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Birthday greetings for our children at our school will be written on the notice board. After using the Clobas Application, congratulations began to appear on the application. It does not have a photo of some of the children. I spoke to Mr. Raman about this. Immediately did featur... Read CLOBAS Reviews

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Common CLOBAS and Classmatrix Alternatives

CLOBAS review compared to Classmatrix

"Understanding and working cooperation." - Samivel Saravanan


In the initial stage, we were hesitant to go for an ERP. But we were completely explained with EDUMAAT features and functionality and its impact on the the educational sector. We also asked them to work on the CBSE standard grade system(1/8); they'd taken the requirement seri... Read EDUMAAT - Imagine Greatness Reviews

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Common EDUMAAT - Imagine Greatness and Classmatrix Alternatives

EDUMAAT - Imagine Greatness review compared to Classmatrix

"Best for 1/8 CBSE Grade system" - Ex Looser


Academics - Education Management Software is an excellent software which has helped me to manage my primary school in an error-free way. I would recommend it to all my colleagues, it provides flexibility and the configuration and customization are very instant. It facilitates use... Read Academics Reviews

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Academics review compared to Classmatrix

"One stop solution to all schools and academic institutions" - Utumporn


We are satisfied with Academia. For us, the key factor for success was a component developed by Serosoft which automated the migration of the student data from our legacy system to Academia ERP. They also assisted us in streamlining our examination process; Academia ERP has helpe... Read Academia ERP Reviews

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Academia ERP review compared to Classmatrix

"Highly recommended- Much advanced than others!" - Jeremy


Excellent application, a complete package with all facilities available such as HW, daily attendance, news, events, circulars, syllabus, TT, online fee payments, and many more, it's a complete hope for parents. Again, we say, ONE IN ALL FOR ALL. Read Entab Reviews

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Entab VS Edunext

Common Entab and Classmatrix Alternatives

Entab review compared to Classmatrix

"Great software of all time" - Anil Bisht


All the students are considered a charm for their societies and nation. This software has very rich in-built features through which you can easily manage all your student's information and it keeps them up-to-date. It will help you to maintain the attendance sheet for your st... Read E-Smart Sankul Reviews

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E-Smart Sankul review compared to Classmatrix

"Keeps the records of your student." - Sankara


This software can manage all the works related to library.It is suitable for all big and small libraries i.e. schools,colleges,institutes,etc. Read PLA Net Library Management Reviews

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Common PLA Net Library Management and Classmatrix Alternatives

PLA Net Library Management review compared to Classmatrix

"PLA Net library software manage functionality of library work, look after a every day processing of library." - Rachana


mySkoolApp comes with real time update of activities/events/reports from all the classes. It is easy to use and is intuitive as well. As the in charge of Report Cards, I have had to face issues over the years. But their strongest part is the Customer Support that they provide. I ... Read mySkoolApp Reviews

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mySkoolApp review compared to Classmatrix

"It is easy to use and is intuitive as well" - Mugdha


The digital company always helps bring business growth. We refer to digital services. We provide different services such as SEO, SEM, etc. We love to have our business grown digitally. Read Digital School Reviews

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Common Digital School and Classmatrix Alternatives

Digital School review compared to Classmatrix

"Nice software" - Deepak


Adapting to the technological advancement & challenging expectations of young generation Students we bring to you one of the best Educational ERP which is customized in order to automate and manage processes of an institute and helping them to ge... Learn more about Institute ERP - IMS BASIC Pack

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Common Institute ERP - IMS BASIC Pack and Classmatrix Alternatives


MeritTrac’s university management solutions encompass solutions like admissions processing, campus management and examination management helps universities and institutions digitise the management of the establishments for efficient university ... Learn more about Digital University - MeritTrac

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Common Digital University - MeritTrac and Classmatrix Alternatives


P4dt - integrated platform for accreditation, a SaaS based white labeled product for the higher education institutions (HEIs). This software tool continuously evaluates an institute with accreditation and seamlessly integrates college, student, facul... Learn more about P4DT

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Common P4DT and Classmatrix Alternatives


EdFly Learn is a learning management system which opens an easy, user-friendly portal to educators and students to engage in E- learning and helps the management body to monitor performance seamlessly. Learn more about EdFly Learn

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Common EdFly Learn and Classmatrix Alternatives


Skoolmanager providing best school management software services, we are using skoolmanager software services since from last 10 years for our school in Rajasthan. We recommend this skoolmanager software services for everyone. Read Skool Manager Reviews

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Skool Manager review compared to Classmatrix

"Skoolmanager providing best services" - Aditi


The first thing you notice with Podium is all of the care taken to make it very user-friendly and nice to look at, overall UI is impressive & makes it a worthy choice. This just makes it all the better to use, especially when compared with older software we used. The design i... Read PODIUM Reviews

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PODIUM review compared to Classmatrix

"PODIUM is a value add application!" - Jitendra


Previous internet business frameworks I used were both essential and cumbersome to use. 10to8 works well with my messaging and calendar. If there are any issues, the assistance desk will respond quickly. Read 10to8 Reviews

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Common 10to8 and Classmatrix Alternatives

10to8 review compared to Classmatrix

"10 to 8: Love, love, love" - saipureddy chandrasekhar


Web-librarian made our fee collection very easy. Every time there are overdue on the books, we get notified. so, we can make the relevant decision. Repeating tasks like issuing or submitting book has become very very easy to handle. It’s very easy to operate that our traine... Read Web Librarian Reviews

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Common Web Librarian and Classmatrix Alternatives

Web Librarian review compared to Classmatrix

"All the work of library become very easy" - Bhushan

#18 is eQuorum's Cloud version of its technology leading engineering workflow and document management solutions. is a subscription based SaaS product requiring no software be downloaded as users simply use their web br... Learn more about Engine-Box

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Common Engine-Box and Classmatrix Alternatives


Smart School is one of the world's most comprehensive ERP solution ever designed for managing schools and any educational institution. It has become a leader in the bandwagon of School Management System integrated with the mobile application.... Learn more about SMART SCHOOL

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Common SMART SCHOOL and Classmatrix Alternatives

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