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Best candidates sourcing software solutions include, contact out,, white truffle, and wayup.

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List of 20 Best Candidate Sourcing Software

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AI-based Applicant Tracking System

Manatal is a cloud-based sourcing software for recruitment built to simplify and streamline recruitment processes from sourcing to onboarding. It is ideal for recruiting agencies and in-house HR departments across various industries. With its intuitive interface and standard Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) features, such as drag-and-drop pipelines, compliance tools, analytics suite, and collaboration tools, users can easily manage candidate and job information, skill bank, activities, placements, and more. Read Manatal Reviews

All-in-One Application Tracking System

Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based candidate sourcing software that helps small and mid-sized businesses manage their recruiting process. Its applicant tracking system includes resume parsing, job board posting, and interview scheduling. With Zoho Recruit, users can create custom careers pages for their company and post job openings on multiple platforms, including social media sites. The software also includes collaboration tools to increase productivity. Read Zoho Recruit Reviews

Most Reviewed

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World's Most Powerful HR and Payroll Software

HRMantra is the World's most feature rich HR and Payroll software helping automate the most complicated of hire to retire HR processes easily using its CRORES of ready to use features. It saves 30 min per emp per day giving over 10 times ROI. 100% project success assured. Read HRMantra Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Software by SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters is a web-based talent-sourcing software suitable for companies with over 50 employees. With an applicant tracking and sourcing system, the platform offers a user-friendly interface on all devices. The mobile app enables mobile-optimized job postings and career pages, while the hiring success team provides support and training services. Learn more about SmartRecruiters

Software by Lever

Lever is a candidate-sourcing platform that combines ATS and CRM functionalities in a single platform; empowering talent teams to achieve their hiring goals and find top talent. With LeverTRM's scalable features, companies can build long-lasting relationships with candidates and hire the right people. The platform also includes Lever Analytics, which provides customized data reports and helps eliminate hiring bias to ensure inclusivity. Read Lever Reviews

Emergents | 2024

SeekOut is a fully featured Recruitment Software designed to serve SMEs, Agencies. SeekOut provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This online Recruitment system offers Self Service Portal, Interaction Tracking at one place. Learn more about SeekOut

Software by Yello

Yello is one of the best candidate-sourcing software solutions to streamline interview scheduling, candidate evaluations, and more. The platform offers features such as video calling, pre-recorded interviews, and event schedules. Recruiters can manage multiple interviews and handle panel discussions from a centralized platform. Yello also provides comprehensive analytics and reporting to help managers make informed decisions about recruiting operations. Learn more about Yello

Emergents | 2024

Find the best talent for your team

Fetcher's candidate sourcing tools streamline the recruitment process by automating repetitive tasks, enabling recruiters and hiring teams to focus more on candidate engagement and collaboration. By combining artificial intelligence with human insights, Fetcher helps recruiters optimize outreach and hire top talent. The platform includes a Chrome sourcing extension to capture candidate information and outreach tools for automated emails to track performance. Read Fetcher Reviews

search engine for tech recruiters

AmazingHiring is a leading candidate-sourcing platform that streamlines recruitment by helping businesses source potential hires across various professional networks. With built-in AI technology, the platform can help recruiters find candidates based on specific criteria, such as location and skills. The messaging platform also allows recruiters to send bulk messages, track campaign metrics, and access pre-designed email templates. Read AmazingHiring Reviews

Software by Eightfold, Inc offers an all-in-one talent-sourcing software that leverages artificial intelligence to help companies attract, engage, and retain diverse talent. By replacing underperforming point solutions, customers can reduce costs, improve retention rates, and attract more female candidates. The platform offers a range of features, including ranked talent pipelines, CRM capabilities, personalized career sites, candidate masking, etc. Learn more about Eightfold

Emergents | 2024

Software by Gem Software, Inc

Gem's candidate sourcing tools utilize automation and data to help mid to large-size recruitment teams build diverse, high-quality talent pipelines and predictably hire at scale. Gem creates a central source of truth for all talent relationships by integrating data from commonly used recruiting tools. The platform provides insights into the recruitment process, automates outreach at scale, and includes collaboration tools for cross-functional teams. Learn more about Gem Recruiting

Outbound Recruiting Platform

hireEZ is a cloud-based sourcing software for recruitment that utilizes AI technology to source potential candidates from 45+ platforms and provides a single source of truth for recruitment data. The platform enables personalized outreach campaigns with tracking and scheduling tools for meaningful connections. It can be used across multiple industries and features pipeline management and team collaboration. Read hireEZ Reviews

Software by Leoforce

Arya, a candidate-sourcing platform from Leoforce, uses AI to help businesses and staffing agencies quickly identify and engage top candidates. With a single, de-duplicated, stack-ranked list of qualified candidates matched to specific jobs, recruiters can streamline the hiring process. Arya's AI considers complex career patterns for more accurate candidate quality and offers a communication dashboard that streamlines candidate communication via talk, text, email, and chatbot automation. Learn more about Arya

Emergents | 2024

Software by Entelo, Inc

Entelo is a cloud-based talent-sourcing software that allows recruiting organizations to find, qualify, and engage with potential hires using predictive analytics and social media integration. Its search engine identifies candidates based on desired skills and aggregates information from social networks and professional sites. Predictive analytics identifies candidates receptive to new opportunities and tracks current employee performance. Learn more about Entelo

Software by Loxo

Loxo is a cloud-based candidate-sourcing platform that uses AI and ML to streamline business sourcing and recruitment. Its features include applicant tracking, assessment management, and candidate tracking. Loxo also integrates with third-party platforms and offers pricing upon request and support via phone, email, and online channels. Learn more about Loxo

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An applicant tracking system for great recruiters

Freshteam is a candidate sourcing software for growing businesses that enables end-to-end recruitment, employee management, and onboarding processes in one place. The platform offers a customizable career site, job board integrations, and social media channels to attract top talent. It also facilitates collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers, allowing for candidate screening, feedback sharing, and hiring. Read Freshteam Reviews

Emergents | 2024

TopFunnel provides candidate sourcing tools that enhance recruiters' outreach, freeing them to focus on candidate interactions. The platform offers a tool or managed service and serves customers such as ZeroCater and Coinbase. Key features include talent sourcing, engagement, referrals, diversity hiring, interview scheduling, recruiting CRM, and analytics. Whirlpool, Noom, Invision, etc., are among its clients. Learn more about TopFunnel

Emergents | 2024

Beamery offers sourcing software for recruitment that helps companies transform their talent strategies and build meaningful relationships with future employees. The TOS enables talent functions to optimize the talent experience, source and nurture high performers, manage DEI and internal mobility initiatives, and identify future work skills and capabilities. Learn more about Beamery

Software by GoHire

GoHire is a no-fuss hiring candidate-sourcing platform for startups and SMBs that simplifies recruitment. The platform helps build employer brands with beautiful career pages and attracts high-quality candidates by publishing job postings on major job boards like Indeed and LinkedIn. GoHire offers powerful tools such as automated actions, video questionnaires, and interview self-scheduling to help recruiters move on candidates quickly. Learn more about GoHire

Emergents | 2024

ContactOut is an email finder tool that can help you find professional and personal emails with the help of their candidate sourcing tools. With a built-in email verification system that boasts 99% accuracy, it sources email addresses directly from LinkedIn, GitHub, and other platforms using its email database, one of the largest in the market, with over one billion email addresses. Learn more about ContactOut


Finding top talent has become a strategic requirement for businesses and organizations in today's competitive labor market. Candidate Sourcing Software has become a vital tool in the recruiting industry in response to this need.

This technology offers a dynamic and effective approach to talent acquisition, revolutionizing the way businesses find, attract, and interact with potential candidates. Recruiters and HR specialists may better navigate the challenging talent acquisition landscape by using Candidate Sourcing Software, which gives them access to the top prospects who can propel their companies forward.

What Is a Candidate Sourcing Software?

Candidate Sourcing Software is a specialized tool designed to facilitate the process of finding and attracting potential candidates for job openings within organizations. It is a pivotal component of modern recruitment strategies, offering features and functionalities that streamline the talent acquisition process.

This software leverages various sourcing channels and automates tasks related to candidate discovery and engagement, making it easier for HR professionals and recruiters to identify and connect with individuals who may be the right fit for specific roles. It typically includes capabilities such as job posting, candidate searching, filtering, and integration with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). By harnessing Candidate Sourcing Software, businesses can efficiently build a talent pool and improve the overall effectiveness of their recruitment efforts.

What Are the Benefits of Candidate Sourcing Software for Your Business?

Candidate Sourcing Software offers a myriad of advantages to businesses and organizations seeking to enhance their talent acquisition strategies. In a highly competitive job market, the ability to efficiently identify and engage with potential candidates is essential for success. Here are several key benefits of using Candidate Sourcing Software for your business.


  1. Expand Your Outreach

    Candidate Sourcing Software allows businesses to expand their outreach by tapping into a diverse range of sourcing channels. This means reaching potential candidates not only on traditional job boards but also on social media, professional networks, and other platforms. This broader reach ensures that a larger and more varied talent pool is accessible, increasing the likelihood of finding the perfect match for specific roles.

  2. Build a Better Talent Pool

    With Candidate Sourcing Software, companies can proactively build and maintain a robust talent pool of potential candidates. This approach reduces the time and effort required to fill job vacancies because businesses already have a pool of pre-screened, qualified candidates readily available when a position opens up.

  3. Target Passive Candidates

    Passive candidates, those who are not actively job-seeking, often possess valuable skills and experience. Candidate Sourcing Software is equipped to identify and engage these passive candidates, providing opportunities to connect with top talent who may not have been reached through traditional job postings.

  4. Time and Cost Efficiency

    Time is of the essence in the recruitment process. Candidate Sourcing Software streamlines the sourcing and candidate discovery process, reducing the time it takes to identify potential candidates. This efficiency translates into cost savings by reducing labor hours required for manual candidate searches and outreach efforts.

  5. Improved Candidate Quality

    The software's advanced filtering and search capabilities enable organizations to pinpoint candidates who closely match their job requirements and cultural fit. This means that the candidates presented for consideration are of higher quality, reducing the chances of mismatches and turnover.

  6. Competitive Advantage

    In a competitive hiring landscape, those who can access and secure top talent quickly gain a significant competitive advantage. By utilizing Candidate Sourcing Software, businesses can outpace their competitors in the race to attract and hire the best candidates. This advantage can lead to better team performance, stronger innovation, and enhanced business outcomes.

What Are the Key Features of Candidate Sourcing Software?

Candidate Sourcing system is a multifaceted tool designed to enhance the recruitment process. It offers a range of key features that collectively improve the efficiency and effectiveness of talent acquisition efforts.


  1. Workflow Automation

    Candidate Sourcing Software provides workflow automation capabilities that streamline and optimize the various steps involved in the recruitment process. This includes automating tasks such as candidate outreach, follow-up communication, interview scheduling, and status tracking. Automation reduces manual administrative work and ensures that the sourcing process progresses seamlessly.

  2. Job Posting and Distribution

    Efficiently posting job openings and distributing them to a wide range of job boards, social media platforms, and websites is a fundamental feature of this software. It allows recruiters to reach a broader audience of potential candidates and ensures that job listings are visible on the most relevant platforms.

  3. Talent Discovery Tools

    Talent discovery tools harness data-driven strategies to help organizations identify potential candidates with precision. These tools provide insights into candidates' skills, qualifications, and experience, facilitating the selection of the best-fit individuals for specific roles.

  4. Candidate Search and Filtering

    Candidate Sourcing Software equips users with advanced search and filtering capabilities. Recruiters can search for candidates based on criteria such as skills, experience, education, and location, helping them pinpoint the most suitable candidates quickly. Filtering options further refine the candidate pool, ensuring that only the most relevant candidates are presented.

  5. Applicant Tracking System Integration

    Integration with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a critical feature of Candidate Sourcing Software. This integration ensures that the sourced candidates seamlessly flow into the ATS, where they can be managed, tracked, and evaluated throughout the recruitment process.

    The ATS integration streamlines the entire talent acquisition process, reducing manual data entry and improving collaboration among recruitment teams.

List of Candidate Sourcing Metrics to keep track

Measuring the effectiveness of your candidate sourcing efforts is essential for optimizing the recruitment process and making data-driven decisions. Candidate Sourcing Metrics provide valuable insights into the sourcing channels, methods, and strategies that yield the best results.


  1. Time for Hire by Source

    This metric measures the time it takes to hire a candidate based on the specific sourcing channel or method used. It helps identify which sourcing channels are the quickest in delivering qualified candidates, enabling recruiters to allocate resources more efficiently.

  2. Rejected Candidates by Source

    Keeping track of the number of candidates who were rejected during the recruitment process and categorizing them by the sourcing channel can reveal the quality and suitability of candidates from different sources. This metric helps assess the effectiveness of each sourcing channel in providing viable candidates.

  3. Offer Declined Reasons by Source

    When candidates decline job offers, it's crucial to understand the reasons behind their decisions. By categorizing these reasons based on the sourcing source, organizations can identify trends and challenges associated with specific channels. This insight allows for adjustments in sourcing strategies to address the underlying issues.

  4. Cost per Hire by Source

    The cost-per-hire metric calculates the expenses incurred for hiring candidates through various sourcing channels. It includes costs related to job postings, advertising, agency fees, and any other expenses specific to each channel. Comparing cost per hire for different sources helps organizations allocate their budget more efficiently.

  5. Candidate Pipeline Throughput

    This metric evaluates the progression of candidates through the sourcing pipeline. It tracks how candidates move from initial contact to interviews, offers, and ultimately, hires. Monitoring pipeline throughput enables organizations to identify bottlenecks in the process and make necessary improvements to enhance the efficiency of their candidate sourcing efforts.

How to Select the Right Candidate Sourcing Software for Recruiters?

Selecting the right talent-sourcing software is a critical step in enhancing your recruitment process. To effectively identify and engage top talent, recruiters need a tool that aligns with their needs and workflow.


  1. User Interface (UI)

    The User Interface (UI) of Candidate Sourcing Software is a critical factor for user adoption and efficiency. An intuitive and well-designed UI makes it easier for recruiters to navigate the software and access its features. When evaluating software options, prioritize a user-friendly interface that aligns with your team's preferences and streamlines the sourcing process.

  2. Integrations

    Integration capabilities are essential for seamless collaboration with other tools and systems. The Candidate Sourcing Software should integrate smoothly with your existing HR recruitment software, such as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and other databases. Compatibility and integration with your tech stack ensure that data flows seamlessly, reducing manual data entry and improving overall efficiency.

  3. Usability

    Usability extends beyond the UI and includes how well the software fits into your recruitment workflow. It should enhance your sourcing strategies without requiring extensive changes to your current processes. Evaluate whether the software complements your team's needs and how easily it can be integrated into your talent acquisition procedures.

  4. Value for Money

    Consider the cost of the software in relation to the value it delivers. Assess the pricing structure, subscription models, and any additional fees, such as user licenses or premium features. A comprehensive cost-benefit analysis should weigh the software's capabilities against its price to determine its overall value to your organization.

  5. Support & Training

    Adequate support and training resources are crucial for successful software implementation. Ensure that the software provider offers reliable customer support, including assistance with technical issues and questions about functionality. Access to training resources is equally important, as it ensures your team can effectively harness the software's features and make the most of its capabilities.

How to Implement Candidate Sourcing Software?

Implementing Candidate Sourcing Software is a crucial step in enhancing your recruitment process. It empowers organizations to streamline candidate sourcing, identify the most qualified candidates, and ultimately make more informed hiring decisions. To ensure a successful implementation, consider the following steps:


  1. Identify Upcoming Roles

    Begin by identifying the roles within your organization that need to be filled. Determine the job descriptions, qualifications, and specific requirements for each role. By having a clear understanding of the roles to be filled, you can tailor your sourcing strategies more effectively.

  2. Research and Compare Candidates

    With your identified roles in mind, research potential candidates using the Candidate Sourcing Software. The software's search and filtering capabilities allow you to compare candidates based on skills, experience, and qualifications. This step involves compiling a list of potential candidates who match your job requirements.

  3. Evaluate Candidates

    After generating a list of potential candidates, evaluate them more thoroughly. Consider factors such as cultural fit, soft skills, and any additional criteria specific to your organization. Evaluate candidates not only based on their qualifications but also their potential to contribute positively to the company.

  4. Handover Shortlisted Candidates to Recruiters

    Once you've thoroughly evaluated candidates, create a shortlist of the most promising individuals. Hand over this shortlist to your recruitment team or hiring managers for further assessment, interviews, and final selection. This collaboration between the sourcing team and the recruitment team ensures a seamless transition from sourcing to hiring.

Latest Market Trends in Candidate Sourcing Software

The landscape of Candidate Sourcing Software is constantly evolving, driven by shifts in technology, workforce dynamics, and changing recruitment needs. Staying informed about the latest market trends is crucial for organizations seeking to optimize their talent acquisition strategies. Here are some of the current market trends in Candidate Sourcing Software:


  1. AI-Powered Sourcing

    One of the prevailing trends in the field of Candidate Sourcing Software is the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI-powered sourcing tools utilize machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of candidate discovery.

    These tools can analyze vast volumes of data to identify top candidates, predict candidate success, and even automate outreach and engagement. AI-powered sourcing is becoming a game-changer sourcing platform for recruiters by streamlining the sourcing process and identifying the best-fit candidates quickly.

  2. Diverse Sourcing Channels

    To cast a wider net and access a more diverse talent pool, recruiters are diversifying their sourcing channels. While traditional job boards and professional networks remain important, recruiters are increasingly leveraging alternative channels such as industry-specific forums, niche job platforms, and virtual job fairs. 

    These diverse channels offer access to untapped talent and allow organizations to connect with candidates with unique skills and backgrounds.

  3. Remote Work Considerations

    The rise of remote work has necessitated a shift in candidate sourcing strategies. Organizations are now sourcing candidates with a focus on their ability to thrive in remote or hybrid work environments.

    This trend emphasizes the importance of evaluating candidates for their remote work skills, self-discipline, and adaptability to virtual work settings. Additionally, sourcing strategies are being adjusted to attract candidates from a broader geographic range, enabling organizations to tap into a global talent pool.

What Is the Cost of Candidate Sourcing Software?

The cost of Candidate Sourcing Software can vary significantly based on several factors. These factors include the software provider, the range of features offered, the scale of your recruitment needs, and the type of subscription model (monthly or annual).

Some software solutions may offer free versions or trials with limited functionality, while more comprehensive, enterprise-level options can range from $100 to $4000 per month. Additional costs may include user licenses, premium features, or customization. The specific price depends on your organization's requirements and budget, and it's advisable to request quotes from software providers to determine the exact cost.


Candidate Sourcing Software is a fundamental asset in the modern recruitment landscape. Its ability to streamline the candidate sourcing process, expand outreach, and enhance the quality of candidates selected is invaluable. 

By leveraging advanced features and staying informed about market trends such as AI-powered sourcing, diverse sourcing channels, and remote work considerations, organizations can make more informed hiring decisions and remain competitive in the dynamic world of talent acquisition. The adoption of the right Candidate Sourcing Software empowers businesses to secure top talent efficiently and contribute to their overall success and growth.


Candidate sourcing tools enhance the recruiting process by automating the identification and engagement of potential candidates, expanding outreach to diverse sourcing channels, improving candidate quality, and reducing time-to-hire, ultimately streamlining and optimizing the talent acquisition process.

The time it takes to learn candidate sourcing software can vary depending on the complexity of the software and the user's familiarity with similar tools. Generally, with a user-friendly interface, individuals can become proficient in basic functionality in a matter of days or weeks, but mastering all features may take several months.

Candidates can be sourced from a variety of channels beyond LinkedIn. These may include industry-specific job boards, social media platforms, professional networks, niche forums, virtual job fairs, company career websites, and employee referrals. Diversifying sourcing channels helps access a more extensive and diverse talent pool.

HR managers require automated candidate sourcing tools to streamline and expedite the recruitment process, improve candidate quality, reduce manual administrative tasks, and efficiently identify top talent. These tools also enable HR teams to adapt to the changing job market, leverage data-driven insights, and meet the demands of remote and hybrid work environments effectively.

Last Updated: January 02, 2024