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I love the reliability of Zoho Books, which makes it a top accounting solution. Zoho Books is easy to use. Moreover, it is an affordable and simple accounting software. Read Zoho Books Reviews

Starting Price: $10 Organisation/Month Billed Annually

Mobile App

Common Zoho Books and CaptainBiz Alternatives

Zoho Books review compared to CaptainBiz

"Zoho Books Is a Reliable Solution for Every Company" - Aboobida Jackson


Overall, a nice billing software with all the basic support. However, it can be quite tricky for newbies when trying to understand financial and stock management. Read TallyPrime Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Common TallyPrime and CaptainBiz Alternatives

TallyPrime review compared to CaptainBiz

"Overall a nice a software " - Rishu kumar


This is a good app for Inventory, but it needs some improvement, only giving 2 User Licences with the purchase. Excel import facility should be available in the Purchase Bill. Read Vyapar Reviews

Starting Price: $40 Device/Year

Free Trial


Vyapar VS FreshBooks

Common Vyapar and CaptainBiz Alternatives

Vyapar review compared to CaptainBiz

"Best App For Inventory Management " - Sidharth Panigrahi


As part of my role as an IT consultant and sys admin for a local milling company (where I serve as a freelancer), I've strategically deployed Busy software on a Windows cloud server, providing essential support for our day-to-day activities. The software stands out for its ex... Read Busy Accounting Reviews

Starting Price: $100 Per Year

Free Trial

Common Busy Accounting and CaptainBiz Alternatives

Busy Accounting review compared to CaptainBiz

"Excellent Software, Yet Costly with Windows Hosting (Built on.NET); Opting for Affordable Linux Hosting Would Be a Game-Changer!" - prateek bhardwaj


This is the best billing and accounting software I have used. This software has the best feature. It is very easy to use, and helps generate the bill in less than a minute. Thanks to myBillBook. Read myBillBook Reviews

Starting Price: $0 Per Month

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Free Trial

Common myBillBook and CaptainBiz Alternatives

myBillBook review compared to CaptainBiz

"Affordable Software" - Abhijeet Sinha


Easy to Use and Very helpful to Track your Sales/Inventory and Accounts. but still there is a urgent need to upgrade the software with some Basic but most important features like Dispatch/Logistics. Read AlignBooks Reviews

Starting Price: $35 Company/Year

Mobile App
Free Trial


AlignBooks VS ERPNext

Common AlignBooks and CaptainBiz Alternatives

AlignBooks review compared to CaptainBiz



Great, the software is user-friendly. The support team response was good, and the implementation by Syed Idris was conducted smoothly. We appreciate the help given by Syed Read Vasy erp Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Vasy erp review compared to CaptainBiz

"Our implementation was handled by syed Idris smoothly, we appreciate the support given by him " - Manohar


LegalRaasta is the leading compliance of India to provide the GST solution and trusted by the most reputed company. It provides the technology platform to make easy legal and taxation firm-related matters. Funded by the CA and management consultant. Learn more about LEGALRAASTA

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Common LEGALRAASTA and CaptainBiz Alternatives


We can thing its more difficult with this software cash manager, before just per day little paid slip make and even don't able to solve our account problem but now we able to take risk with this tools. Read CashManager Reviews

Starting Price: $40 Per Month

Free Trial

Common CashManager and CaptainBiz Alternatives

CashManager review compared to CaptainBiz

"Pay slip and salary get easy to sloved" - Gabriel Blake


It helps organise and manage all the record in one book, easy to operate and easy to comprehend even without prior knowledge of Accounting. Very Good job Read QuickBooks Online Reviews

Starting Price: $30 Per Month

Mobile App
Free Trial

QuickBooks Online review compared to CaptainBiz

"Good Software for Start up" - Badejo Odunayo


BillMan is a new generation user-friendly GST enabled accounting software, which can be installed without any prior knowledge of accounting. The new Release has been considerably enhanced with new features like increased security, more user-friendly,... Learn more about BillMan ERP

Starting Price: $114 Per Year

Free Trial

I got many benefits from this software including time-saving, data keeping of our hotel. It has a lot of search options & so many features. Good reporting system for daily and yearly reports. Helps us to keep up with monthly taxes. Easy access and easy to understand. Can be l... Read eZee Frontdesk Reviews

Starting Price: $1150 One Time

Free Trial

Common eZee Frontdesk and CaptainBiz Alternatives

eZee Frontdesk review compared to CaptainBiz

"We owe a part of our success to Ezee" - Omdev


Best accounting software to date, Easy and simple to use with affordable pricing. Rest all software that I have used is so complex. Best accounting software to date, Easy and simple to use with affordable pricing. Rest all software that I have used is so complex. Read Book Keeper Reviews

Starting Price: $41 Per Year

Free Trial

Common Book Keeper and CaptainBiz Alternatives

Book Keeper review compared to CaptainBiz

"Simplest Accounting Software" - Aman


We have used it to keep an accurate and up-to-date record of company finances. With Xero, we can create invoices, record payments, track expenses and generate financial reports. It also connects to complementary applications and services to automate accounting tasks and facilitat... Read Xero Accounting Reviews

Starting Price: $9 Per Month

Mobile App
Free Trial

Common Xero Accounting and CaptainBiz Alternatives

Xero Accounting review compared to CaptainBiz

"A complete solution for the financial management of your company" - caro


Good and simple, security will be handled very carefully. Read JustBilling Reviews

Starting Price: $250 FULL License/ One Device

Free Trial

Common JustBilling and CaptainBiz Alternatives

JustBilling review compared to CaptainBiz

"Good software, very user friendly." - Bismillakhan s


Very good and easy to use the software, all features are good and data remains with us, only the software validates every file and generates good invoice matching report, overall I can say it is very good software. Read SAT GST BILLING SOFTWARE Reviews

Starting Price: $167 Per Year


Common SAT GST BILLING SOFTWARE and CaptainBiz Alternatives

SAT GST BILLING SOFTWARE review compared to CaptainBiz

"Saral GST review" - Nitesh


They did a fantastic job at my place, amazing work by them, very professional people and extremely humble , very hapoy from their service. Their price was also very reasonable Read Giddh Reviews

Starting Price: $21 Per Company/Yearly

Mobile App
Free Trial


Giddh VS TallyPrime

Common Giddh and CaptainBiz Alternatives

Giddh review compared to CaptainBiz

"Nice work" - Ansh Bhardwaj


I started using Reach from past 8 months to manage the account of my enterprise. I am from a non-technical background but found the software very easy to understand and to use. The software has well-designed features to manage the sales, barcode scan, ware-house, invoice, purchas... Read Reach Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request



Reach VS Float App

Reach review compared to CaptainBiz

"One stop solution for all accounting needs" - Kristin


Easy to adapt at an early stage,I highly recommend this business to all SMBs who want to automate the business.The support throught out my subscription was incredible. Read HostBooks GST Reviews

Starting Price: $56 Per Year

Mobile App
Free Trial

HostBooks GST review compared to CaptainBiz

"Easy to use and convenient " - Aman kumar


Performer 12 is the simplest GST accounting & billing software with accounting, billing, inventory feature with multiple companies. Easy to use GST ready accounting & billing software to help you manage your accounts, billing, inventory, GST. Learn more about Performer 12

Starting Price: $76 PCS

Free Trial

Common Performer 12 and CaptainBiz Alternatives

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