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Best commercial real estate software is sold, Do mri software, buildout, sharplaunch, and economy. Commercial broker software helps property managers and landlords to manage their real estate properties.

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List of 20 Best Commercial Real Estate Software

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Category Champions | 2023

Exclusively designed CRM for Real Estate

Sell.Do is a CRM exclusively designed for real estate businesses. The platform provides end-to-end sales and marketing automation solutions for all kinds of property builders and has been designed with an in-depth understanding of the real estate business workflow and processes. More than 600 real estate companies have used the software and have witnessed higher sales and lower marketing costs. Read Sell.Do Reviews

Most Reviewed

High Performer | 2023

We at Tranquil CRM recognize that the business process is unique for every industry, as are the needs involved in achieving sales success. That's why we developed CRM Software an end to end sales, marketing, and support solution that are adaptable and adjustable. Read Tranquil CRM Reviews

Emergents | 2023

Apto is the only web-based brokerage platform for managing your contacts, properties, listings, deals, and back-office anywhere from any device. Whether you’re an owner rep, a tenant rep investment sales professional or a generalist Apto's award-winning CRM and deal control platform can help you win business and close deals. Read Apto Reviews

Category Champions | 2023

The Best Commercial Real Estate Valuation Software

Forbury is a feature-rich commercial real estate valuation tool for commercial real estate owners, and agents.. This intuitive tool offers useful features such as cash flow analysis, and portfolio management. It also offers support during business hours. Read Forbury Reviews

Emergents | 2023

Next-Gen Software for Commercial Real Estate Teams

VTS is a next-gen commercial real estate (CRE) platform built for seamless asset management. This comprehensive software helps marketing teams minimize deal cycle time by 41 percent. VTS has more than 35000 users from CRE companies. Sign up for a free demo. Learn more about VTS - View The Space

Emergents | 2023

Software by MRI Software

MRI real estate software is a flexible solution for owner, operators, occupiers, and investors. It optimizes the real estate asset, manage the mobile workforce, monitor investment lifecycle and automates the workflow. Learn more about MRI Software

Emergents | 2023

The Most-Preferred Commercial Real Estate Software

BuildOut is a robust commercial real estate (CRE) tool trusted by renowned CRE firms. This efficient software is ideal for handling brokerage issues. It comes with several useful features, such as pipeline reporting, database, back-office tools, & much more. Learn more about Buildout

Emergents | 2023

A Robust Commercial Real Estate Software

SharpLaunch is an all-inclusive marketing tool for commercial properties. It is trusted by a lot of asset managers and brokers for streamlining their marketing activities. It also helps accelerate marketing production tasks besides enhancing asset visibility. Learn more about SharpLaunch

Emergents | 2023

AI-powered Commercial Real Estate Software

Reonomy is an AI-enabled commercial real estate software designed to provide you with useful insights. This highly customizable tool helps you make informed decisions so that you can gain a competitive edge in the market. It also offers a free trial period. Learn more about Reonomy

High Performer | 2023

ARGUS Enterprise is a fully featured Real Estate Software designed to serve Startups, Enterprises. ARGUS Enterprise provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Real Estate system offers For Appraisers, Cash Flow Analysis, Commercial Properties, Tax Management, Strategic Planning at one place. Learn more about ARGUS Enterprise

Emergents | 2023

An All-in-one Commercial Real Estate Software

Quarem is a promising lease management software that helps you organize, control, and simplify the process of managing your properties, projects, leases, reports, assets, etc., in one place. Visit the website and register now to request a software demo. Learn more about Quarem

Emergents | 2023

Software by REthink CRM

This is a Business Management Software and Real Estate CRM for Residential and Commercial Firms and Professionals. It has developed into a full-blown real estate business management solution for commercial and residential with features for essentially every person in the firm. Learn more about Rethink

Emergents | 2023

Commercial Real Estate CRM. One Single Tool To Man

AscendixRE is a commercial real estate CRM on top of Salesforce. Have a complete overview of your business, automate lease, activity tracking. Generate reports and brochures in a few clicks. Build granular lists of prospects, and more! Learn more about AscendixRE

High Performer | 2023

A Comprehensive Tool for Real Estate Appraisals

Valcre is an amazing tool for commercial real estate appraisals. The software comes with unique report building & activity tracking capabilities. It also has a cloud-based database to help you store client contacts. Valcre offers a one-on-one software demo. Learn more about Valcre

Contenders | 2023

AI-enabled Commercial Real Estate Software

Affinity is an AI-enabled relationship management tool for Commercial Real Estate agents. Besides removing communication silos, this feature-filled software helps you schedule reminders & uncover useful insights. Visit the website to request a software demo. Learn more about

Emergents | 2023

HOUSING ERP is a cloud software which is designed to address common problems in Housing Societies. The HousingERP is the most comprehensive solution for understanding society’s business needs. This web-based software allows the users real time access to the system. Learn more about Housing ERP

Data driven deal management for dealmakers.

Origin is a powerful real estate investment management platform with an enhanced data insights. It helps acquisitions teams to screen and close deals faster than competition. Learn more about Origin

Over the last couple of decades, technology has disrupted many traditional industries. The real estate business is one industry where tech laggards have been left behind by their more advanced competitors. The gap between tech adopters and laggards makes it critical for businesses to understand what is commercial real estate software and how it can help their business.

What is the Use of Commercial Real Estate Software?

Real estate businesses encompass multiple functions that require the use of technology to manage these functions. From managing listing, sales, assets, and customers, real estate software helps replace traditional platforms and manual solutions with automated tools and processes.

Commercial real estate software includes CRM tools, asset & property management tools and sales & marketing tools. With the increased demand to create digital experiences and the greater competition in the space, commercial real estate software becomes critical for businesses to stay relevant in the domain.

Features of Commercial Real Estate Software

With the vast number of options available in the market, it is critical to understand what makes good commercial real estate software. The following are key features to help you decide on software to invest in.

1. Robust owner portal

The main target audience of any commercial real estate software is the businesses themselves. Thus, ensuring businesses have a fully functional portal to perform administrative, financial, customer engagement, and marketing functions are critical.

A good owner portal will include multi-user access, well-defined decision trees, and access to a broad classification across customer databases.

2. Convenient and accessible customer portal

While real estate businesses might be the key target market, ensuring that the end consumer has a simple path to make purchases and add to the company’s top-line revenue is critical.

Users should be able to create a profile through simple steps, browse through a catalog of inventory, confirm bookings, sign leases, make online payments through multiple modes, submit maintenance requests, and schedule rent increases.

3. Rich marketing tools

Another key feature businesses should look out for in commercial real estate software is the availability of tools to enhance marketing and outreach.

Businesses should be able to create attractive campaigns based on user subgroups and track the responses and, thereby, the successes of these campaigns. Marketing tools need to be supported by strong user analytics capabilities to provide effective forecasts and campaigns in the future.

4. Administrative tools

Administrative tasks are probably the easiest to automate and have the highest cost-saving potential. Many admin tasks are often manual, and a good real estate commercial software should also have provisions to account for these tasks.

Admin features that one should look out for include customer request tracking, maintenance scheduling, creation of work orders, inspection reports, and photos.

5. Financial tools

Given the traditional nature of the business, another area for dramatic improvement in efficiency is the accounts and finances department. A constantly changing regulatory environment often means recording and re-recording multiple transactions under different books/ledgers.

Automated financial tools can help circumvent this problem. Other important financial features include property ROI and performance calculations, expense tracking, and general ledger analysis.

6. Engaging customer relationship management features

Lastly, probably most important, is the customer relationship management (CRM) feature. CRMs are critical to monitor interactions with the customer, which could result in a better understanding of the current customer base and identify prospective customers.

Key features include automated responses, tagging customer profiles, logging conversations, and customer analytics.

Things To Consider While Purchasing a Commercial Real Estate Software

The features above help us understand what to expect from standard commercial real estate software. The following are key considerations that a user should take into account to make the most of their software before investing in a new solution:

  • Easy to use for employees and customers alike

  • Seamless integration with your legacy systems

  • Active customer support in case of errors or failures

  • Ability to scale in size as your business grows

The Final Take on Commercial Real Estate Software

Commercial real estate software helps save businesses a lot of bottom-line costs incurred due to manual labor and associated errors, as well as low-efficiency rates. The various features offered in most software today can play a key role in automating the traditional way of working and help businesses stay afloat and compete in a rapidly changing technology environment.

Commercial real estate software can help businesses gain that extra edge that will enable them to flourish in such an environment.

Compare Pricing Plans of Top Commercial Real Estate Software Providers

Name Ratings & Reviews Starting Price Free Trial?
Sell.Do 4.3(76 Reviews) $0 15 Days Yes Learn More
Tranquil CRM 3.3(3 Reviews) $3472.22 One Time No Learn More
Forbury 4.0(1 Review)

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No Learn More
Apto 5.0(1 Review) $89 User/ Month No Learn More
Rethink Write a Review $79 User/ Month No Learn More

FAQs of Commercial Real Estate Software

Commercial real estate software is created to assist insurance carriers, agencies, and brokerages in managing their daily operations through the automation of tasks.

Last Updated: August 02, 2023