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Channel management is a sales marketing term that is used to define a process in which a company devises various sales and marketing strategies to reach out to its widest audience. These channels include different ways or outlets a business uses to sell its products. 

Retailers, wholesalers, and agents are some common examples of channels. A typical channel management procedure consists of the following steps. These include:

  • Understanding the consumer

  • Determining channel goals

  • Assigning distribution roles

  • Evaluating various channel alternatives

  • Monitoring the performance of members across different channels

The ultimate goal of any organization is to develop a fruitful customer-product relationship. Channel management helps achieve this objective by streamlining communication between a business and its customers. But, as business scales, the number of products and customers also increases, which makes manual channel management difficult and time-consuming. Here's when channel management software comes into play. 

Channel management software is an application designed to help businesses manage their bookings and sales across multiple channels. These tools help hotel businesses to improvise their sales and distribution outcomes by facilitating effortless yet effective client segmentation and tracking. Channel management systems are widely used by hospitality business owners for managing and monitoring room bookings for an inn or hotel. 

Channel management tools assist hotels with the management of inventory and rates across numerous distribution channels. These solutions help you increase the global reach of your hotel, along with taking off the load from your workforce by providing real-time channel management connectivity. 

Let's take a look at some apparent benefits of channel management software. 

Live inventory updates

Channel management tools provide one-click access and update to inventory and rates across all of your managed channels, along with providing real-time insight into the availability of rooms. A channel management system automatically updates room reservations or cancellations instantly on multiple sales channels and saves all details in the channel manager database. 

Added benefits of Pooled Inventory System

Most channel management software solutions come with a pooled inventory system, which reduces the manual effort required to manage the inventory. This tool uses pooled inventory to establish contact between hotel booking channels in real-time to make sure all of your rooms are up for booking. 

Elimination of human errors

Channel management solutions help you automate time-consuming, exhausting, and inaccurate human tasks. It enables you to avoid overbookings by automatically updating the dashboard and online channels. These tools further improve online bookings by providing your customers with accurate rates and booking information. Not only does this help you save human hours, but it also enables you to eliminate the chances of errors and mistakes as well. 

Enhanced global visibility

More than half of travel reservations are made online, and a good channel management system enables you to link to as many booking channels as possible; thus, providing global visibility. With the help of a channel management tool, you can connect with travelers from across the globe, something which is not possible with traditional booking methods. It helps you build a robust image for your brand, and thus, more trust and credibility. 

Improved operational productivity and efficiency

A channel management platform functions as a bridge between your PMS dashboard and online channels. It enables you to focus on core administrative tasks without investing too much time and resources on your distribution channels and excel sheets. It provides you with an intuitive dashboard that helps you manage all sales channels at one go. This gives you and your staff more time to focus on crucial tasks; thus, improving operational efficiency. 

Channel management software plays a critical role in helping hotels maximize their bookings and increasing revenue. Here are some reasons why a channel management system is essential for your hotel business. 

  • Diversified booking: It provides your customers with multiple sources to make a booking at your hotel. In a competitive market, hotels need to diversify their booking channels to stay ahead of the competition. 

  • Inventory & rate management: Contextual hotel management requires you to keep up with the changing times. A hotel management system linked to your PMS enables you to seamlessly distribute inventory and rates without consuming much time. 

  • Global exposure: As discussed before, investing in a channel management solution allows you to attract guests from across the globe. 

  • No missed opportunities: One of the biggest hurdles hotel businesses face is discrepancies of rates and inventories across multiple channels. Channel management software automatically updates rates and inventory status in real-time; thus, leaving no scope for error. 

  • The billboard effect: The more visibility you get on online channels, the higher the chances of your prospective guests to check your website. A channel management system keeps you connected with popular booking channels to ensure you get maximum attention.

A robust channel management solution is crucial for the smooth operations of any hospitality business. Here are some key features of a good channel manager system. 

Room allocation

Room allocation is an essential task for every hotel business. A channel management system provides automatic distribution of hotel bookings and displays it on the booking chart of the hotel. This feature eliminates the risk of errors during room location, thereby making sure the guests are happy.

Budget planning

Channel manager software plays a critical role in budget planning as well. These tools constantly track the historical data, past revenue, booking trends, and seasonal traffic across various channels and occupancy charts to provide assistance with planning budget and determining rates.

Query response

Customer satisfaction is paramount in the hotel business, and overlooking any feedback can turn out to be detrimental. Channel management solutions provide a speedy response system that helps you identify and respond to a customer issue or query instantly. It helps you cater to all your customer requirements as soon as possible, thus adding to their satisfaction and experience.

Mobile support/remote access

With the world hoping digital, hotel owners and managers require remote capabilities to manage their business anytime from anywhere. A channel management system offers multi-device support, which allows you to stay on top of your business. 


As discussed before, channel manager solutions provide auto-update capabilities to ensure seamless synchronization between rates and inventory status across all online channels. 

The adoption of channel management software is on the rise, and the future seems more exciting. For example, ZINFI, a leading UCM company, recently launched a mobile application that enables hotel businesses to run their businesses on the go. Some future market trends to look out for in channel management software include:

  • More hotel businesses will shift towards mobile capabilities. Future solutions will be more mobile-centric to enable business owners to manage their channels remotely.

  • More technologies, like AI and IoT, will be used to make the channel management process smarter and more effective. These technologies will be used to predict customer behavior to help businesses make improved decisions. 

  • In the future years, we'll see an enhanced collaboration between hotels and global OTAs to improve international engagement. More and more people are planning international trips, and channel management vendors will ensure the hotel booking process gets easier for both the customers and hotels.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Channel management software primarily caters to the hospitality industry. All kinds of hotels, properties, vacation rentals, inns, and lodging homes can benefit by using an advanced channel management solution.
    • Here are some major aspects to keep in mind while getting channel management software for your hospitality company
    • Number of Channels
    • Solid Reporting Features
    • Support and Training
    • Reservations Management
    • Security Features
    • Customization
    • Here are some intricate functions that can be performed with the help of automated channel management software
    • Multi-location property management
    • Supply chain management
    • Inventory Control
    • Front-Office Management
    • Housekeeping
    • Reservations and Booking
  • Security is a prime concern in channel management solutions. There are many embedded security features in channel management software that prevents the misuse of sensitive and personal client data.
    • These are the core activities that form channel management:
    • Resource allocation
    • Recruitment and training
    • Onboarding
    • Partner management
    • Demand generation
    • Performance management

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