Best Cloud Telephony And IVR System in 2018

Arth Bulk SMS Service

School management uses this SMS to communicate
The SMS approach saves time and money for both parents and the management. School management uses this SMS to communicate each and every information about their institute as well as about the child to the parents.

Edynamics Business Management System

Best CRM software for real estate management
Edynamics Business Management System is the Best Property Management Software for Real Estate Industry in India. It is developed by our team to analyze and observe the needs and demands of Builders, Property-Consultants and Sole Selling Companies.


Virtual Number,cloud telephony,IVR's
VIRTUAL NUMBERA/HYBRID NUMBER- A single Toll-free/mobile number can be connected to the different numbers of the organization in the backend. No need to publish more than one contact number in the advertisements. follow-up can be done later on with online lead management. It is an all-in-one tool for a service-oriented organization.


IVR services & call monitor services
IVRGURU is the dynamic and innovative Cloud telephony Service Provider offers a cost-effective and powerful way to expand your business opportunities by giving you all the benefits of handling a business with confidence.

Miss Dial Software

Marketing, Engagement & Analytics
Miss Dial is the leading Missed Call Services provider all over the world. The Miss Call Alert (MCA) is a lead generate service which can be used for Polling, Voting , Number Verification, Increase App Download with Miss Dial, Build Follower Group over Miss Dial.

Call nxt

NKonnect provides you GSM Based calling software.
NKonnect provides you innovative solutions for Call Center Industry. GSM based call center software. its help to recording Every call to avoid future conflicts or disputes, Facility to call conferencing, Inbound calls enable to set up inbound functionalities to handle customers query, Customization is available according to type of profession.

Email List Verify

Software BY Email List Verify
Email List verify is the web based verification solution for the communication. The main aim of this is to deliver effective email marketing campaigns. Verify email list and remove unidentified email I'd, spammers or fraud as well as maintain the sender's reputation it self.

Voiptime Cloud

Software BY Voiptime Cloud
Voiptime Cloud is online customer services & supports solution. Design for healthcare, education, insurance and telemarketing firm. It having customizable client management, call online dialer, call recording, call routing tools for capturing, distributing and nurturing leads. Lead can show the notification & status.

Five9 Communication

Software BY Five9
Five9 communication is the cloud based and most flexible solution for the communication solution to BPOs and KPOs company. Reduce all the complexity and focus on the productivity. Automatically tracks the record of calls and call duration, Also switched the inbound and outbound calls respect the agent.

Talkdesk Cloud Telephony

Software BY Talkdesk
Talkdesk is the leading company to provide a web-based cloud-telephony solution to any size of business across the world. Also, helps to build the stronger relationship with the customer, improve the efficiency and customer experience.


Software BY CallPage
CallPage is the good solution for cloud telephony & IVRS system to boost the inside sales. Make efficient the sales call for improving the productivity. Smartly engage with website visitors. Automatically evaluate the calls and collect data.

ConnectLeader Team Dialer

Software BY ConnectLeader
TeamDialer by ConnectLeader is the great solution for the inside sales management. It boosts the sales productivity more than 8 times. Manage outbound calls, lead nurturing and follow-ups. Team Dialer helps to the sales representative and make them smart decision maker.


Fit For Every Call Center
A cloud based contact center software company offering outbound dialers, ACD, IVR and hosted PBX service.Increase you agent effectiveness on the Phone, Chat, Email, Mobile, and Social. Integrated with Zendesk, Salesforce, Vtiger, Insightly, Sugar CRM, Team support, Pipedrive, and Zoho.


Software BY Star2Billing
Newfies-Dialer is a flexible solution for cloud telephony & IVRS and automated phone. Using voice broadcasting and SMS for the direct campaign, lead generation, scheduling and emergency notifications. You can develop and hold your client base successfully.


Software BY CloudCall
CloudCall is the leading solution for cloud telephony & IVRS.  Telecommunications arrangement which enables the business to improve their communications. By coordinating telephonic communication with specifically into your CRM, CloudCall can streamline your business associations with its applicants and customers, while expanding the energy of the CRM.

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What is Cloud Telephony & IVR System?

Cloud Computing is the most trending topic these days and the term ‘Cloud telephony’ is also picking up a lot of response in the business houses. However, not many people know what this is and why it is an important part of IVR System.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system that plays a vital role to interact with the callers, gather information from them and then route the calls to the relevant receiver. This works as an office assistant which is actually not a person but a Call management system. When the users create and make their own IVR applications functional it is termed cloud telephony. This name is intentionally made similar to cloud computing to make the specialized telephonic systems more integrated with web applications developers. This bridging of the gap has led to the name cloud telephony. To put it simply, cloud telephony allows a computer applications developer to add telephony features to their software – making it “cloud telephony software”.

Cloud telephony specifically refers to the services offered in IVR system like voice services and replaces the business telephone equipment (like PBX, which is outdated now) with third-party VoIP services that are in vogue. In cloud telephony/Call management system all that you need to know is what you want your telephone to do for you and nothing more. It is simple to understand and you can make/receive a call, disconnect or pause it, play the audio file, transfer the call to relevant person and even engage in call conferencing. All this can be done on a computer application.

Since cloud communication enables voice as well as data communication through applications and services by hosting them on services owned and maintained by providers, making it cost effective for customers to interact with them without any hassles.

Thus, the combination of cloud telephony and IVR system enables serving the diverse population at a single time and increase the efficiency of a business. Also these days one can get the toll free number with the call management software.

Benefits of Cloud Telephony & IVR Systems and their Potential Issues 

The resounding success of Google and other cloud-based software providers has shown us that cloud-based platform is the most effective platform. The primary benefit shown was the lower cost. Voice (audio) services provided through the cloud acts as a value addition for telephony since the users can access cloud-based facilities from anywhere. This expands the users’ options to operate beyond the local or regional carriers.

Cloud communication in this context becomes a very attractive option since it involves voice, video, and data and integrates it very well across different access mediums.


  1. The business place can do away with lots of wires around the PBX(private branch exchange), IVR(Interactive Voice Response) System and MDF(Main distribution frame)
  2. Only require the computer application that provides the software functions and computing
  3. All kinds of functions related to telephony are integrated with the computer applications without worrying about telecom infrastructure or technology
  4. Ideal for small and medium-sized business to get the cloud telephony at a lower cost than VoIP infrastructure.
  5. No need to have specially trained employee to handle the technology since the cloud telephony provider will be supporting the user
  6. Only a few hundred lines of coding are required to provide the basic functions of picking up an incoming call, playing a preset greeting, asking to press the extension number, transferring the call and if the transferred number is not picked up – asking the caller to record the call as voice mail.
  7. There are options for paying the service provider with a monthly subscription fee or based on the usage.
  8. Also, a toll-free number attracts a number of customers to call.
  9. Tracking facilities help so much incase where one need to track the source or reference from where caller get a contact number.


  1. Internet connection is a must to access files so if the connection is slow or there are problems with the connectivity, it will affect the efficiency and productivity.
  2. Cloud technology still exists on a physical server and this location of the server is important since it must abide by the national laws of the country.

Important features of a Cloud Telephony & IVR Software

The essential advantage of Cloud telephony software is that the software is off-site. This gives the users geographical mobility and the customers can also be reached out to any part of the world.

The key features are:

  1. Single Access Number is a special feature of the software. Whoever is working with the company or has left the company is not a concern here because the number is retained by the business and is not personally used by the employee. This ensures constancy in business communication without hassles of change of employees and the customers being harassed due to it. This also means that the business need not promote multiple numbers.
  2. There is no setup cost involved in the installation of the software. Also, the installation is quick and easy. No additional hardware has to be bought and also there is no maintenance cost involved.
  3. Call tracking system is smarter than the traditional version and this helps in maintaining accountability in business. All the key metrics of the call like details of the caller, time of the call, the reason for call and date are provided. This ensures communication in the team even if a particular employee is absent.
  4. The effectiveness of this kind of call management system can help the employees in treating each call as a business opportunity and work better towards customer care.
  5. IVR software is a highly efficient way to direct and re-route calls between different persons/teams/departments by guiding the caller to choose the option to press that number. This keeps the team communication with the customers more streamlined and effective in responding
  6. Call transfer is a central feature for any kind of business communication. When the call is redirected to the right person or department the customers’ queries are responded to immediately.
  7. Certain service providers have a simultaneous calling feature & call handling solution in the software. Many software support 100 calls simultaneously. This eliminates the chance of losing a business opportunity because your phone number was engaged or not available.
  8. Round-the-Clock availability of your cloud communication system is an extremely useful feature for business. If the staff is not in the office, even then the communication system is so built and integrated that it saves all the calls made during off-office hours. This means that potential business opportunity is never lost and the customers don’t have to call again and again. This feature is also helpful for overseas clients or customers who have different time zones.

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