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List of 20 Best Business Valuation Software

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Software by Valutico

Valutico, the web-based valuation platform, uses data-driven tools to conduct enhanced valuation analysis for small and medium industries and enterprises. This company valuation software empowers businesses and experts by performing accurate valuations within a fraction of the time. It helps eliminate error-prone spreadsheet issues in manual valuation and significantly reduces valuation time. Learn more about Valutico

Software by BizEquity

Claiming to be the world's only patented online business valuation platform, BizEquity is one of the leading business valuation software that helps you discover the value of your business within minutes. The step-by-step valuation process of BizEquity uses 143 data points to calculate the company's value. Understand your business and its potential better with BizEquity's business valuation services. Learn more about BizEquity

Software by SMERGERS

SMERGERS is another leading online business valuation software tool that performs valuation using different techniques within seconds and comes up with a quick ballpark valuation of your business. It offers a customized valuation report detailing comparable companies, multiples, and market cap. SMERGERS also assists in refining the valuation of your company. Learn more about SMERGERS

Business Valuation Software / Online Valuation pla

Equitest offers simple and affordable online business valuation services to companies of all sizes. It helps businesses get close to accurately evaluating their business' economic worth. This amazing business valuation software uses at least five valuation methods to access your data and comes up with the most accurate reports. Learn more about equitest

Software by Eqvista

Eqvista is one of the best business valuation software available for startups, seed-stage companies, stage-A companies, and stage-B companies. It uses the most preferred and proven business valuation methodologies to provide accurate valuation reports within just 20 minutes. Its extensive valuation report includes the company summary, findings, and valuation using various methods. Learn more about Eqvista

Risk-Based Investment Analysis & Capital Budgeting

Riskturn, a risk-based company valuation software, aims to aid businesses in investment valuation, capital budgeting, and project portfolio management. It integrates all uncertainties that come with R&D costs, certification, construction delays, market variations, etc., and helps valuation professionals and enterprises develop the most efficient strategy for development. Learn more about Riskturn

Bizpep Business Valuation Software provides businesses with economical, effective, and efficient business valuation services. The software requires minimal human input and combines relative indicators for future performance to evaluate a company. It uniquely applies your intuitive business and market knowledge to calculate a 3-year performance forecast, investment return, and business valuation. Learn more about bizpep Business Valuation

Software by DealMatrix

DealMatrix is a fully automated valuation software for startups and medium enterprises. It uses leading valuation methods, including the Berkus method, the Payne Scorecard method, the Startup rating method, the Venture Capital method, and the First Chicago method, to develop authentic valuations per international valuation guidelines. Learn more about DealMatrix

Software by Quist Insights

Quist Insights is an easy-to-use, accurate, straightforward company valuation software that evaluates your business' value and even offers actionable recommendations to increase the value by 40% or more. Its extensive valuation data helps you assess your business and understand how to improve its value. Learn more about Quist Insights

Software by Equidam

Equidam is an industry-leading business valuation software that offers quick and effective business valuation services for startups. It provides accurate valuation services by using five valuation methods for every report, and hence, helps capture the valuation of startups from different points of view. It curates and updates data sources of valuation parameters and is tailored for 90 countries and more than 136 industries globally. Learn more about Equidam

Software by FundTQ

FundTQ is a unique, fully functional valuation software designed to help in the valuation of startups and medium enterprises. Using four renowned valuation methodologies, FundTQ enables you to evaluate your business within 10 minutes. It then provides a comprehensive report called Impacteaser which can be shared with investors within no time. Learn more about FundTQ

Software by ValuSource Pro

ValuSource Pro is an ideal business valuation software for CPAs that aids in streamlining the valuation practice. Over three decades, it has helped thousands of CPAs, valuators, and financial professionals offer better valuations within no time with its comprehensive valuation methodologies. ValuSource Pro uses the most automatic database integration to generate smart and standard-based written reports. Learn more about ValuSource Pro

Software by PlanGuru

Offering services to small businesses, non-profit organizations, accountants, and advisors, PlanGuru is one of the best business valuation software you will find in the market. It offers affordable and easy-to-use tools that use your data to build intelligent, dynamic financial forecasts for your organization within minutes. PlanGuru offers unlimited budgeting flexibility. Learn more about PlanGuru

Software by Derivatas Platform

Derivatas renders end-to-end valuation solutions to businesses for tax compliance, financial reporting, and deal analysis. By combining deep industry expertise with the latest technology in cloud computing and data analytics, Derivatas offers the most advanced business valuation software in the industry. Since 2011, Derivatas has been the most trusted software amongst prominent venture capital and accounting firms. Learn more about Derivatas

Software by BVM Pro

One of the most powerful business valuation software on the market, BVM (Business Valuation Manager) Pro offers a turnkey solution for business valuation professionals. It helps businesses understand their valuation with all the generally accepted valuation methods. BVM Pro is just what you need for your business valuation solution for data entry or an online valuation database. Learn more about BVM Pro

The company valuation software by Carta uses the capitalized cash flow method to calculate your company's equity value as a growing perpetuity, to eventually reduce the business's future cash flows within an estimated rate. It needs just a minimal amount of data regarding your business and gives a detailed and accurate valuation. Learn more about Carta for Investors

Cap table management for hypergrowth startups.

Pulley, a CAP table platform, offers efficient valuation software to ensure that your business is compliant with the highest standards of review, including Big Four auditing firms, the SEC, and the IRS. The software tools assist enterprises in collecting the required data for 409A valuation and save you hours of time. Learn more about Pulley

Orchestrating Your Business Sale

Designed for small business owners who wish to execute the business sale processes themselves, ExitAdviser offers a step-by-step guide for valuation. Its free business valuation software services are ideal for business owners who need a rough company valuation. It is one of the preferred valuation software tools among numerous investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Read ExitAdviser Reviews

Most Reviewed

Software by OpenStore

With the mission of providing life-changing liquidity to e-commerce entrepreneurs, OpenStore is the best business valuation software to calculate the store value of Shopify stores. OpenStore business valuation software uses your data to pull the required insights to analyze different data cohorts, build forecasts, and accurately evaluate your business. Learn more about OpenStore

Rendered by MoneySoft, Business Valuation Specialist is an exhaustive business analysis and valuation software that frees you from the task trap of creating and maintaining spreadsheets. Thanks to the Business Valuation Specialist's highly efficient business valuation system, the valuation professionals can now focus more on the implications and development of the business. Learn more about Business Valuation Specialist

Compare Pricing Plans of Top Business Valuation Software Providers

Name Ratings & Reviews Starting Price Free Trial?
ExitAdviser 5.0(3 Reviews) $99 Per Year Yes Learn More
Riskturn Write a Review $95 User/Month Yes Learn More
PlanGuru Write a Review $99 Per Month Yes Learn More
Pulley Write a Review $100 25 stakeholders + $4 / additional stakeholder Yes Learn More
equitest Write a Review $99 Per Month Yes Learn More

Last Updated: July 13, 2023