Best Classroom Management Software

Best classroom management software includes Edmodo, LanSchool, Classter, ClassDojo, and iTunes U. Class management software handles students’ device usage in the classroom and allows teachers to see, manage, and track student device activity.

List of 20 Best Classroom Management Software

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Digitize your school and become future ready now

Teachers can conduct live lessons with ease using Teachmint's platform. Teachmint has developed a variety of incredibly useful features that are great for both teachers and students, intending to democratize online education. This classroom management software assists educational institutions in imagining a time when their students are proficient in 21st-century abilities. You may enhance the teaching-learning process using our cutting-edge learning management system. Read Teachmint Reviews

Software by Schoology

Users can create, manage, and share assignments and resources using the classroom monitoring software Schoology, which is used in both businesses and schools. Schoology is an online learning management system (LMS) that gives teachers the ability to design and distribute both conventional and unconventional tasks. The grade book, links to outside information, PDF markup, student progress reports, and messaging are a few of the most often used features. Read Schoology Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Commendable 30 language support

By enhancing communication, ClassDojo establishes a more engaging digital connection between the home and the classroom. It is one of the best classroom management software widely used. With the help of images, videos, messages, and more, teachers and families from across the world use ClassDojo to share the most significant educational experiences their children have had at school and at home. Learn more about ClassDojo

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Easy and affordable classroom management solutions

The complete student information, school, and learning management system called Classter is designed for all different kinds of businesses that provide educational or training services. This classroom management solution can help in digitalizing your organization.  This will help you manage your procedures and administration from enrolment to alumni in an easy-to-use, dependable, secure, and efficient manner. Learn more about Classter

Software by Blackboard

Students can access the information they need, the connections they long for, and the customization they require wherever they are, thanks to the Blackboard App. Your pupils will have access to studying anywhere and anytime, thanks to the direct placement of learning in their hands through this classroom control software. Read Blackboard Reviews

Software by Instructure, Inc

An online learning management system, Canvas is popularly used. Learning institutions, educators, and students utilize this top classroom management software to access and administer the online course materials and to interact with one another regarding skill improvement and academic success. You can create content like assignments, tests, conversations, and video conferences with a Free-for-Teacher account. Learn more about Canvas LMS

India's best trusted school management software

MyClassboard is a platform with a collection of modules to automate school management processes. It is a renowned school ERP software. This class monitoring software offers parents a communication tool through which they can pay fees online, check messages, track the bus, class assignments, and get school announcements, events, and progress report cards. Read MyClassboard Reviews

All in one College & School Management Software

Fedena is an online school administration solution that effortlessly streamlines the academic and administrative procedures at the institute. This class control software is a comprehensive ERP system for managing colleges and schools. Fedena is utilized by K–12 institutions, universities, colleges, and training facilities. Students, parents, teachers, school administrators, and other staff members can all use it with ease. Read Fedena Reviews

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Easy paper creation and publication

MyClassAdmin is one of the best classroom monitoring software and school management software for parents, teachers, and students. It is affordable, clever, and simple to use. You may successfully manage daily activities with the aid of this user-friendly coaching class management web-based software, class management app, school management system software, and parent communication app. Learn more about Myclassadmin

Simplify and Succeed.

Gradelink provides schools with a whole student and school administration system that is easily customizable. For K–12 independent schools, Gradelink serves as a management, admissions, and school administration system. For all of your grading, attendance, and SIS needs, this is one of the best classroom management software, which unites administrators, parents, teachers, and students in a seamless system. Read Gradelink Reviews

Most Reviewed

Software by iClassPro

A strong, feature-rich solution for courses, students, coaches, payments, and more, iClassPro is supported by top-notch service. With features including class management, staff scheduling, attendance tracking, and online payments, iClassPro is a cloud-based business administration system and class control software. Students can schedule their classes online with iClassPro's class scheduling function. Read iClassPro Reviews

Web-based Gradebook and School Management System

For teachers, administrators, and professors, a free online grade book called iGradePlus is a helpful classroom management solution. This is a reasonably priced school administration solution for districts and schools. It is simple to use, practical, dependable, and secure.  This application is very reasonably priced, quick and simple to set up, and offers a customizable interface. Customer support is incredibly helpful. Read iGradePlus Reviews

The clear path to student success.

Classtime is a classroom management software that provides quick feedback on student comprehension levels to supplement in-class education. Create compelling inquiries that involve everyone and advance understanding. The platform is accessible to both students and teachers in a variety of languages. Read Classtime Reviews

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Makes teachers’ life easy

A cloud-based classroom management application called DyKnow enables teachers and K–12 schools to keep an eye on student activity in real time. This is one of the best classroom management software, which allows for the blocking of off-task behaviour, keeping pupils' attention on their allocated duties. The program aids teachers in monitoring student Internet usage in the classroom and enhancing student performance. Learn more about DyKnow

Software by GoGuardian

Software like GoGuardian makes it simple for schools to control their kids' devices, understand them better, and protect them online. Regardless of where the information was found, classroom monitoring software employs machine learning and artificial intelligence to restrict websites depending on what is seen on the screen. The page will be instantly blocked if it is determined that the language and images are inappropriate for students. Learn more about GoGuardian

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Up to 8 times faster screen sharing

LanSchool is a readily available, commercially created software program for networked PC-based instruction and training. This is one of the top classroom management software. It enables improved educational engagement and aids in managing multiple student PCs in electronic classrooms from the instructor interface. Learn more about LanSchool

Software by Classcraft Studios

With the help of the virtual characters, Classcraft uses a rewards and punishment system to help steer pupils in the right direction. It also includes playable situations that can be altered to better fit what is being worked on in class to achieve specific learning objectives. These scenarios are included for the convenience of the teacher. Classcraft is one of the best classroom management software widely used. Learn more about Classcraft

Software by Nearpod

Whether a course is taught in a physical classroom or online, Nearpod can help teachers make it interactive. With the help of this classroom management solution, a teacher can design interactive presentations that include polls, collaborative whiteboards, videos, quizzes, and more. Interactive presentations, real-time student interaction, formative evaluations, virtual field trips, and collaboration tools are some of its notable features. Learn more about Nearpod

Software by Edsby

A cloud-based software program called Edsby mixes social networking with tools for managing classes and students. Edsby is a class management software that assists teachers in managing their classes. There is no need for teachers to do anything because it is automatically retrieved from the databases of the school or district. In addition to creating assignments and giving homework, teachers can post notes in their classrooms. Learn more about Edsby

Contenders | 2024

HDSchool is a comprehensive software solution that automates day to day activities of Educational Institution. Easily manage Admissions, Fees, Student attendance etc.. Read HDSchool Reviews

classroom management software

In today's rapidly evolving educational landscape, effective classroom management is important in creating a conducive learning environment for students. With the advancement in technology, classroom monitoring software has emerged as a powerful tool that empowers not only the teachers to streamline administrative tasks but also enhances student engagement.

The need for effective virtual classroom management increased as schools and colleges shifted to online platforms. Statistics indicate that 82% of teachers rated classroom management as "extremely important," and 100% of instructors said it was a "crucial skill" of a great teacher.

This comprehensive guide will explore the top five class monitoring software solutions available in 2024. We will delve into their features, pricing, pros, and cons, enabling educators and administrators to decide what suits them best when selecting the software for their specific needs. We will also examine the latest trends to be the best classroom management software.

What is Classroom Management Software?

Classroom management software is a powerful tool designed to help teachers to effectively manage and organize their classrooms. With classroom management software, teachers can perform tasks more efficiently, such as taking attendance, organizing assignments, monitoring student behavior, delivering interactive lessons, and assessing student progress. These software solutions often incorporate features like remote computer monitoring, screen sharing, instant messaging, interactive assessments, and progress reporting.

Teachers can create a more organized and productive learning environment by leveraging the best classroom monitoring software. They can easily track student attendance, provide real-time feedback, communicate with students and parents, and manage classroom activities effectively.

These tools also allow for personalized learning experiences, enabling teachers to cater to individual student needs and provide targeted support.

How Does Classroom Management Software Work?

Classroom management software integrates with existing classroom technologies and provides a centralized platform for teachers to manage student activities, assignments, assessments, and communication. It allows teachers to monitor students' screens, share content, and collaborate in real time.

It is a valuable resource for teachers, helping them optimize their teaching methodologies, improve student engagement, and enhance overall classroom efficiency. It empowers educators to focus on teaching and fostering a positive learning environment while minimizing administrative burdens.

Who Uses Class Management Software?

The classroom management platform is primarily used by teachers, educators, and administrators in educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities. It caters to both online and traditional classroom environments.

Teachers are the primary users of this software, as it helps them efficiently manage their classrooms. They can easily take attendance, distribute assignments, monitor student behavior, and communicate with students and parents. The software streamlines administrative tasks, allowing teachers to focus more on teaching and creating engaging learning experiences.

School administrators also benefit from classroom management tools. They can gain valuable insights into classroom activities, student performance, and overall school operations through the software's analytics and reporting features.

This information empowers administrators to make data-driven decisions and ensure the effective implementation of school policies. With access to real-time data, administrators can monitor the progress of both teachers and students, promoting a conducive learning environment.

What are the Benefits of Using Classroom Management Software?

Classroom management software offers several benefits that enhance the teaching and learning experience. Here are some key advantages of implementing class control software -

benefits of classroom management software

  1. Increase Engagement

    Classroom management software provides interactive features that boost student engagement. Teachers can deliver dynamic lessons, incorporate multimedia content, and facilitate collaborative activities. These interactive elements capture students' attention and foster active participation, leading to a more engaging learning environment. It promotes active student participation and engagement through interactive features, gamification elements, and collaborative learning tools.

  2. Track Progress

    Teachers can track student progress and performance through comprehensive analytics and reporting features. They can evaluate individual performance, identify areas of improvement, and provide timely feedback. This data-driven approach helps personalize instruction, address learning gaps, and support student growth effectively.

  3. Improve Communication

    Effective communication between teachers, students, and parents is facilitated through built-in messaging systems, announcements, and notifications. It enables seamless sharing of information, announcements, and updates. Teachers can communicate important deadlines, assignments, and feedback directly to students and inform parents about their child's academic progress. 

  4. Frees Up Time for Teaching

    Time optimization is another advantage of using this software. Classroom control software allows teachers to focus more on teaching, lesson planning, and student support by automating routine administrative tasks. Attendance tracking, grading, and assignment distribution can be streamlined, minimizing manual work and paperwork. 

  5. Helps in Knowledge Retention

    The software enables teachers to deliver content in various formats, including multimedia presentations and interactive assessments, enhancing knowledge retention and understanding. It allows teachers to present content engagingly, reinforcing key concepts and improving long-term knowledge retention. 

  6. Easy Decision Making

    Classroom management software provides teachers with data-driven insights and analytics to make informed decisions regarding instruction, curriculum, and classroom management strategies. It provides tools for organizing class materials, resources, and assignments. Teachers can easily create and share digital content, organize files, and maintain a centralized repository of course materials.

  7. Instant Task Distribution

    Teachers can effortlessly distribute assignments, projects, and resources to students in real time, ensuring efficient task allocation and submission. Classroom management tools facilitate collaboration. Students can access the assignments through the software, complete them digitally, and submit their work online, streamlining the process. 

What are the Features Of Best Classroom Management Software? 

It encompasses a range of features designed to assist teachers in effectively managing their classrooms and enhancing the learning experience for students. Let’s go through some key features commonly found in this platform -

features of classroom management software

  1. Remote Computer Monitoring

    This feature enables teachers to monitor students' computer activities in real-time. Thus, ensuring they stay on task and fostering a safe learning environment. Teachers can view students' screens, track their online behavior, and ensure they stay focused on the assigned tasks.

  2. Attendance Management

    Automated attendance tracking and reporting streamline the process of taking attendance and maintaining accurate records. With classroom management software, teachers can easily take and manage attendance digitally. It eliminates the need for manual attendance sheets and enables teachers to track student attendance records accurately.

  3. Teacher and Student Screen Sharing

    This feature enables teachers and students to share their screens with the rest of the class. Teachers can showcase presentations or demonstrate specific tasks, while students can share their work or collaborate on projects.

  4. Interactive Assessments

    Classroom management software often includes tools for creating interactive assessments and quizzes. Assignments are also one of the ways to assess student understanding and progress. Teachers can design and deliver engaging assessments to get students' understanding, provide immediate feedback, and track their progress.

  5. Instant Messaging

    Built-in messaging systems allow seamless communication between teachers and students for quick questions and support within the platform. Teachers can provide instructions, answer questions, or have private discussions with individual students or the whole class.

  6. Assignment Distribution

    Teachers can easily distribute assignments, projects, and study materials to students, simplifying the process of assigning and collecting work. Students can access the assignments, complete them online, and submit their work electronically, streamlining the assignment workflow.

  7. Discipline Management

    Classroom management software may include features for managing student behavior and discipline. Teachers can set specific rules, enforce restrictions, and apply consequences for inappropriate behavior, ensuring a productive and respectful classroom environment.

  8. Internet/Website Blocking

    Teachers can control internet access during class, preventing distractions and focusing on educational content. It helps maintain a focused learning environment and prevents students from being distracted by non-educational content.

  9. Progress Reporting

    Comprehensive progress reports and analytics give teachers insights into individual and class performance. Teachers are able to generate reports on student performance, attendance, assignment completion, and overall progress. These reports help identify improvement areas, track student growth, and communicate progress to parents.

How to Choose the Right Class Management Software?

Choosing from the top classroom management software is an important decision that can significantly impact your teaching experience and student outcomes. These are some factors to consider when choosing class management software -

how to choose right classroom management software

  1. Sustainability

    When considering class management software, think about its sustainability. Is the software regularly updated and maintained by the provider? Sustainable software will have ongoing support, bug fixes, and feature enhancements, ensuring its longevity and continued usefulness for your classroom. Ensure the software is regularly updated and supported by the vendor to guarantee long-term usage and compatibility.

  2. User Training and Support

    It's essential to assess the level of training and support the software vendor provides. Look for software that offers comprehensive user guides, tutorials, and responsive customer support. This will help you and your students quickly learn how to use the software effectively and address any issues that may arise. Check if the vendor offers comprehensive training and ongoing support to help teachers and administrators effectively utilize the software.

  3. Ease of Use

    Consider the user-friendly interface and intuitive controls of the software. The software should be straightforward and simple, allowing you to navigate and utilize its features without unnecessary complexity. The software should have an intuitive interface and user-friendly features to ensure easy adoption and minimize the learning curve.

  4. Affordability

    Think about the cost of the class management software and whether it fits within your budget. Evaluate the pricing plans and any additional expenses for premium features or add-ons. Choose software that provides good value for money and aligns with your financial resources. Always evaluate the cost versus the value provided by the software.

  5. Customization

    Can you tailor the software to match your teaching style, grading system, and individual student requirements? Look for flexibility in features, settings, and options that can be adapted to meet your unique classroom environment.

Top 5 Classroom Management Software Comparison

Free Trial


7 Days





Yes $159/year


14 Days


On Request


14 Days




14 Days



Looking for the best classroom management platform for your business? We’ve got you covered! We have listed the top five classroom monitoring software and their details for narrowing down your search. 

1. ClassDojo 

classdojo dashboard

ClassDojo is a comprehensive classroom management solution that fosters a positive and engaging learning environment. It provides a range of features that empower teachers to effectively manage their classrooms and enhance student engagement. With ClassDojo, educators can streamline various aspects of classroom management software, communication, and behavior tracking.

Plus, the point is it has different interfaces for teachers, parents, students, and school leaders. Also, it is a very secure platform, with security features to keep data private. 


  • Allows sharing photos, videos, and updates on a private feed 
  • Real-time chat
  • Translates into more than 35 languages 
  • Calendar updates 
  • Attendance management
  • Timers 
  • Teacher and student collaboration
  • Instant messaging
  • Security


  • The most prominent is its user-friendly interface
  • The software has extensive features for keeping up with the security
  • It allows seamless communication between teachers, students, and parents
  • Its behavior analysis helps to keep students on track.
  • It allows parents to see their child’s behavior report card.
  • It also helps to keep track of records with absentees.


  • ClassDojo provides limited customization options
  • It's worth noting that the ClassDojo mobile app may be resource-intensive


  • It has a basic plan and a ClassDojo Plus plan. You can subscribe to Plus just for $4.99/month. Billed annually at $59.99. You can have a 7-day trial too. Visit their website for more pricing details.

2. Nearpod

nearpod dashboard

NearPod is an all-in-one platform for real-time insights into student understanding through interactive lessons, interactive videos, gamification, and activities. It enhances student engagement and promotes interactive learning experiences. This class management software allows teachers to create and deliver engaging lessons, assessments, and collaborative activities. With Nearpod, educators can transform traditional lectures into dynamic and interactive sessions.


  • Visibility to on and off-task behavior
  • Front of class - Screen sharing
  • Immediate feedback and post-session reports
  • Student-paced mode 
  • Student notes feature
  • Personalized provision and differentiation
  • Live formative assessment
  • Interactive gamification and activities
  • Self-assessment
  • Open-ended tasks
  • Sharing and using pre-made resources


  • Nearpod enables teachers to create interactive and multimedia-rich lessons, captivating students' attention and fostering active participation. 
  • It has formative assessment features to provide multiple ways for students to demonstrate what they know.
  • It promotes collaboration and teamwork by offering features like virtual whiteboards and collaboration boards.


  • Students must have Internet access since presentations are not downloadable
  • Only YouTube videos are searchable within the app


For the pricing tier, it has two categories: one for individual teachers and the other for schools and districts. 

For individual teachers, NearPod offers:

  • Silver Plan- free
  • Gold Plan - $159 USD/year
  • Platinum Plan -  $397 USD/year

For Schools and districts, they offer platinum plans, which have custom pricing for schools and districts.

3. Teachmint

teachmint dashboard

Teachmint is a comprehensive classroom management software designed specifically for online teaching and remote learning. It provides teachers a user-friendly platform to conduct virtual classes, manage student attendance, and facilitate interactive learning experiences. 

With Teachmint, educators can create engaging and interactive online classrooms, ensuring effective student communication and collaboration.


  • Attendance management
  • Courses and batches management
  • Fee management
  • Library management
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Student info management
  • Time & attendance management
  • Timetable
  • Transport / Fleet management


  • It has a user-friendly interface that increases its worth
  • It saves a lot of time 
  • It helps teachers deliver a good experience for the parents
  • It allows easy management of data 
  • It has excellent modules for Fees Management, Result Management, Student Management etc


  • Limited customization options
  • Limited support for large-scale institutions


  • You need to sign in as a single school administrator or group of schools to know the pricing plan for you. Visit their website for more pricing details.


canvas dashboard

Canvas is the world's #1 teaching and learning software that empowers educators to create engaging and interactive learning experiences. With its user-friendly interface and extensive features, Canvas offers a versatile platform for course management, content creation, and student engagement.

Teachers can easily organize and deliver course materials, including assignments, quizzes, and discussions, while students can access these resources and participate in activities seamlessly. Canvas facilitates effective communication between teachers and students, allowing for personalized feedback and collaboration. Canvas is an ideal choice for educational institutions seeking an all-in-one solution for classroom management.


  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Course authoring
  • Learning content is organized into a course catalog
  • Player/Portal
  • Mobile friendly
  • Progress tracking & certifications
  • Compliance management
  • Single Sign On (SSO) enabled learning
  • Gamification


  • Comprehensive learning management system features
  • It allows you to create content such as assignments, quizzes, discussions, and video conferences for free
  • You can make different course sections with effective course designs
  • It has Zoom integration that can be used to schedule and store recordings
  • Canvas is a good collaboration tool for teachers to provide feedback and give points for assignments


  • A lot of work needed to be done on third-party application integration, especially browsers compatibility
  • It is not budget-friendly for schools and universities, especially for those interested in switching from higher-cost LMS
  • It has its own video platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, but that isn't very efficient. It has disconnection issues 
  • When an announcement is posted, it takes a bit too many clicks to get there. The updating of the announcement count is not always accurate.


  • For the pricing, you need to sign up.

5. GoGuardian

goguardian dashboard

GoGuardian is a powerful classroom control software designed to enhance digital learning environments. With GoGuardian, educators can effectively manage and monitor students' online activities, ensuring a safe and productive learning experience. Classroom management solution provides features such as web filtering, screen monitoring, and classroom controls, allowing teachers to guide and direct students' online behavior.

GoGuardian also offers real-time analytics and reporting, enabling educators to gain insights into student engagement and progress. Overall, GoGuardian empowers educators with the tools to create a focused and secure digital learning environment for their students.


  • Testing management
  • Classroom management
  • Student Portal
  • Education
  • Asynchronous learning
  • Gradebook
  • Post-secondary
  • Training companies
  • Data import/export
  • Adaptive learning
  • Sharing databases


  • GoGuardian offers robust testing management features, allowing educators to administer online assessments and monitor students' progress in real-time
  • GoGuardian provides comprehensive classroom management tools
  • Students gain access to a centralized platform where they can access assignments, and resources, and collaborate, facilitating seamless communication and organization in the learning process
  • It accommodates asynchronous learning by providing tools and features


  • Students who are logged into a Chromebook may not appear in the software.
  • When a Chromebook goes in and out of a sleep state, it can lead to the user not being displayed accurately.


For the pricing tier, it has three plans:

  • Teacher Plan, that offers a free version 
  • Teacher Premium Plan, with $100 / YEAR
  • And Enterprise plans, for schools and districts, prices are custom.

Software and Services Related to Classroom Monitoring Software 

School management software is a valuable tool that can be complemented by other software and services to enhance the overall learning experience. Here are some software and services related to classroom management -

software related to classroom management software

  1. Learning Management Systems (LMS)

    LMS platforms provide comprehensive tools for managing and delivering online courses. Integrating classroom management software with an LMS allows for seamless access to course materials, assignments, grades, and communication features, providing a centralized platform for in-person and online learning.

  2. Student Information Systems (SIS)

    SIS software helps schools and educational institutions manage student data, including enrollment, attendance, grades, and academic records. Integrating classroom management software with an SIS ensures accurate and up-to-date information exchange, simplifying administrative tasks and improving data accuracy.

  3. Online Collaboration Tools

    Collaboration tools such as Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom can be used with class monitoring software to facilitate virtual discussions, group projects, and remote learning. These tools enable real-time communication, file sharing, and collaboration among teachers and students.

  4. Communication Tools

    Communication tools like email, messaging apps, or discussion forums are essential for effective teacher-student and peer-to-peer communication. Integrating these tools with classroom management software ensures smooth communication, announcement dissemination, and collaboration within the learning environment.

  5. Parent-Teacher Communication Platforms

    Parent-teacher communication platforms facilitate seamless communication and information sharing between educators and parents/guardians. Integrating these platforms with classroom management software enables regular updates, progress reports, and easy access to important announcements and resources.

Latest Trends in Classroom Management Software 

Classroom management software continues to evolve, incorporating emerging technologies and addressing the changing needs of educators. Some of the latest trends include:

trends in classroom management software

  1. Focused Learning with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    One of the emerging trends in class control software is the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to facilitate focused learning experiences. AI algorithms can analyze student data, learning patterns, and preferences to provide personalized recommendations and adaptive learning pathways. By leveraging AI, educators can tailor instruction to individual student needs, ensuring targeted learning interventions and maximizing student engagement and achievement.

  2. Use of Technology for Online Classes

    With the rise of online learning, Windows classroom monitoring software is adapting to support virtual classrooms and online classes. These platforms offer features such as video conferencing, screen sharing, chat functionality, and collaborative document editing, enabling educators to conduct live online classes with interactive discussions and activities. Technology-enabled online classes provide flexibility, accessibility, and the opportunity for students to engage in virtual learning environments from any location.

  3. Online Exams & Assessments

    Classroom management software incorporates tools and features to facilitate online exams and assessments. These platforms allow educators to create and administer online quizzes, assignments, and exams, providing automated grading and immediate feedback. Online assessments promote efficiency, reduce paperwork, and enable educators to analyze performance data more effectively, enabling data-driven instructional decisions.

  4. Blockchain Technology

    Another emerging trend in classroom monitoring software is the integration of blockchain technology. Blockchain offers a secure and transparent system for recording and verifying student achievements, certificates, and credentials. Exploration of blockchain-based solutions for secure record-keeping, digital credentials, and verifying academic achievements.  This technology enhances trust and credibility in academic records and simplifies verifying qualifications.


Classroom management software plays a vital role in empowering teachers to effectively manage their classrooms, enhance student engagement, and streamline administrative tasks. By considering the features, pricing, pros, and cons of different software options, educational institutions can choose the best classroom monitoring software that aligns with their specific needs and goals


The pricing of classroom management solutions varies depending on the features, functionalities, and the size of the institution. It is best to visit the websites of individual software providers to obtain accurate pricing details.

It often integrates with learning management systems (LMS), student information systems (SIS), and other educational software tools commonly used in classrooms.

Last Updated: January 02, 2024