Best Clinic Management Software

Best clinic management software includes MediXcel, Halemind, DocEngage, Praxify, and Medeil Plus. A clinic management system manages your patients, scheduling, billing, and reporting and complies with necessary regulations.

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List of 20 Best Clinic Management Software

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Category Champions | 2023

Medical software for Clinics, Labs and Hospitals

A simple to use clinic management software for Clinics and Clinical Chains. One of the best practice management software now day's.  Browser based software deployed on your Local Area Network or the Cloud as per your need. Provide Accessible, On Time and Patient Centric care with managed Workflow and Reminders. Read MediXcel EMR and HIS Reviews

Complete End to End System for Managing Hospitals

MocDoc HMS digitises all transactions, documents, medical records  in Hospitals and Clinics eliminating paper work altogether and provides an online platform that connects General Public with Doctors providing real time, authentic information relevant to their need. Read MocDoc HIMS Reviews

Most Reviewed

The Hassle Free Clinic Management Sofware

Pappyjoe is one of the pioneers of clinical management software field providing easy and hassle free practice life for doctors. Currently, Pappyjoe handles over 1M patients per month. Read Pappyjoe CMS Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

World-Class EHR Software at Affordable Price

Our clinic management software is a comprehensive, integrated information system designed to manage all the aspects of a hospital operation, such as medical, administrative, financial, and legal and the corresponding service processing. Read eHospital Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Livehealth is an end-to-end clinic management software. LiveHealth provides a perfect way to manage, maintain and share your health records. Our clinic management software has the best electronic health records. Read CrelioHealth (formerly known as LiveHealth) Reviews

HOSPITAL SOFTWARE BY Dataman Computer Systems.

Aarogya is a hospital Management Software helps to safeguard the flow of information coming across. It provides for efficient decision making for general hospital management, streamlining financial accounts and patient care. It can be tailor made as per one’s requirements. Read Aarogya - Hospital Management Reviews

Ultimate Hospital Management Software

Uniwide hospital information system is useful for hospitals, nursing home, medical center for computerize their activity and streamlined all departmental process in a systematic way. Hospital owner's and administrator can keep track all hospitals data in a single click and they can able to check the performance and progress of their clinic. Read Uniwide HIMS Reviews

Emergents | 2023

Lybrate is the best way to increase clinic management software, reduce no shows and get more patients to your practice.This product will help you to improve electronic health records(ehr).It is user friendly and one of the most popular software. Lybreate is best open source clinic management system. Read Lybrate Reviews

Contenders | 2023

Software by WinApps Softwae Solutions

Win apps Clinic Management Software does it smoothly for you. Our Clinic Management System is the all-in-one Hospital management software that keeps track of everything that is from staff details to patient history. Read Win Apps Hospital Reviews

Contenders | 2023

Software by Vimukti Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Clinic Master is a clinic information management software to manage clinics and hospitals. Doctors can instantly check his appointments details from his mobile. He can know when a patient arrives in his clinic. SMS alerts to patients of appointment confirmation. In detailed appointment scheduling recording. Print, email or SMS prescription and invoices to patients. Read Clinic Master Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Online | Offline With Sync Facility & Mobile APP

A complete and ultimate Pathology Lab Management and Reporting Software. Fully customizable, easy to use and cost effective program that gives you facility to operate your lab activity from any device anywhere anytime. No need of installation, no need to wait for service, no extra infrastructure needed, highly secure data. Advance reporting format, Instant report generation, No data limit. Read Qmarks Pathology Lab Reviews

Web Based Hospital Information System

Akhil Systems has perfectly made the Hospital Management Software with an integration of latest technologies to maintain the working of a healthcare organization in a paperless environment. It’s ready to use feature makes it really suitable for active implementation. Read Miracle HIS Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

Offline/Online Healthcare Management System

Best in Class Digital Hospital Management System in One Rupee for Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacy, Labs, Blood Bank, Medical Inventory, etc. Free 30 days trial. Read HxRx Healthcare Management Reviews

High Performer | 2023

Intuitive Clinic Management System-High Efficiency

hCue is India's #1 cloud based Clinic Management Software for doctors. hCue helps you fix better appointments, be discovered easily, connect to pharmacies and labs, Refer and be referred by fellow doctors using hCue's Clinic Management System. Read hCue's Clinic Management Reviews

High Performer | 2023

Software by Xtremum Solutions Pvt Ltd

Praxify will help to improve emr and medical billing service.It has free practice management software which is one of the most important feature.It gives hospital information system & clinic information system with all clinic management services. Read Praxify Reviews

Complete & affordable Hospital Management System

GeniPluse HMS is install based, the most robust, paperless and comprehensive solution for the hospital. The cost is affordable. By this hospital management software, you can Streamline the workflow, manage patient's data, OPD, IPD to doctor's schedule with very accurately. Read GeniPulse HMS Reviews

Software for Doctor

Visual Doctor is specialized software for Physician, Ophthalmologist, Pediatrician, Dermatologist, General Surgeon, ENT Surgeon, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Orthopedic, Psychiatrist, Dentist, Pathology, Radiology, General practitioner, etc. Read Visual Doctor Reviews

Software by Healthplix Technologies Private Limited

HealthPlix is a fully-featured EMR software designed to serve SMEs, Enterprises, Agencies. HealthPlix provides end-to-end solutions. This online EMR system offers billing & invoicing, dashboards, the patient app in one place. Read HealthPlix Reviews

Contenders | 2023

India's #1 Clinic Management Software

It is simplest to use clinic management system which incorporates all processes within a clinical management services such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR), e-Prescription Writing, Drugs Database, Patient Management software, Clinical management software, Medical Billing, Clinical Practice Management and more. Read Healcon Practice Reviews

The Health Care Software Solution

Early days approaches encompass paper-based information processing as well as resident work position and mobile data acquisition and presentation. The customizable alert system sends the text or email and improves the quality of patient care. Read CATALYST Reviews

Clinic Management Software Guide

What Is Clinic Management Software?

Clinic management software automates various tasks such as scheduling appointments, storing patient databases, including prescriptions, reports, billing, and hosting them on the cloud. Healthcare units and hospitals use this software to automate the tasks that were otherwise performed manually. Automation reduces the chances of errors to almost null.

Clinic management systems are computer software products that coordinate and integrate all the essential activities in administering and running a healthcare facility. Clinical software must meet specified security, technology, and functionality standards for managing electronic medical records and practice management information (clinical data management) with integrated healthcare software, medical software, practice management software, laboratory information management system software, and patient management software. Some clinical software maintains the complete patient information and the electronic medical record (EMR).

What are The Features of Clinic Management Software?

1. Appointment Bookings

An essential feature of clinic management software should allow booking appointments for physician checkups, equipment, and rooms. Prior booking of equipment eliminated the chances of double bookings. These appointment bookings should be visible on a wide range of devices.

2. Billing

Billing and invoicing management for the treatments should be easy. The clinic management software should set up variable pricing lists based on insurance policies and other charging parameters.

3. Secure Storage Of Clinical Records

Secure storage of clinical records, along with the patient’s lab reports, X-rays, PDFs, photos, and other test reports, should be possible.

4. Reports Supported By Graphs

The open source hospital management software should generate graphical reports about the required information. Their demography, age, case history, and billing details should be presented in a graphical format in patients' cases.

5. Integration With Other applications

Integrating medical software for doctors with other applications such as accountingemail marketing services, and data analysis platforms should be easy.

6. Mobile App

The clinic appointment software’s mobile app should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Important aspects should be done through the mobile app, such as accessing patient information, fetching records, and attaching documents, photos, and reports.

What are The Benefits Of Using Clinic Management Software?

clinic management software benefits

1. Paperless Record Management

The patient records are stored in a paperless centralized database. This prevents the wear and tear associated with paper records.

2. Speedy Access To Patient Records

Patient records, such as their history, test reports, billing data, and prescriptions can be accessed quickly. Patient-related information is at the fingertips and can be fetched with a few clicks.

3. Easy Collaboration Between Multiple Departments

In cases where many doctors work on a single patient, the clinic management software allows seamless collaboration since the same document can be viewed by various doctors.

4. Enhanced Efficiency

Fetching records and making bills less time-consuming since the process is automated. This saves time and efficiency for the staff.

5. Lesser Chances Of Errors

With the clinic management software, the chances of errors in storing records are null. There are fewer inaccuracies in the entire process since manual tasks are almost eliminated.

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Name Ratings & Reviews Starting Price Free Trial?
MocDoc HIMS 4.8(57 Reviews)

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Pappyjoe CMS 4.5(46 Reviews)

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MediXcel EMR and HIS 4.7(15 Reviews)

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eHospital 4.4(13 Reviews)

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CrelioHealth (formerly known as LiveHealth) 4.8(12 Reviews) $83.32 Month/Centre Yes Learn More

FAQs of Clinic Management Software

Doctors may quickly view their appointment schedules using this clinic management software. The system aims to improve clinic user-friendliness.

Clinic management software helps healthcare functions become more effective, efficient, and customizable. It helps make data management, patient tracking, and revenue tracking easier.

Last Updated: September 20, 2023