20 Best Competitors and Alternatives to ClickMagick

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We needed a means of communication for our field crew members who do not have company-issued emails because our construction company employs workers across multiple states and on numerous job sites. This task has been accomplished with ease, thanks to SimpleTexting! As a means of... Read SimpleTexting Reviews

Starting Price: $45 Per Month

Common SimpleTexting and ClickMagick Alternatives

SimpleTexting review compared to ClickMagick

"interaction with workers" - saipureddy chandrasekhar


On the Survey tab, select Track Changes. In the Track Changes drop-down list, choose one of the accompanying: To follow the progressions you make to the archive, select Only Mine. To observe changes to the record made by all clients, select For Everybody. Read LinkTrackr Reviews

Starting Price: $7 Per Month

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LinkTrackr review compared to ClickMagick

"My personal review on LinkTrackr." - Bablu Pandit


Click Meter is a decent application, which is very easy to use and very helpful for any person to their interest overall. I am totally satisfied. Click Meter is a link-tracking software designed to help businesses and professionals create tracking links, use them in advertisement... Read ClickMeter Reviews

Starting Price: $19 Per Month

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Common ClickMeter and ClickMagick Alternatives

ClickMeter review compared to ClickMagick

"Review for ClickMeter" - Aneela Iram


 I will highly recommend Linktrack to other business colleagues as it is value for money Read Linktrack Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Common Linktrack and ClickMagick Alternatives

Linktrack review compared to ClickMagick

"User-Friendly Features makes it easy to use." - Aashay


I strongly recommended this software for mainly small and medium scale business. As it provides end to end connection from product manufacturing to selling all the things managed in very neat way. I mainly used it's almost services as a customer and from technical hand also g... Read Odoo Reviews

Starting Price: $20 User/Month

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Odoo VS ADempiere

Common Odoo and ClickMagick Alternatives

Odoo review compared to ClickMagick

"ERP Management" - Keval


AdsBridge is a fully featured Affiliate Software designed to serve Enterprises, Agencies. AdsBridge provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This online Affiliate system offers Affiliate Management, Affiliate Tracking at one place. Learn more about AdsBridge

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AdsBridge VS Voluum

Common AdsBridge and ClickMagick Alternatives


ClickPerfect is powerful click tracking and click targeting solution. Optimize your marketing campaign with advanced features : Link Cloaking, Advanced Geotargeting, Click Fraud and Bot Monitoring, One Line Conversion Tracking & Advanced Retargetin... Learn more about ClickPerfect

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ClixTrac link tracking software is a free banner and link tracking service that allows you to keep track of how many times your advertisements and links are being viewed and clicked. This unique service can be used to track the ads that you place on your own website or ad... Learn more about ClixTrac

Starting Price: Available on Request

Common ClixTrac and ClickMagick Alternatives


Affise is a performance marketing software for creating your own Affiliate Network. It supports Advertisers, Agencies, and Networks with a customizable solution to manage, analyse and optimise their direct publisher relationships. Learn more about Affise

Starting Price: $299 Per Month


Common Affise and ClickMagick Alternatives


RedTrack provides marketers and advertisers with a better way to work with marketing data. A single source of truth to replace multiple tools and take control over your ROI. Learn more about RedTrack

Starting Price: $99 Per Month

Free Trial

Common RedTrack and ClickMagick Alternatives


Link Tracker Pro is a reputable link tracking tool devised to help you build backlinks with ease. It is the most sought-after software among SEO experts. Link Tracker Pro not only helps you track your ranking performance but also identifies low-quality links. Learn more about Link Tracker Pro

Starting Price: Available on Request

Common Link Tracker Pro and ClickMagick Alternatives


Linkly is click tracking software for marketers, agencies and publishers. Linkly turns any link into a branded tracking link, using your own domain, and allows you to produce beautiful, visual reports of who clicked, where and when. Learn more about Linkly

Starting Price: $29 25000 Clicks/Month

Free Trial

Common Linkly and ClickMagick Alternatives


Improvely link tracking software identifies the source of every signup and sale, whether it's from a marketing campaign or any other channel. It's monitoring systems inspect every click for signs of suspicious activity. Get alerted to potential click fraud in... Learn more about Improvely

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Last Updated: August 27, 2023