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List of 20 Best Capital Project Management Software

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Software by Oracle Corporation

Oracle Primavera is a capital project management software. It is a tool for managing projects, programs, and portfolios for project planning, management, and execution. It is made to assist both big and small projects conveniently in a variety of different industries, including construction, IT, manufacturing, and energy. Primavera is well known for its ability to handle complex projects with many stakeholders and interconnected tasks. Learn more about Oracle Primavera

Software by Procore Technologies

From project planning through closeout, Procore takes care of resources, projects, and finances. This capital project planning software links the owner and general or specialty contractor with each project contributor. Managers can schedule tasks, handle project information, and monitor progress because of the single dashboard. Support is provided online and offline, the knowledgebase, via email, and other means. Read PROCORE Reviews

Software by PlanGrid

PlanGrid is capital construction project management software. It provides real-time access to project plans, issues, photographs, forms, and more for general contractors, subcontractors, and owners. Plans are digitalized via PlanGrid. Version control and communication capabilities like field annotations, progress pictures, and issue tracking are among its features. Learn more about PlanGrid

Software by Aconex Ltd

Aconex, developed specifically for the construction and engineering industries, keeps account of every interaction and gives users a real-time view of the entire project portfolio. This capital project management system centralizes communications, whether email-like messages or specialized forms. Aconex helps to improve project management. Due to unlimited uploads and downloads of files for official submission, Aconex is simple to use. Read Aconex Reviews

Software by Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Project is a capital program management software. Through the creation of schedules, resource distribution, and budget management, Microsoft Project is meant to assist users in helping project teams and clients achieve realistic goals. Users can establish projects, keep track of tasks, and report results using the project guide. To accomplish more as a team, it allows everyone to update tasks simultaneously. Read Microsoft Project Reviews

Software by Autodesk

The cloud-based Autodesk technology BIM 360 enables project teams to work productively in a collaborative setting. This capital project software links all project stakeholders in the AEC sector to carry out projects from conceptual design through construction and project turnover. Project participants can prepare for, enhance, and control every aspect of project performance because of real-time team and data connectivity made available by BIM 360. Learn more about BIM 360

Software by e-Builder

The capital planning and project management software for capital projects, e-Builder Enterprise, is cloud-based and provides reliable insight into performance across the full project life cycle, lowering risk and enhancing performance. Centralized project information allows facility owners to monitor business processes and business intelligence. It also offers on-demand projections and RFI management. Learn more about e-Builder Enterprise

Software by Bluebeam Software

Bluebeam's core project efficiency and collaboration tool, Revu, enables users to produce, annotate, edit, and organize PDFs on a desktop with other project participants. Revu is a capital project planning software that comes with Studio, where users can safely communicate in real-time with team members everywhere. Single-click PDF production, 2D and 3D PDF markup, and real-time collaboration are all features of Bluebeam Revu Standard. Learn more about Bluebeam Revu

Smarter Insights. Better Outcomes.

InEight is a capital project software. For owners, contractors, engineers, and architects, InEight Software offers construction management software that has been tried and tested. This software helps to reduce risk, increase productivity, and control costs. Every stage of the construction process is covered by this software, from design to estimate and from field execution to turnover. Learn more about InEight

Excellence in Project Portfolio Management

Planisware is capital program management software. The goal of Planisware is to offer organizations tools that will alter the way they conceptualize, plan, and execute their projects, project portfolios, programs, and products. Users can control budgets on a large or small scale, accounting for labor, materials, expenses, and equipment. Learn more about Planisware Enterprise

Accruent is a capital project planning software. Users can create budget schedules using project financials to forecast timetable alterations and direct staff schedules. The project management software from Accruent assists suppliers and contractors in completing particular tasks and paperwork and ensuring that they are transmitted to the appropriate parties. Learn more about Accruent-Project Management

Software by Smartsheet

Smartsheet, a potent SaaS solution and capital project management software, enables managers to cut down on project status meetings while keeping everyone in the loop, informed, and involved. With everything that businesses need in one location, Smartsheet enables users to plan, automate, monitor, and report on projects. Additionally, by having a comprehensive perspective of all projects, users can quickly assess the state of their company and accurately forecast outcomes. Read Smartsheet Reviews

Most Reviewed

Software by CMiC

CMiC is a widely used capital project management system. Teams may work with project stakeholders, manage project changes, manage subcontractor tasks, keep track of material suppliers, and streamline the bid process with the help of CMiC. Total real-time data visibility is provided by CMiC ERP in complicated systems with fluctuating cost structures. Learn more about CMiC

Software by Mastt

Mastt is a capital program management software that offers a solution for financial management and reporting. It comprises all facets of budgeting, project contracts, claim administration, forecasting, reimbursable contracts, cash flow, and trend analysis. Once entered, data is reflected across the system. Teams may identify issues and boost efficiency by using insights into cash flows, complicated variances, and projections provided by Mastt. Learn more about Mastt

Software by Sitetracker

Sitetracker is a popular capital program management software. It is a SaaS platform for delivering, running, and maintaining vital technologies and infrastructure. Through built-in platform features like AI, automation, and useful analytics, the Sitetracker Platform enables growth-oriented innovators to optimize the whole asset lifespan. Even post-deployment tasks like maintenance and upgrades can be planned, scheduled, and assigned with the aid of Sitetracker by project stakeholders. Learn more about Sitetracker

Software by Bentley Systems, Incorporated

ProjectWise is a capital project software. It manages a MicroSoft SQL database. It has powerful search capabilities, data categorization and storage capabilities, security access control, and effective tools for creating CAD and graphics files. The project performance dashboard shows the current state of several KPIs. It assists businesses in keeping track of projects with real-time updates on their development to prevent any potentially dangerous situations. Learn more about ProjectWise

Software by Fieldwire

Fieldwire is a capital planning and project management software. Contractor teams may examine and annotate, edit, and hyperlink optimized, version-controlled floor plans and blueprints in the field while working offline. All of the updated data will sync to all of the devices and users associated with the project when they re-connect to the internet. Learn more about Fieldwire

Plan | Build | Operate

PMWeb is capital construction project management software widely used by some of the largest public and private organizations in the world to deliver projects and manage various contract types. It is entirely portable and web-based. Any device with a browser can access the solution because it is responsive. Takeoff, estimating, bid management, project scheduling, cost management, activity boards in the Kanban style, asset management, and more are all available. Learn more about PMWeb

Software by Buildertrend Solutions Inc

Pre-sale solutions are offered by Buildertrend, a capital construction project management software. Tools for project management can comprise of budgeting, timesheets, and scheduling. Tools for customer management include processing payments, change order and selection management, and warranty requests. This system also interfaces with numerous specialized estimating and takeoff tools, Xero, QuickBooks, and other software programs. Learn more about Buildertrend

Software by Systemates, Inc

With Projectmates, the robust yet user-friendly cloud-based capital project program management software, owners can achieve the business results that are essential to them. Projectmates is a tried-and-true method to lessen misinformation, expensive delays, and manual processes prevalent in the construction business. Projectmates frees owners from the need for different programs by enabling them to manage the complete project life cycle on a single, centralized platform. Read Projectmates Reviews

Software by SAP

SAP EPPM is capital project planning software that enables easy project planning and execution. A portfolio of projects is managed collectively and examined for investment using SAP PPM. It offers a centralized system for managing resources, task schedules, and budgets, as well as for monitoring project progress and disclosing project results. Learn more about SAP EPPM

Software by Clearview Software

Clearview is a capital project program management software. Users can manage their inventory; perform accounting services, and much more. To give users a picture of budgets and expenses, Clearview offers built-in report templates and allows them to construct customized reports. Through reporting, the solution aids in the tracking of data assets, wireless devices, voice consumption, and cost trends. Learn more about Clearview InFocus

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Microsoft Project 4.9(9 Reviews) $6.46 User/Month Yes Learn More
PROCORE 4.8(5 Reviews)

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Aconex 4.5(2 Reviews)

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Projectmates 4.5(2 Reviews)

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Last Updated: July 13, 2023