasting service. Learn more about Go2Market Voice Broadcasting

Contenders | 2023

Premium Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS software service provider with lots of choices and customization of connectivity. HTTP, API, XML, SMPP. International and domestic routes with 100% assured delivery. Url traceable shortlink also integrated with SMS. Learn more about Amyntas

Category Champions | 2023

Proctur an ed-tech company provides end to end digitization solution to enable tutors/trainers/coaching institutes to sell courses online, teach live online, conduct exams online and manage the coaching institutes. Read Proctur Reviews

High Performer | 2023

Sending bulk SMSs in 190+ countries

With the power of AI, Exotel can set authentication and verification code on SMS and deliver non-intrusive service. You can do phone number masking and keep your identity secret with the help of this best bulk SMS software. Read Exotel Reviews

bulk sms software guide

How is Bulk SMS Software Useful?

Short Messaging Service (SMS) has taken on quite a broader perspective in the various business activities and marketing strategies. What sets bulk SMS apart from the other services is its highly effective communication possibility applied to a greater scope of business activities.

The effective use of bulk SMS sender software to deliver excellent business communication creates the perfect rendering of highly crucial business and financial management solutions on a greater scale. Listed below is everything one needs to know about this software!

Purpose of Bulk SMS Software

Purpose of Bulk SMS Software

  1. The basic purpose of this software is to create potential business standards through the integration of messaging services into mainstream business.

  2. This software is highly equipped to deliver professional business communication on a large scale through the limited use of resources and inexpensive investments, yet again the potential advantage of improving the sales and business to the intended target customers.

  3. Highly essential in fields and categories specifically related to improving sales and creating effective financial solutions for the corresponding business organization.

Features of Bulk SMS Software

Features of Bulk SMS Software

  1. Highly inclusive of affordable services as per the business requirements and specifications

  2. Improved customization features to enhance flexibility factors in the corresponding communication aspect.

  3. Targets a large number of business clients and customers in a very limited timescale.

  4. Highly effective for the translation of business opportunities.

  5. Cross-platform compliance features to implement scalability factors

  6. Creative and effective design solutions for high-end user experience.

  7. Bulk SMS software is highly easy to use.

  8. Module differentiation features provide customization on a different scale for the improved achievement of objectives.

  9. Creative financial solutions with comprehensive and detailed reports on the same, coupled with strategic analysis features.

  10. Exquisite functionality features to implement better business solutions.

  11. Highly accurate and inexpensive marketing strategy.

Advantages of Bulk SMS Software

Advantages of Bulk SMS Software

  1. This serves as quite an affordable form of market-centric communication for the improvement of business standards on a larger scale.

  2. High-end design solutions for enhanced user experience.

  3. Highly market-centric strategy to create better business opportunities.

  4. The individual reception of the business communication without the actual presence.

  5. A great way to bring out new ideas and effective business opportunities personally to the intended recipients.

  6. Effective integration and synchronization features for better integration into the overall database.

  7. Creates the perfect financial solutions for enhanced performance (with a performance management software).

  8. Increased customer range, and targets all levels of society as per the business objectives.

  9. Open source bulk SMS sending software creates a perfect potential for enhanced financial solutions on a massive scale.

  10. Segmentation into different modules helps in the effective usage of the corresponding software.

  11. The generation of analysis reports creates a highly monitored business facilitation.

  12. Mass target applicability through digital communication creates the perfect rendering of the business workflow.

Difference Between SMS Marketing and Bulk SMS Marketing

The main difference between the two different marketing techniques is that SMS marketing is done by smaller companies that do not have a huge audience. On the other hand, bulk SMS software marketing is done by large enterprises and banks that have tonnes of customers across the globe. In bulk SMS software, the customers are usually limited to a local level. Small scale companies or those who have just begun their own small businesses need to advertise and promote their products as well as make their brand recognized by people. It is then that people resort to SMS marketing where they take the contact details of their clients and send texts regarding new products and offers. 

The other difference between the two techniques is that SMS Marketing uses permission-based text messaging whereas in bulk sender SMS software marketing the messages sent by companies usually do not have the permission of the receiver.  This means that bulk messages, as they are not authorized by the receiver, may or may not be read since they have not subscribed for it. 

Plus, sending bulk SMSs is much more cost-efficient as one has to just buy any bulk message software and post that, everything is done through the free mass texting software. But, individual texting does consume some amount of money. Both of them have their own sets of personal advantages but the main thing that differentiates the two is who is using this marketing technique.

Latest Trends of Mass SMS Software

Apart from just being the most effective tool for marketing, it also has great power of dominating the potentiality of the business. As times change, so does technology and so do trends. With new things flooding into the market, the trends of bulk messaging have also changed from what they originally used to be.

With technology advancing leaps and bounds, the integration of artificial intelligence and automation has found its way into the messaging structure. Technology has helped set new standards with each coming year. Nowadays, chatbots have been introduced for communicating with customers. This way, no human labor is unnecessarily wasted, as well as it saves time as only the important matters that need attention come to the notice of the organization. 

SMS through Applications is another thing that has picked up in today’s times. In today’s times where WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram have been dominating the market, many companies have resorted to sending bulk SMSs through their messaging features. In fact, there is also the WhatsApp bulk message software so that big organizations can broadcast their message in one go via the application. WhatsApp software has become a global platform where millions of people have gathered.

Therefore, WhatsApp too is considered a potential market to delve into. The WhatsApp bulk message software also comes with customized solutions. But this trend has still not been able to make a huge impact as people generally make use of these applications for entertainment purposes only.  

SMS marketing is nowadays considered a real-time communication method. This is because other channels do broadcast the message but the reach cannot be determined as not everyone might be present at that time on the particular channel. But with bulk SMS sender software, it can be determined that every customer has received the message at the same time. Researches also show that there has been a significant increase in the SMS traffic over the years and it shall continue for a long time.

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Compare Pricing Plans of Top Bulk SMS Software Providers

Name Ratings & Reviews Starting Price Free Trial?
Msgclub 4.1(155 Reviews)

Available on Request

MyOperator 4.4(37 Reviews) $35 Per Month Yes
TXTImpact SMS Marketing 5.0(33 Reviews) $299 Per Month Yes
EngageBay 4.8(29 Reviews) $0 User/Month Yes
Smart Classes 4.9(23 Reviews) $76 Per Year Yes

FAQs of Bulk SMS Software

Bulk SMS software allows a company or an individual to send multiple SMS in a brief time span. SMS Software is specially designed for Bulk SMS Marketing. This software is mostly used for business promotion.

No. Every SMS marketing software has different plans, and one needs to choose them to avail of a particular package. There is usually no monthly or set-up fee involved.

Usually, the limit is 160 characters only when using bulk SMS software for Android mobile phones.

If a large audience needs to receive the message, then it is always advisable to use the market’s best bulk SMS software.

This completely depends upon the organization's structure and whether the person in charge is constantly on the move or has a desk job. If the person is constantly on the go then it is preferable to go for the best bulk SMS software for Android, else if the person is going to sit and work, then one should go for the best bulk SMS software for PC in the market.

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Last Updated: August 18, 2023