Best Cable TV Software

Best cable TV software are Goodbox - Readymade Apps, Shreecom Cable Software, and Cableman Pro. These cable software solutions are used to manage the schedule of TV Broadcaster, Web Channel, MSO & Cable TV Operators, and web TV.

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List of 20 Best Cable TV Software

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Emergents | 2024

Cable tv software to cater to the app requirement of the business

If you are looking for an affordable and quick solution to create and manage your app, then Goodbox - Readymade Apps is beyond compare. This best cable tv channel software can get you readymade apps with rich functionality that fulfills all business requirements. It equips a mega app that can host millions of mini apps. Read Goodbox - Readymade Apps Reviews

Most Reviewed

Contenders | 2024

All in one cable software for enterprises

Shreecom Cable Software offers all kind of software maintenance, development, and implementation services like accounting, billing & invoicing, inventory, and customized software solution. It has all advanced configuration, technologies, and expertise to smooth the execution. This cable software provides useful and feasible custom solutions. Read Shreecom Cable Software Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Powerful and smart cable tv software for organizations

Cableman Pro considered as the best service provides compared to DTH. This cable management system software has an extensive customer base with accessibility to all the channels. It provides subscriber management application and online billing for cable TV software. It has a robust architecture and user friendly interface. Read Cableman Pro Reviews

Contenders | 2024

Highest rated cable tv channel software

Billing Provisioning CRM is an economical and open source technologies. It has exemplary customer support that provides services in the minimum turn around time possible. It covers all the solution needed by the company like Billing, CRM, Provisioning, integrations, etc. Read Billing Provisioning CRM Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Intuitive cable tv broadcasting software

Logosys Playout is a cutting edge technology in broadcast automation sector that eliminates all the conventional software available in the market. It is feature equipped with facets like built-in codecs and encoders with the multi-format layout and support decklink playout. Read Logosys Playout Reviews

Contenders | 2024

Intelligent cable tv channel software for companies

Smart CRM for Cable TV is a web-based solution available on iOS and Android at very competitive pricing. This cable tv software allows you to store customer details, location wise collection list, and report list. It also proffers multiple advanced features like billing & accounting, location management, and SMS to bill payment. Read Smart CRM for Cable TV Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Comprehensive cable tv software for the broadcast service provider

The entertainment industries face complications in providing the desired services to their watchers. With Cable software, you can overcome this crisis and streamline the operation of providing utilities to the customers. It is a highly recommended entertainment project for cable channel TV industry worldwide. Learn more about Cable Software

Emergents | 2024

Dynamic cable tv channel software for broadcasters

UniPlayOne is a free TV Playout and CG automation software with an insightful GUI and easy to use features. It has a crash-free performance with seamless switching between media files and live videos and configurable playlist manager. It supports all video format, RTMP streaming & servers, CDN service provider, and Video Support for NTSC & PAL. Learn more about UniplayOne

Emergents | 2024

Robust cable tv software for channel service providers

BlackMagic is a web-based cable Software engineered especially for Cable TV Operators. Its design allows both Professionals and beginner to run their entire Automated TV Channel on a Personal Computer. The automation rendered by the software makes it a highly recommended software among the broadcasters. Learn more about BlackMagic

Emergents | 2024

Professional cable tv broadcast automation software

Trinity Data Systems is widely leading software developer to design, implement and vend Video Channel Playout Software specifically for the Cable TV sector. Trinity meets the demand of cable tv operators in day-to-day procedures and caters to full all the tasks of the business successfully. Learn more about Trinity Data Systems

Emergents | 2024

Network cable management software to facilitate business needs

UniCable provides a complete insight into the business operations like subscribers information and robust architecture to configure and customize your business with the latest facets. It offers all the basic features and functions as well like billing & accounting, SMS, and CRM solution to streamline all the broadcasting operations. Learn more about UniCable

Emergents | 2024

A readymade cable tv channel software

Aplomb is the best cable tv software in the broadcasting industry. It renders services based on movie, music, news and other base channels. This cable software is equipped with the latest technologies like broadcast automation software and decklink playout software. It has highly professional and dedicated engineers for best services and supports. Learn more about Aplomb

Contenders | 2024

Movie Organizer 8.0 Software is the industry's most recognized and recommended platform for cable tv solution. It has an attractive lookout & smart and easy operating that entices broadcasters to it. The autoplay feature and security against power failure makes the architecture sturdy and sublime. Read Movie Organizer 8.0 Software Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Highly efficient e cable software

Digital Cable Network is a web-based cable tv channel broadcasting software feasible for all cable tv operations. It is fully featured and is known to complete all the tasks smoothly. Its features include inventory management, repairs, and discarded boxes GRV. It offers a robust architecture that provides security against any crisis. Learn more about Digital Cable Networks

Emergents | 2024

Manage representative, client, request, notification and more, with this complex software solution specifically designed to support cable TV operators Once of them, is Cable Operators Accounting Pro, a powerful program created to help cable TV operators build their businesses. Learn more about Sahifa

Emergents | 2024

AV Broadcast System for Cable TV is great digital video broadcast software for cable TV operators . It's a complete channel automation software. With AV Broadcast System for Cable TV software, need not worry regarding faulty VCRs VHS tapes, VCD Players or even the teamwork Cable Channel.  Learn more about AV Broadcast System

Emergents | 2024

Web-Based Software for Cable TV Operators

We provide complete Online Web-Based Software for Cable TV Operators. We also provide Subscriber Management, Billing & Collection Management, STB Stock Management, Complaint Management with Collection Mobile applications, etc. Learn more about R-Soft CNMS ON-NET

Cable TV Software Guide

What is Cable TV Software?

Cable TV software is a web-based online billing and subscriber management software service for operators. This service is revolutionary as it has changed the economics of your software usage. It allows you to pay only for the capacity that you use. The best part of this software service is that you can evaluate the full version before spending a single penny from your pocket.

Are you a cable operator and broadband service provider? If yes, then there is a piece of good news for you! From now on, you don’t need to maintain your subscriber details manually. However, you can set your package plans professionally, deliver quick billing to your customer, manage customer complaints efficiently, get all your payments and collections done easily, and much more. And for all these benefits, all you need to do is to install the cable TV management software.

What are the Benefits of Cable TV Software?

Cable TV Software Benefits

  • Accessibility: The accessibility in the Cable TV software makes it simple for business owners to get updates anywhere, and this way, the business remains in the palm of the owner. Whether you might be away on a trip or vacation, you will stay aware and updated on what is happening in your business; all you will require is an internet connection.

  • Integrates with other software: Cable TV software, just like the different billing or management software, is online software that easily integrates with other software to a necessary extent; inventory management and accounting software or any other software require integration as it even helps in tracking the account or inventory of the business. This way, it makes it easier for you to run your business, and all the work goes done just once, having to go through any other software in your company to look for updates.

  • Notifications and reminders: Cable TV software’s notifications feature helps you to make a professional approach towards the payment overdue and bills that are still yet to be paid. And you will not miss out on any bill as it gets as easy as going with the help of notification emails or messages about the bill being paid are updated. Just like you keep reminders for meetings, anniversaries, and birthdays, you can stay alert about the payment. It also updates the customer as a reminder of the payment, so there will be no delays.

  • Channels Management: The Channel Management module provides extensive flexibility to the MSOs for package creation. On the other hand, it even allows adding or removing the channels from the package without impacting the existing customers.

  • CAS (Conditional Access Server): Managing the Conditional Access Server is the essential module of a Cable TV software platform. It even helps in controlling the channel for STB.

What are the Features of Cable TV Software?

Standard issues relating to cable network complaints are available in the system, and even the manager can choose the root cause of the issue when closing a ticket. An operator can track the complaints and take preventive action to improve the service.

Cable TV Software Features

  • Subscriber Management: Cable TV Channel software maintains the billing of a Set-top box. It helps the cable TV operator manage his business much more efficiently and effectively. The cable operator can even collect their connections, customers, package information, and set-top box information with package updates.

  • Customer Management: The customer Management feature will offer you an excellent way to streamline all your customers along with their details like the address, documents, and contact number as well as the current loan, credibility, previous history, and so forth instantly. It will also help to provide information like referral details, nominee name, transaction details, etc. at your fingertips.

  • Customized Dashboards with Rich Graphs and Text Reports: Cable TV software integrated with the latest features lets you visualize the graphical view with the customized dashboard. It provides complete data about subscriber totals, no expired STB, active STB, STB, Inactive, weekly, and monthly collections. It also shows whether the new registrations are compliant registered and can view users starting with the MSO name.

  • Customized Roles & Privileges: Cable channel software enables operators with advanced features to create many branches with personalized roles. They can use, create and share a wide range of geographic content, including the area, building, colony, and analytics. The ability of individual organization members to access and work with content in different ways depends on the privileges and roles assigned to members.

  • Complaints Management: The reporting and analytics capability of the complaints management system enables you to visualize the total number of complaints registered, pending, and resolved weekly and monthly. Registering resolution and allocation of customer complaints and acts as a central hub to keep all the records related to the customer's complaints. The objections can even be registered in multiple ways with the help of a Head office salesperson, employee, or executive. Complaint to the particular area operator with the help of a notification. It even has multiple features like generating reports & escalation for the complaint total track records.

  • Leads Management: Cable TV Broadcasting software lets you track all the information about your customer relationship management leads. Visualize with the rich graphs and text reports up-to-date information while understanding. You can even see where a marketing campaign lead came from and read the relevant insights you can act on; the software also helps you track complete information about the leads as per the colony, area, and building.

  • General Reports: This is another brilliant reporting feature that lets you stay aware of several facts about your company. This section covers the reports like the daily transaction report, customer list, customer ledger details, loan details list, discount details, customer transaction details, etc.

  • Improved Subscriber Management: Operators can manage subscribers under various locations easily with the help of a cable links application. The administrator or manager can also add the customer list with the help of a web application and assign customers to the collection agent under the given area. The manager can make out the agent corresponding to each customer, and real-time payment tracking cum billing collection status can even be monitored easily.

  • Bluetooth bill printing: There is also no need to worry when it is about getting a hard copy of the bill. The app also has the facility of Bluetooth printing bills at any location of the customer.

  • Billing Anywhere: Customer payment or billing collection can be made anywhere with the help of a mobile application that is highly equipped with cable links. The collection agent will carry the mobile app to the customer’s doorstep and bill the customer directly. Billing details will be synced with the central server, which even helps the manager to view live billing and the position of the collection agent on the go.

  • Subscriber Re-location: Subscriber re-location is common in urban, city, and suburban areas. Cable TV management software helps the cable operator and broadband internet providers perform hassle-free customer transfer among the service area. Transferred customers' billing history, reward points setting, package details, etc., would be maintained as an old area.

  • Package Calculation: Automatic package calculation is an essential part of any Cable TV software undertaking package calculation monthly. Based on the package amount, the system will only compute the total amount along with the next payment date. Collection agents and administrators will even better track outstanding amounts from each subscriber.

  • Alerts: Cable TV channel software can generate SMS alerts on billing and the updation of the rewards points. Subscribers will also get an SMS in a registered mobile number when the collection agent of the Local Cable Operator performs the billing. The Local Cable Operator also has the option to choose the SMS package of interest.

  • Complaint Ticketing: complaint management system is a vital part of the service providers and Cable TV channel software which enables the operator to track consumer complaints with the help of a system. It has a facility to work as a cable TV complaint management system. Objections raised by the customer are easily registered into the system. Operators can change the status, close the tickets, and add comments. Standard issues relating to cable network complaints are available in the system, and even the manager can choose the root cause of the issue when closing a ticket. An operator can track the complaints and take preventive action to improve the service.


Some of the main functionalities of Cable TV software include:

  1. Subscriber Management
  2. Report Generation
  3. Billing Management
  4. Lead Management
  5. Auto Package Calculation and more

While going through cable TV software, you will come across various modules called Subscriber Management, Card Management, Subscriber Ledger, Forms & Reports, Complaint Management, Billing, and so on. With all these modules, you can ease your work.

It would be best if you always chose a solution that can easily incorporate into your existing system or software. So, depending on which cable TV channel software you buy, you can integrate it with accounting, invoicing, Inventory Management, and other software as required.

Channel Management is a module that most cable TV broadcasting software providers offer. It helps you monitor the revenue you make from advertisements. It enables MSO to create packages effortlessly. Moreover, you can add or remove the channels from the package without letting the customers get affected.

With several providers available on the market, picking the best cable TV software can be a challenging task. However, the below-mentioned points will help you make the right decision.

  1. List your objectives
  2. Set your expectations
  3. Check User Ratings & Reviews
  4. Compare the Prices
  5. Stick to the Proven Products
  6. Determine its compatibility

Last Updated: January 02, 2024