Best Cold Email Software

The best cold email software platforms are Saleshandy, Quickmail, Mailshake, Salesblink, Klenty & Lemlist. It helps to send outreach emails to your prospects and also helps track results.

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List of 20 Best Cold Email Software

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Contenders | 2024

Data Analytic and communication tools

Product Description

With a high email deliverability rate, Saleshandy's cold email automation enables users to send personalized cold emails at scale. With the help of the sales engagement platform Saleshandy, sales teams can easily scale their email outreach activities. The simplest approach to plan and send a large number of multi-stage automated follow-up emails to the users’ leads at once is through campaigns on Saleshandy. Read Saleshandy Reviews

Emergents | 2024

AI-powered sales engagement platform

Product Description

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Reply is an AI-first sales engagement tool that assists SDR teams in identifying fresh leads, engaging with them across various channels, and developing new business opportunities. By providing cold email outreach tools to engage with business consumers across many communication channels, including email, phone, social media, and even WhatsApp and text messaging, Reply is a sales acceleration tool that helps users increase their team's efficiency. Learn more about Reply

Emergents | 2024

Product Description

A sales engagement tool and cold email system, Mailshake make it easier for content managers and sales teams to send customized cold emails in mass. It is a sales engagement platform for contemporary sales teams. Users may manage tasks, get in touch with customers over the phone and through social media, and access corporate data through a centralized dashboard. Learn more about Mailshake

Software by Woodpecker

Product Description

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With the user-friendly cold email platform Woodpecker, B2B enterprises may engage with potential clients and maintain dialogues. Woodpecker enables users to create personalized, pertinent email sequences and ensures that they reach the primary inbox of your recipients. Woodpecker makes it simple to test different messages to determine which ones work best, and when prospects respond, it instantly indicates their level of interest. Learn more about Woodpecker

Emergents | 2024

Software by Rewardly Inc.

Product Description

Streak is the only CRM fully integrated into users’ Gmail inboxes. It functions conveniently with their other G Suite applications. Numerous company operations, such as partnerships, sales, support, deal flow, hiring, and much more, can be tracked using this cold email outreach software. Additionally, Streak comes with a robust collection of email features, including email tracking, which allows them to monitor when an email is opened. Learn more about Streak

Emergents | 2024

Software by Wordzen, Inc

Product Description

With GMass, users can quickly schedule emails, send bulk emails, run mail merge campaigns, and more. GMass is a user-friendly cold email software that integrates with Gmail or Google Workspace. GMass makes it simple for anyone in the academic community to combine personalized emails from a Google Sheet. Learn more about GMass

Emergents | 2024

Product Description

A firm can send personalized emails, manage follow-ups, optimize sales engagement, and other activities using Lemlist, the cold email marketing software, all from a single platform. Lemlist is used by sales teams of all sizes, lead generation companies, startups, and ambitious business owners to expand their companies successfully and develop beneficial client relationships. Learn more about Lemlist

Emergents | 2024

Cold emails & follow-ups made easy.

Product Description

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With the help of the email outreach platform, customers can schedule and send customized emails and follow-ups directly from their mailboxes, increasing their response rates. SmarReach is one of the best cold email software that aids companies in increasing their outreach and closing more deals. A straightforward yet effective sales engagement tool is Learn more about SmartReach

Emergents | 2024

Software by Mixmax, Inc

Product Description

Mixmax is a sales engagement platform that enhances customer interaction, email tracking, and surveys. It offers tools for workflow automation, personalized emails, and customer conversion. Features like unlimited email monitoring, quick scheduling, mail merging, and surveys enhance the user’s Gmail and Google Inbox experience. Learn more about Mixmax

Emergents | 2024

Software by

Product Description

QuickMail offers one of the best cold email tools. For clever teams and sophisticated marketers looking for cutting-edge stats and exceptional deliverability, QuickMail is the cold outreach solution. QuickMail is a solution for sales and marketing that automates their individual email outreach. Businesses will find QuickMail convenient if they are trying to create a predictable sales pipeline by emailing cold leads to generate fresh leads. Learn more about QuickMail

Emergents | 2024

Product Description

Email delivery and deliverability solution, Mailgun enables companies to send emails from their applications with ease. Using tags on users’ email templates for real-time analytics, Mailgun offers cold outreach tools that enable them to a/b test the business impact of their email campaigns. It is a transactional email API service that is cloud-based and intended to assist developers in tracking, sending, and receiving emails from websites or applications. Learn more about Mailgun

Category Champions | 2024

Product Description

With the help of Mailchimp, users can manage and communicate with their clients, customers, and other interested parties. Cold email marketing tools this tool offers emphasize gorgeously designed campaigns, sound contact management procedures, and effective data analysis. Users can develop tailored email marketing campaigns with Mailchimp to aid in the accomplishment of your company's objectives. Read MailChimp Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Product Description

Outreach is one of the best cold email platforms. This sales execution platform increases seller productivity and enables sales teams to build and complete more in the pipeline effectively. Users can personalize their email messages and send them in bulk to the appropriate target audience with an email outreach tool. They can ensure that the emails they send are likely to be clicked, opened, and replied to by the receiver by making sure they are contextually relevant. Learn more about

Contenders | 2024

All-in-one toolkit for sales professionals. Everyt

Product Description

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Yesware is a platform for sales productivity developed as an assistant for firms that they can easily use. Yesware is one of the best outbound email automation for email marketing that guarantees the caliber of their emails with straightforward yet effective features and tools. This helps salespeople close deals more quickly. This solution comes with template response, email tracking, and CRM syncing service. Read Yesware Reviews

Category Champions | 2024

Product Description

Hubspot CRM is cold email campaign software. The free CRM from HubSpot supports customer service, sales, and marketing with simple tools like live chat, meeting scheduling, and email monitoring. HubSpot delivers more comprehensive marketing and sales solutions at an affordable pricing point, has a lower learning curve, and has an improved user experience. Read Hubspot CRM Reviews

Most Reviewed

Contenders | 2024

Product Description

Snovio offers cold email marketing tools. With the goal of streamlining outreach, Snovio combines lead generation, email verification, and email-sending tools. In Gmail/Google Workspace, users can schedule emails to be delivered at a later time. This also keeps note of when recipients receive emails, click links, and prompt users to follow up. If an email is opened or a link inside it is clicked, Email Tracker will send users an immediate push notification. Read Snovio Reviews

Emergents | 2024

Product Description

A salesforce automation tool called PersistIQ aids sales teams in increasing outbound sales. PersistIQ is a cloud-based cold email system that primarily serves small and medium businesses and tries to consolidate all sales activities, from email follow-ups to phone responsibilities, into one platform. This sales interaction tool automates social selling, calls, emails, and prospecting. Learn more about PersistIQ

Emergents | 2024

Software by KlentySoft Inc

Product Description

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A sales engagement technology called Klenty can assist sales teams in contacting prospects by sending out customized emails and scheduling automatic follow-ups. This cold email marketing software is a comprehensive outreach sales tool. When a sales team uses Klenty, they can upload contact information and send customized emails and follow-ups while having bounces, responses, and out-of-office messages automatically detected. Learn more about Klenty

Contenders | 2024

Software by Hunter Web Services, Inc

Product Description

Online service Hunter.IO provides a range of tools for locating emails by name or phone number. A lead-generating and email outreach plugin called was developed to assist users in streamlining outreach procedures for their company. This is one of the best cold email marketing software that offers services like Gmail Finder that can help you quickly locate your misplaced emails. Read Reviews

Emergents | 2024

The Modern Revenue Workspace™

Product Description

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Salesloft is a cold email platform where sellers can carry out all their digital selling responsibilities, interact with customers, determine their next course of action, and receive the coaching and insights they require to succeed. The user-friendliness and rep-first architecture of Salesloft produce activities that flow naturally across the merchant journey. Learn more about Salesloft

Emergents | 2024

Product Description

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Autoklose is a cloud-based cold email system that assists companies in banking, technology, logistics, design, hotel, and other industries with managing email campaigns, generating leads for sales, and managing client relationships. Autoklose makes it easier for users to send emails on their behalf. All the key facets of contemporary sales development are covered by Autoklose. Learn more about Autoklose

Category Champions | 2024

BlinkGPT Powered Sales Outreach on Autopilot

Product Description

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SalesBlink is an all-in-one sales outreach platform. This cold email platform offers capabilities to locate prospects, automate outreach sales sequences with ChatGPT, warm up emails, and get booked. With SalesBlink, you can go quickly from prospecting to outreach to closing. This is an all-in-one full-stack sales outreach solution. Read SalesBlink Reviews


Cold email software has emerged as a strategic solution to navigate this landscape, offering a specialized toolkit designed to optimize the process of initiating conversations with individuals who may not have prior familiarity with your brand or offerings. Cold email software empowers businesses and professionals to craft personalized, well-timed, and engaging outreach campaigns at scale.

By leveraging features like automated follow-ups, email tracking, personalized templates, and data integration, this software streamlines the outreach journey, enhancing the likelihood of generating meaningful responses and nurturing valuable relationships. As a powerful tool in the realm of modern marketing and outreach, cold email software reshapes how businesses connect with their audience, ultimately paving the way for increased engagement, conversions, and growth.

What Is Cold Email Software?

Cold email software refers to specialized digital tools designed to facilitate and optimize the process of sending unsolicited emails to potential leads, clients, or contacts. Unlike traditional email marketing, where recipients have opted in to receive messages, cold email campaigns involve reaching out to individuals who have not necessarily expressed prior interest. Cold email software streamlines this cold outreach campaigns by providing a range of features tailored to maximize the effectiveness of such campaigns.

These features often include personalized email templates, automated follow-up sequences, email tracking and analytics, dynamic personalization, and integration capabilities with customer relationship management (CRM) systems. By automating tasks, enhancing personalization, and providing insights into recipient engagement, cold email software aims to increase the chances of generating responses and converting recipients into clients or prospects.

Benefits Of Cold Email Software

From enhancing productivity to ensuring compliance, cold email software equips businesses with the tools needed to engage with their target audience strategically and effectively. Below are the main benefits of cold email software -


  1. Boosts Outreach Productivity

    Cold email significantly boosts outreach productivity by revolutionizing the way businesses connect with potential clients, partners, and contacts. This method leverages technology to streamline and amplify outreach efforts, yielding tangible benefits for productivity. Firstly, cold email enables highly targeted outreach, allowing businesses to pinpoint individuals or organizations that align with their offerings.

    This accuracy ensures that outreach efforts are directed towards those most likely to engage, optimizing the use of resources. Secondly, the scalability of cold email is a game-changer. Cold email software empowers users to send tailored messages to numerous recipients simultaneously. This eliminates the time-consuming nature of manual outreach while maintaining personalization.

  2. Efficient Campaign Management

    The best cold email platform serves as a powerful tool for efficient campaign management by offering a range of features that streamline the entire process. Cold email software simplifies campaign management by centralizing all outreach aspects within a single platform.

    Through segmentation, businesses can precisely target their audience based on demographics and interests, ensuring messages resonate effectively. Cold email's ability to personalize at scale, automatically inserting recipient-specific details for a tailored approach. Automated follow-up sequences play a pivotal role in campaign management efficiency.

  3. Low-Cost Start-Up

    Cold email outreach tools provide a cost-effective means of initiating outreach campaigns. Unlike traditional marketing methods that often involve substantial expenses, these tools offer affordable entry points. This affordability levels the playing field, enabling startups and small businesses to engage in impactful outreach without straining their budgets.

  4. Increased ROI

    Cold email marketing tools play a pivotal role in increasing return on investment (ROI) by optimizing outreach strategies and fostering meaningful interactions. The personalized and targeted nature of cold emails enhances the chances of engaging with recipients who have a genuine interest in the offered products or services. 

    This focused approach minimizes wasted efforts on uninterested parties and increases the likelihood of conversions. Efficient campaign management, made possible by cold email software, streamlines the entire process from planning to execution. 

  5. Compliance and Deliverability

    Ensuring compliance with email regulations and maintaining high deliverability rates are paramount to successful outreach. Cold email software often comes equipped with features that help manage unsubscribe requests, handle bounced emails, and adhere to anti-spam laws. This focus on compliance safeguards the sender's reputation and maintains the integrity of outreach efforts.

Top Features Offered By The Best Cold Email Software

Cold outreach tools have emerged as indispensable assets, transforming how organizations connect with their target audience. These tools offer diverse top features that streamline communication, boost productivity, and provide actionable insights. Let's explore these features in detail -


  1. Email Templates

    Cold email tools provide a library of pre-designed email templates, enabling businesses to effortlessly create professional and impactful messages. These templates can be customized to reflect brand identity, ensuring consistency while saving time on content creation.

  2. Email Scheduling

    With the ability to schedule emails, cold email tools empower businesses to send messages at optimal times. Whether it's adjusting for different time zones or aligning with recipient preferences, scheduling ensures higher chances of emails being opened and read.

  3. Powerful Team Activity Dashboards

    Cold email tools often include comprehensive dashboards that offer a bird's-eye view of team activities. These dashboards provide insights into campaigns, response rates, and individual performance, facilitating better collaboration and informed decision-making.

  4. Contact Management

    Efficiently managing contact lists is essential for successful outreach. Cold email tools offer contact management features that organize, segment, and update contact information, ensuring personalized targeting and effective campaign execution.

  5. Email Tracking and Analytics

    One of the core strengths of cold email tools is the ability to track email interactions in real time. These tools provide detailed analytics on open rates, click-through rates, and responses, enabling businesses to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and adjust strategies accordingly.

  6. Automatic Follow-ups

    Automated follow-up sequences are a hallmark of cold email tools. These sequences send predetermined follow-up emails based on recipient behavior, ensuring consistent engagement and boosting response rates over time.

  7. Real-time Notifications

    Cold email tools keep users informed with real-time notifications. Whether it's a recipient opening an email, clicking a link, or responding, these notifications allow businesses to promptly react and engage in timely and relevant conversations.

What Is The Difference Between Cold Email Vs. Spam? 

Cold email and spam are two terms often used in the context of digital communication, but they represent distinct practices with significant differences in intent, approach, and legality.


  1. Intent

    Cold emails intend to initiate meaningful conversations and connections, while spam emails aim to promote products or deceive recipients.

  2. Personalization

    Cold emails are often personalized and tailored to the recipient's interests, whereas spam emails lack personalization.

  3. Relevance

    Cold emails target specific audiences that might have a potential interest, whereas spam emails are sent en masse without regard for relevance.

  4. Consent

    Cold emails might not have explicit consent but strive to be relevant, whereas spam emails lack recipient consent and can even violate anti-spam laws.

  5. Legal Compliance

    Cold emails adhere to legal regulations and ethical standards, while spam emails often violate laws and regulations.

  6. Impact

    Cold emails can foster positive connections if well-executed, while spam emails can damage brand reputation and erode trust.

What Is The Difference Between Cold Email And Email Marketing Software?

Cold email and email marketing software are two distinct approaches in email communication, each serving different purposes and employing varying strategies.


  1. Audience

    Cold email targets individuals who haven't opted in, while email marketing targets a subscribed audience that has shown interest.

  2. Purpose

    Cold email aims to initiate a conversation and establish connections, whereas email marketing focuses on maintaining engagement and driving conversions.

  3. Personalization

    Cold emails are highly personalized for individual recipients, while email marketing messages can be segmented but might be less individually tailored.

  4. Consent

    Cold emails lack explicit consent but strive to provide value, whereas email marketing requires recipient consent for communication.

  5. Campaign Type

    Cold email outreach software is used for targeted outreach, often on an individual basis, while email marketing involves broader campaigns to a list of subscribers.

  6. Content

    Cold email content aims to establish relevance and foster rapport, while email marketing content includes newsletters, promotions, and other content for nurturing relationships.

  7. Response Expectation

    Cold emails actively encourage responses to initiate conversations, while email marketing might expect responses but is more focused on delivering information.

How To Select The Right Cold Email Software?

Selecting the right cold email software is crucial for businesses seeking to optimize their outreach efforts. The right software can make the difference between successful campaigns and missed opportunities. Here are key factors to consider when choosing the ideal cold email software -


  1. Easy to Set Up

    Opt for cold email software that offers a user-friendly interface and straightforward setup process. The software should minimize technical complexities, allowing you to focus on crafting effective campaigns rather than grappling with intricate configurations.

  2. Personalization

    Effective cold emails rely on personalization. Look for software that enables dynamic personalization, allowing you to insert recipient-specific details effortlessly. The ability to customize emails ensures a tailored approach that resonates with recipients.

  3. A/B Testing and Template Libraries

    The option to conduct A/B testing is vital for optimizing email performance. Choose software that facilitates testing of subject lines, content, and sending times to determine what resonates best with your audience. Additionally, template libraries provide a foundation for crafting visually appealing and impactful emails.

  4. Enhanced Reporting and Analytics

    Select software that offers comprehensive reporting and analytics features. Insights into open rates, click-through rates, and response metrics allow you to measure campaign success and fine-tune your strategies based on real data.

  5. Email Deliverability

    Email deliverability is a critical aspect of any cold email campaign. Choose software with strong deliverability rates and built-in tools to prevent emails from being flagged as spam. High deliverability ensures your messages reach recipients' inboxes effectively.

  6. Automation and Scheduling

    Efficiency is key in cold email campaigns. Opt for software that offers automated follow-up sequences and the ability to schedule emails at optimal times. Automation streamlines communication and increases the chances of recipient engagement.

  7. Integration with CRM

    Seamless integration with your customer relationship management (CRM) system is essential for maintaining accurate and up-to-date contact information. The software should sync data between platforms, enhancing workflow and organization.

Best Practices For Effective Cold Emailing

By adhering to best practices, businesses can transform cold emails into powerful tools for initiating meaningful conversations and nurturing valuable relationships. Here are some key practices to master when crafting cold emails:


  1. Research and Targeting

    Before hitting "send," invest time in researching your recipients. Understand their pain points, challenges, and interests. Tailor your message to align with their needs, demonstrating that you've done your homework and making your email more likely to resonate.

  2. Clear and Compelling Subject Lines

    The subject line is your first impression. Craft concise and compelling subject lines that offer value and pique curiosity. Avoid clickbait and ensure the subject accurately represents the content of your email.

  3. Try A/B Testing Your Emails

    A/B testing allows you to experiment with different elements of your email, such as subject lines, content, or CTA placement. This data-driven approach helps identify what resonates best with your audience and fine-tune your strategy.

  4. Clear and Concise Email Body

    Get to the point swiftly in the email body. Use clear, concise language and break up content into short paragraphs. Focus on how your offering benefits the recipient and avoid overwhelming them with too much information.

  5. Call-to-Action (CTA)

    Every cold email should have a clear and actionable CTA. Whether it's scheduling a call, downloading a resource, or visiting a website, make sure your recipient knows the desired next step.

  6. Provide Unsubscribe Links

    Transparency is crucial. Include an easy-to-find unsubscribe link to respect recipient preferences and adhere to email regulations. This not only maintains compliance but also enhances your reputation.

  7. Persistent with Follow-ups

    Don't shy away from follow-ups. Most responses come after multiple touchpoints. Create a follow-up sequence that provides value in each interaction, reminding the recipient of your initial message.

  8. Track and Measure

    Utilize email tracking and analytics tools to monitor recipient engagement. Keep an eye on open rates, click-through rates, and responses. Analyzing this data helps you gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns and adapt your strategy accordingly.

How To Measure Your Cold Email Performance?

Measuring the performance of your cold email campaigns is a crucial step in refining your outreach strategy and achieving optimal results. By assessing key metrics, you can gain valuable insights into recipient engagement and tailor your approach for better outcomes.

Here's how to effectively measure the performance of your cold email campaigns -


  1. Open Rate

    The open rate indicates the percentage of recipients who open your email. A higher open rate suggests that your subject lines are compelling and relevant to your audience. To improve open rates, focus on crafting attention-grabbing subject lines that accurately reflect the content of your emails.

  2. Click-Through Rate (CTR)

    The CTR measures the percentage of recipients who not only open your email but also click on a link or CTA within it. A higher CTR indicates that your email content is engaging and prompts recipients to take action. To boost CTR, ensure your email body is concise, relevant, and includes a clear call-to-action.

  3. Response Rate

    The response rate reflects the number of recipients who replied to your cold email. A healthy response rate signifies that your email content and personalization efforts resonate with your audience. To increase response rates, craft personalized and compelling emails that address the recipient's pain points or interests.

  4. Conversion Rate

    The conversion rate tracks the percentage of recipients who completed a desired action after engaging with your cold email, such as signing up for a webinar or scheduling a call. A higher conversion rate indicates that your emails effectively drive desired outcomes. To improve conversion rates, ensure your emails have a clear and enticing call-to-action.

  5. Bounce Rate

    The bounce rate represents the percentage of emails that were not delivered due to invalid or non-existent email addresses. A lower bounce rate signifies that your email list is clean and up-to-date. To minimize bounce rates, regularly update your contact list and remove invalid email addresses.

  6. Unsubscribe Rate

    The unsubscribe rate shows the percentage of recipients who opt out of receiving further emails from you. A lower unsubscribe rate indicates that your content is valuable and your frequency is appropriate. To manage unsubscribe rates, provide an easy-to-find unsubscribe link and maintain a consistent value proposition.

Use Case Examples Of Cold Email Software

From sales to networking, the software enables users to execute targeted and efficient outreach campaigns. Here are some examples of how cold email software can be effectively utilized:


  1. For Sales Outreach

    Cold email software is highly effective for initiating and nurturing sales conversations. Businesses can reach out to potential leads, present their offerings, and showcase value propositions. Automated follow-ups, personalized templates, and analytics contribute to higher response rates and improved lead conversion.

  2. Influencer or Partner Outreach

    When seeking collaborations with influencers or potential partners, cold email software comes in handy. Customized pitches can be sent to influencers or partners, outlining the mutual benefits of collaboration and creating opportunities for productive partnerships.

  3. Cold Email for Networking

    Networking is essential for business growth, and cold email software can facilitate this process. Professionals can use it to connect with peers, industry experts, or potential mentors, initiating conversations and building meaningful relationships within their network.

  4. For Media Pitches

    For businesses aiming to secure media coverage, cold email software can be instrumental. Crafting compelling pitches and reaching out to journalists, bloggers, and media outlets becomes more efficient. Personalized outreach and strategic follow-ups increase the chances of media exposure.

  5. For Link Building

    In the realm of SEO and digital marketing, building high-quality backlinks is crucial. Cold email software can be employed to reach out to relevant website owners and propose content collaborations or link placements, contributing to improved search engine rankings.

  6. Job Recruitment

    Cold email software can also aid in job recruitment. Companies can reach out to potential candidates for job openings, providing details about the position and showcasing the organization's values. Automated follow-ups can keep candidates engaged throughout the recruitment process.

  7. Content Promotion

    When businesses launch new content, such as blog posts or ebooks, cold email software can help promote these materials. Sending tailored emails to a targeted audience can drive traffic, increase engagement, and establish thought leadership.

What Is The Average Cost Of Cold Email Software?

The average cost of cold email software can vary widely depending on several factors, including the features offered, the customization level, the contact list size, and the provider's pricing structure. Basic plans for smaller businesses or startups start as low as $20 to $50 per month. These plans typically include essential features such as email templates, tracking, and limited automation.

As businesses scale and require more advanced functionalities such as A/B testing, CRM integration, and in-depth analytics, the cost can increase to around $100 to $300 per month or more. Enterprise-level plans, tailored for larger organizations with extensive outreach needs, might range from $500 to over $1,000 per month. Some providers also offer custom pricing based on specific requirements. It's essential to consider not only the cost but also the value the software brings in terms of improved efficiency, higher engagement rates, and enhanced campaign results when evaluating the investment in cold email software.


Businesses can leverage the power of cold email campaigns for sales, networking, recruitment, and more. The ability to measure performance, refine strategies, and adapt based on recipient engagement ensures a continuous improvement cycle.

As technology evolves and competition intensifies, cold email software stands as a dynamic asset, offering the means to engage with audiences in a meaningful, personalized, and efficient manner. With its potential to boost efficiency, optimize engagement, and amplify results, cold email software is a cornerstone in modern marketing and communication strategies, enabling businesses to unlock new avenues of success in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


Yes, sending cold emails is generally legal, but you must follow regulations like the CAN-SPAM Act (in the US) and similar laws in other countries. These regulations require you to include your contact information, provide an option to unsubscribe, and not use deceptive subject lines.

Yes, email warm-up is important when using cold email software. Warm-up involves gradually sending a small number of emails to build a positive sender reputation and avoid being marked as spam. It helps improve deliverability and engagement.

A good cold email open rate can vary, but generally, an open rate of 15% to 25% is considered decent. However, the effectiveness of your campaign depends on factors like your target audience, subject lines, and the value you offer in the email.

A good reply rate for cold emails can range from 3% to 10%. A higher reply rate indicates that your emails are engaging and resonating with recipients. However, the actual rate may differ based on your industry, quality of your message, and the relevance to the recipient.

Nikunj Dudhat
By Nikunj Dudhat | Last Updated: January 02, 2024