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Best Competitors and Alternatives to ClamWin

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Product Description

It's really cool and easy good. User friendly perfect for windows 8.1 PC. High secure robust, safe bootable fast scanning. Well speed better than others it enabled with safe pay which take you to the payment gateway with full security and fast by stopping background data. Read BitDefender Reviews

Starting Price: $180 Per Year

BitDefender review compared to ClamWin

"Best Antivirus" - Prashanth


Product Description

I started off using avast free version and was very pleased with it so I went and upgraded to the paid version and will continue to use it's service into the future Read Avast Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request


Avast VS PC Matic

Common Avast and ClamWin Alternatives

Avast review compared to ClamWin

"Solid anti virus " - Maxwell Johnson


Product Description

Overall I think this is a very good product which you can use for your full computer protection. It's internet protection is very satisfying. It is providing a very good layout at the home screen. It has many antivirus engines and you can choose one with which you wish to ... Read ESET Smart Security Nod32 Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Common ESET Smart Security Nod32 and ClamWin Alternatives

ESET Smart Security Nod32 review compared to ClamWin

"Very good software for antivirus and full computer protection" - Satwik Singh


Product Description

Good experience till date using this tool from the last 1.5 years and it detects all malware and spyware and keeps away from my PC. I strongly recommended this antimalware software for windows to everyone t protect their PC from viruses. Read Systweak Antivirus Reviews

Starting Price: $36 Full Licence for One Year

Common Systweak Antivirus and ClamWin Alternatives

Systweak Antivirus review compared to ClamWin

"Best Antimalware software for windows" - Ethan


Product Description

In my opinion Norton security protects from spyware and virus with ease. I had no trouble with it. The interface is much easier than any other antivirus. In other words its user friendly, users can user and navigate with ease. The 2015 version is more lightweight than its befo... Read Norton Reviews

Starting Price: $10 Per Year

Common Norton and ClamWin Alternatives

Norton review compared to ClamWin

"Norton antivirus 2015 is the best" - Manish


Product Description

I suggest you people to use this product. one of the world class product available on ineternet for free use. its cheap and best product. must buy product Read NP AV Reviews

Starting Price: $9 Per Month/single user


NP AV VS BitDefender

Common NP AV and ClamWin Alternatives

NP AV review compared to ClamWin

"wonderful product" - sumit


Product Description

The best antivirus software I have used till date. It offers Real-Time protection and scans your PC quickly. Not only this much, it also provides live alerts and put hands off of unauthorized users from changing your PC settings. Overall, REVE Antivirus ends up just being dyna... Read REVE Antivirus Reviews

Starting Price: $11 1 devices/year

Common REVE Antivirus and ClamWin Alternatives

REVE Antivirus review compared to ClamWin

"A Complete anti malware software" - Paula


Product Description

I used Malwarebytes for personal use on Android and pc. it was an experience of mixed feelings. While it was perfect for Android, it was average for on my PC. Overall, it is very effective for fighting malicious files and malware-infected systems on both platforms. I have had ... Read Malwarebytes Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Common Malwarebytes and ClamWin Alternatives

Malwarebytes review compared to ClamWin

"Review for Malwarebytes" - islam. Pakistan


Product Description

AVG has a long history of good, free antivirus software. They've been routinely supported by a large community of users, and rightly so. However, basic, free antivirus isn't enough anymore. At the very least, a fully functional antivirus program is needed (such as AVG ... Read Avg Antivirus Reviews

Starting Price: $143 Per Month

Free Trial

Common Avg Antivirus and ClamWin Alternatives

Avg Antivirus review compared to ClamWin

"AVG Anti-Virus 2015 is a good start in the right direction, but not without its flaws." - Shivam Bansal


Product Description

This is the best anti virus software we are using across our entire organization. The Quick Heal software gives you just what you need in terms of protecting your network from malware, protecting your data. Our organization has lot many applications including HRMS applications, t... Read Quick Heal Reviews

Starting Price: $20 Per Year

Mobile App
Free Trial


Quick Heal VS Avira

Quick Heal review compared to ClamWin

"Secure your pc with Quick heal" - Darshan Ghetia


Product Description

The anti-virus is continuously blocking our major website even after allowing it to unblock. Everytime it is frustrating to let the anti-virus unblock the site. Read Kaspersky Reviews

Starting Price: $40 Per Year

Free Trial

Common Kaspersky and ClamWin Alternatives

Kaspersky review compared to ClamWin

"Antivirus blocking sites continuously" - C L Krishna


Product Description

Mcafee is the best tool to protect your systems laptop, desktop, and mobile device from virus attacks. It filters all incoming and outgoing requests and blocks them instantly if they are suspicious. Read McAfee Reviews

Starting Price: $50 Per Year

Mobile App
Free Trial


McAfee VS Kaspersky

Common McAfee and ClamWin Alternatives

McAfee review compared to ClamWin

"Best Antivirus Tool" - Poonam Yadav


Product Description

K7 Antivirus software is a wonderful antivirus software, which has regularly updated security features,and provides the users with lotso of useful mechanisms, even from online frauds and trojans. Read K7 Antivirus Reviews

Starting Price: $499 Per Month

Mobile App
Free Trial


K7 Antivirus VS Avast

Common K7 Antivirus and ClamWin Alternatives

K7 Antivirus review compared to ClamWin

"best antivirus" - vignesh


Product Description

It scan all type of documents from virus. ClamAV Is very well documented, so you can easily implement it our application if you want to scan bulk of files before uploading to system. Read ClamAV Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request


ClamAV VS Trend Micro

ClamAV review compared to ClamWin

"Efficient Scanner" - Supriya Verma


Product Description

I've used various software so far, but honestly, there was no trouble-free. The sub machine is left as a defender, but there is no particular problem. The detection rate is important, but the best thing is that it doesn't take a lot of work. . .This is quick to install and the PC... Read Webroot SecureAnywhere Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Mobile App
Free Trial

Common Webroot SecureAnywhere and ClamWin Alternatives

Webroot SecureAnywhere review compared to ClamWin

"Webroot SecureAnywhere" - Ken Lee


Product Description

IObit impacts my work. I depend on it daily to calm down the craziness of my pc; it reduces time and effort for me by combining many tasks in one click. I like the company. Read IObit Reviews

Starting Price: $20 1

Free Trial


IObit VS Malwarebytes

Common IObit and ClamWin Alternatives

IObit review compared to ClamWin

"IObit Review" - Maramish R


Product Description

I have been using Symantec Endpoint Protection for over 7 years now ever since I joined Ericsson. It provides excellent support against malware, viruses, and other such agents. It keeps getting vital updates against the viruses and adds protection to my laptop. Read Symantec Endpoint Protection Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request


Common Symantec Endpoint Protection and ClamWin Alternatives

Symantec Endpoint Protection review compared to ClamWin

"Symantec Endpoint Protection review" - Adnan Afzal


Product Description

Sunrise total security as its name suggests provides total security to my pc. It keeps my pc safe from any threats and protects it, keeping it safe and sound and secured. Read Sunrise Total Security Reviews

Starting Price: $42 User/3 Year

Free Trial

Sunrise Total Security review compared to ClamWin

"Best software" - Shreyashi Banerjee


Product Description

BullGuard is an information security software for network safety. This network monitoring software helps to make an effortless process by providing multilayer protection, attention to children's safety, easy to set up and only sign in for authent... Learn more about BullGuard

Starting Price: $30 Per Year

Free Trial


BullGuard VS Avast

Common BullGuard and ClamWin Alternatives


Product Description

DriveStrike is a fully featured Computer Security Software designed to serve Enterprises, SMEs and StartUps. DriveStrike provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App and Android. This online Computer Security system offers Policy Management, Vu... Learn more about DriveStrike

Starting Price: Available on Request


Common DriveStrike and ClamWin Alternatives

By Tirthraj | Last Updated: May 14, 2024