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EDISAPP has revolutionized education. It has helped function professionally. The ERP EDISAPP will go long way to make education a systematic and scientific experience. Read Edisapp School Management ERP Reviews

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Common Edisapp School Management ERP and Campus7 Alternatives

Edisapp School Management ERP review compared to Campus7

"Good support" - Principal office


In the initial stage, we were hesitant to go for an ERP. But we were completely explained with EDUMAAT features and functionality and its impact on the the educational sector. We also asked them to work on the CBSE standard grade system(1/8); they'd taken the requirement seri... Read EDUMAAT - Imagine Greatness Reviews

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Common EDUMAAT - Imagine Greatness and Campus7 Alternatives

EDUMAAT - Imagine Greatness review compared to Campus7

"Best for 1/8 CBSE Grade system" - Ex Looser


Fact that its online based, i can work from anywhere. This is very convenient in these times of Covid19. All necessary modules are within reach. There is no better erp Read Fedena Reviews

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Fedena VS MyQampus

Common Fedena and Campus7 Alternatives

Fedena review compared to Campus7

"Fedena ERP is a leads the leaders" - Isaiah muthee


Academics - Education Management Software is an excellent software which has helped me to manage my primary school in an error-free way. I would recommend it to all my colleagues, it provides flexibility and the configuration and customization are very instant. It facilitates use... Read Academics Reviews

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Common Academics and Campus7 Alternatives

Academics review compared to Campus7

"One stop solution to all schools and academic institutions" - Utumporn


We are satisfied with Academia. For us, the key factor for success was a component developed by Serosoft which automated the migration of the student data from our legacy system to Academia ERP. They also assisted us in streamlining our examination process; Academia ERP has helpe... Read Academia ERP Reviews

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Common Academia ERP and Campus7 Alternatives

Academia ERP review compared to Campus7

"Highly recommended- Much advanced than others!" - Jeremy


Easy to use and scalable, it's going to be life-changing for people who are affected by COVID 19. Recommended for people who want to create their own marketplaces and for those who don't want to risk paying for expensive monthly services. Honestly, I wish I saw them soone... Read FATbit Campus ERP Reviews

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Common FATbit Campus ERP and Campus7 Alternatives

FATbit Campus ERP review compared to Campus7

"Great Support" - Cris


It is a wonderful app.I used can learn good things from it.So I suggest new user to go for it Read SchoolMate Reviews

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Common SchoolMate and Campus7 Alternatives

SchoolMate review compared to Campus7

"Good" - Parvati


Everything about this software is perfect. In simple words i can say that thi is one of the best software i have ever used. Everybody should use this software as much as possible, trust me i m very happy with this software. Read Soft School Reviews

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Common Soft School and Campus7 Alternatives

Soft School review compared to Campus7

"This is awesome product." - Sachet Mansharamani


It is a very good software. It is easy to use and user friendly. Students can interact very well with the software. Very well build. Great experience. But there are some crashes in the software. But overall it is good. Read iSchool Reviews

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Common iSchool and Campus7 Alternatives

iSchool review compared to Campus7

"Very Good" - Nakul


PriFact is unified platform to increase efficiency and smooth functioning of school taking care of all stake holders perspective. PriFact provides every user a great experience. its features are easy to use and comprehensive. Read priFact Reviews

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Common priFact and Campus7 Alternatives

priFact review compared to Campus7

"Customized School Management System" - Yogesh Kumar


Vedanta ERP is very user friendly & it cover all the working processes. Vedanta team is easily reachable for all kind of support. Highly recommendable. Read Vedanta Education ERP Reviews

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Common Vedanta Education ERP and Campus7 Alternatives

Vedanta Education ERP review compared to Campus7

"Best software for school Management" - Rahul


All the students are considered a charm for their societies and nation. This software has very rich in-built features through which you can easily manage all your student's information and it keeps them up-to-date. It will help you to maintain the attendance sheet for your st... Read E-Smart Sankul Reviews

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Common E-Smart Sankul and Campus7 Alternatives

E-Smart Sankul review compared to Campus7

"Keeps the records of your student." - Sankara


Working with iCampus software is really user friendly. Good work done by development team. They too have good support team. Satisfy all our needs. Excellent. Keep it up Guys!!!! Read iCampusERP Reviews

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Common iCampusERP and Campus7 Alternatives

iCampusERP review compared to Campus7

"Excellent work" - Madumidha


I am using this software for a year now and there wasn't a single moment this one has disappointed me. It helps me in shrinking the budget of my college to a great extent. Moreover, the data is properly distributed and synchronized which enhances productivity. From the studen... Read Eduflex Reviews

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Common Eduflex and Campus7 Alternatives

Eduflex review compared to Campus7

"Most promising institution management software." - Sachidanand


This application have great layout.easy to access features and pleasent outlook. I like the interface too and its showing great performance with ease of access. Moreover the application is having great team for better performance. Read CAMS Reviews

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Common CAMS and Campus7 Alternatives

CAMS review compared to Campus7

"superb application" - Dr.Ravi Sudhir


One School provides state-of-the-art online community to increase the interconnectivity among teachers, parents, students and management. One School is a multipurpose system used by educational institutions for administration and management rela... Learn more about OneSchool

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Common OneSchool and Campus7 Alternatives


Ctrl-A is great tool that lets you run all aspects of a campus through a simple, easy to learn "Manage, track and control EVERYTHING with a single click" interface? Ctrl-A is a breakthrough educational ERP system to take educational industr... Learn more about CTRL-A

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Common CTRL-A and Campus7 Alternatives


Alliance Konfer provides an easy and cost-effective way to conduct conferences via telephone with a disbursed group of employees, customers or partners. Audio conferences, whether traditional PSTN or Voice over IP(VoIP), can be used as a cost-effecti... Learn more about Konfer

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Common Konfer and Campus7 Alternatives


E-serveshiksha helps you to manage and control all your operational activities from anywhere and anytime. One solution for every single requirement. Gives you convenience and comfort of accessibility. Learn more about e-SERVE SHIKSHA

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Common e-SERVE SHIKSHA and Campus7 Alternatives


Campus Live is a 4th Generation School ManagementEnterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that meets end-to-end management requirements of Schools/Colleges/Universities/Training Institutes across all the domains and departments. Learn more about Campus Live ERP

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Common Campus Live ERP and Campus7 Alternatives

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