Finding the right Bulk SMS solution that fits your unique needs is a difficult task. Implementing a software like Atomic SMS or SMS-iT requires a great deal of contemplation along with a comparison of crucial factors. You must be wondering - Atomic SMS vs SMS-iT, which one is better? We've used languages supported, screenshots, user ratings, features, plans and pricing, integration, customer support, videos and other such parameters in this comparison report. Furthermore, to expand your software research beyond these two solutions, Atomic SMS vs SMS-iT, we've added one more software - SimpleTexting to help you make an educated decision.

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Below section includes screenshots of Atomic SMS and SMS-iT to help you compare the user interface.


Atomic SMS and SMS-iT have been awarded the following awards by SoftwareSuggest. These awards have been given on the basis of the overall performance of these software in Bulk SMS Software category.

Atomic SMS Award
SMS-iT Award

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Payment Type

Below is the comparison of the starting price and payment method of Atomic SMS and SMS-iT. Information related to the payment plans of Atomic SMS is unavailable. Whereas, SMS-iT provides Unlimited SMS and MMS Credits payment plan. Both Atomic SMS and SMS-iT provide free trials for you to test the software before purchasing.

Free Trial


Free Trial


Free Trial



Customer Support

Contact Management


Mass Texting



Import Address Book

Manage Contacts

Instant Message Delivery

Manage Sender ID

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Customer Support

Email Integration

Marketing Analytics

Marketing Automation

Survey Management

Task Management

Appointment Management

Content Management System

Lead Management

Contact Management

Call Recording

Customer DataBase

Call Management

Channel Management

Customizable Branding

File Sharing

Workflow Management

Portfolio Management

Goal Setting / Tracking

Surveys & Feedback


A/B Testing

Activity Tracking

Lead Capture

Lead Distribution

Lead Scoring

Pipeline Management

Campaign Management

Lead Nurturing

Lead Segmentation

Prospecting Tools



Mass Texting


Polls / Voting



Manage Contacts

Instant Message Delivery

Manage Sender ID

Call Logging

Approval Process Control

Automated Routing


Channel Analytics


Forms Management

Web Forms

Contact Database


Rewards Program

Data Management

Client Management

Marketing Management

Seamless Integration

Mailing list management

Landing Pages

Content analytics

Analytics / ROI Tracking

Campaign Segmentation

Loyalty Card System

Customer Segmentation

Push Notifications

Churn Management

Communication Management

Content Syndication

Multi-Channel Communication

Data Analysis

Data Visualization

Event Triggered Email

Newsletter Management

Template Management

Automated Publishing

Customer Engagement

For Developers

For Sales

Chat / Messaging



For Restaurants

Supports Loyalty Program

Callback Scheduling

Database Creation

Document Creation

Client database

Email Marketing

Data Integration

Fraud detection

Data Import / Export

Email Distribution

Drag & Drop

Audience Targeting

Call List Management


Appointment Reminders

Recurring Appointments

Account Alerts

Action Management

Multi-Channel Collection

Geo Targeting

Campaign Tracking

Abandoned Cart Saver

Content Management


For Healthcare

High Volume Processing

Text Analytics

Interactive Content

Social Media Tagging

Auto Dialer

Post Scheduling

Contextual Targeting

Pre-built Templates

Campaign Personalization

Customer Profiles

Data Matching

GDPR Compliance


Behavioral Targeting

AI / Machine Learning

Data Blending

Agenda Management

Invitation Management

Meeting Preparation Tools

Post-Meeting Tools


On-Screen Chats

Pre-configured Bot


Brand Management

Marketing Calendar

Data Entry

Data Verification

Document Imaging

Video Conferencing

Categorization / Grouping

Multi-Channel Publishing

Real-time Chat


Batch Communications

Queue Management

Analytics/ROI Tracking

Drip Campaigns

Contact Import/Export

Mobile Optimized Emails

Text Messaging

Sales Intelligence

Landing Pages / Web Forms

Contact Discovery

Data Extraction

Lead Enrichment

Lead Notifications

Demographic Data

Landing Pages/Web Forms

Online Registration

Customer Targeting

Deep Learning


Listing Management

Event Registration

For eCommerce

Machine Learning

Media Planning

Test Scheduling

Multiple Route Support

Contextual Search

Caller Identification

SMS Messaging

Two-Way Messaging

Mobile Coupons

Scheduled Messaging

Notification Scheduling

Social Promotions


Location-Based Marketing

Message Personalization

Form Creation

Voice Mail

Web Notifications

2-Way Messaging

Automated Notices

Content Import/Export

Email to Fax

Fax to Email

Ad Optimization

Banner Management

Newsletter / Email Ad Serving

URL Builder

Data Classification


Mobile Retargeting

For Telepsychiatry

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Customer Support

Contact Management

Mass Texting


Subscriber Management

Import Address Book

Manage Contacts

Instant Message Delivery

Manage Sender ID

User Ratings

Based on all the user reviews and ratings received by Atomic SMS and SMS-iT in Bulk SMS software category, we’ve provided an average user rating for each software below. Atomic SMS has 5 reviews while SMS-iT has 4 reviews.


Liked the price and features offered


If we talk about SMS, its fast in work and intuitionally to work


I didn't find any cons

Erick Saravia

Amazing Marketing Software


I love this app because it is a one-stop shop for marketing automation. It is so easy to use and has amazing features that are important for my business. I love that I have the option to send messages to my contacts or my leads, and the app will automatically find out who you're talking too. I love that I can have a branded text message or a generic text message, depending on my needs. The price is also very affordable for the amount of services that I get. I also love that I can track my campaign performance with the software and see who responded and why.


everything good, v2 launching soon so only getting better. Still a very young startup

saipureddy chandrasekhar

interaction with workers


Auto-responders: People who text your short code can automatically join a drip marketing campaign or a content marketing campaign that goes on all the time. We discovered that this service increased our app install rate by 40%. Scale up: you can begin with a low plan and simply upgrade as you make more use of the service. You only pay /text once you reach the top. Cost: The prices are very reasonable and very clear. They can even assist you in acquiring your very own shortcode if you decide to go all out! Self-help - You can alter and work on your texts as you go, you ordinarily don't need to hang tight for anybody Client support - Astounding client support. real people with whom you can talk repeatedly. The chat feature is very simple. Texting in groups: It's simple to send a message to everyone on your list.


No timestamp - Greatest con is that they don't have a timestamp when individuals buy-in; They simply inform you of the date's time. Optimizing marketing campaigns becomes more difficult when you lack time. Filtering: Because the majority of pages lack filtering or sorting capabilities, it can be challenging to navigate the lists and auto-drip. There is no "duplicate" feature; when trying to recreate an autoresponder campaign, you must enter each message one at a time, which is time-consuming. You must skim the page to find the list you want. A/B Testing: This is more of a WISH than a CON because I don't think any service offers it. It would be fantastic if they allowed users to A/B test various text messages to see which ones generated more engagement, similar to subject line tests for emails.

Desktop & Mobile Platforms

Deployment is a crucial factor to consider while buying Bulk SMS software. Atomic SMS is available on Windows desktop platforms and Android mobile platforms. SMS-iT is available on Web App desktop platforms and IOS, Android mobile platforms.



Web App








Plans and Pricing

Compare pricing of Atomic SMS vs SMS-iT with the following detailed pricing plan info. Atomic SMS has not provided information about its pricing. On the other hand, SMS-iT comes in 2 packages: Decentralized Version - Professional, Cloud Version - Starter.

Compare Price Quotes

Decentralized Version - Professional

USD 199

Unlimited SMS and MMS Credits

Unlimited SMS/MMS Messages

Flat Rate

Free US/CA Number

Free Inbound Messages

Global - Outside US/CA

Daily Send Limit - Unlimited

Unlimited Messaging

42+ Smart Features

Smart Database

Unlimited Keywords

Voice calls

Rollover Credits

API & Integrations

Unlimited Contacts

Unlimited User Seats

Dedicated Manager

Support 24hrs/7 days

Get Pricing

Cloud Version - Starter

USD 25

500 Credits

Message Credits - 500 credits

Flat Rate - $0.05 - 0.0059


Unlimited User Seats/ Dedicated Manager

Free Toll-Free or Local Mobile Number

Free Inbound Messages

Daily Send Limit - Unlimited

Super Speed

Unlimited Messaging

42+ Smart Features

Smart Database

Unlimited Keywords


Buy Mobile Numbers

Rollover Credits

API & Integrations

Unlimited Contacts

Get Pricing


USD 45

Per Month

Free Unlimited Keywords

Free Incoming Messages

Free Unlimited Contacts

Rollover Credits

Peerless Support

Memorable Short Code: 555888

Get Pricing

Customer Support

The quality and timeliness of support are an important parameter while comparing Atomic SMS with SMS-iT. Atomic SMS offers phone, email, live support, tickets as support to its customers while SMS-iT provides phone, email, live support, tickets, training.



Live support




Live support





Live support

Languages Supported

Atomic SMS and SMS-iT are supported in the following languages.





Typical Customer

The target customer base of Atomic SMS vs SMS-iT is mentioned below. Check which software fits your business requirements perfectly.












In the next section, we have included videos to help you get a better idea of each software. Go through these short videos to understand Atomic SMS and SMS-iT a bit better.

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