Are you struggling to find the perfect HR Software that aligns with your complex demands? Our curated list of top-tier solutions offers personalization to meet your unique needs. Additionally, we've created a comprehensive comparison of Namely vs. eSparsh HRMS all in one place to simplify your decision-making process. Namely is rated 4.6 while eSparsh HRMS is rated 5.0.

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Take a look at the below screenshots and seamlessly compare the user interface of Namely and eSparsh HRMS for better insights.


Namely and eSparsh HRMS have been awarded by SoftwareSuggest for the selected categories. These awards have been given on the basis of the overall performance of this software in the HR Software category.

Namely Award
Namely Award

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Payment Type

Below is the comparison of the starting price and payment method of Namely and eSparsh HRMS. Information related to the payment plans of Namely is unavailable. Whereas, eSparsh HRMS provides Per Month payment plans. Namely provides a free trial whereas, eSparsh HRMS does not provide a free trial.

Free Trial


Free Trial



Onetime(Perpetual license)

Free Trial




Compare between Namely and eSparsh HRMS based on their key features and functionalities to pick the right one for your business.

Document Management

Email Integration

HR & Payroll

Payroll Management

Task Management

Employee Data Base

Mobile App


Payroll Integration

Application Security

Workflow Management

360 Degree Feedback

Employee Profile

Goal Setting / Tracking

Ad Hoc Reports


Workforce Management

MIS Reports

Calendar Management

Time & Expense Tracking


Social Recognition


Back Office Assistance

Talent Management

Benefits Management

Vacation / Leave Tracking

Mobile Access

Mobile Time Tracking

Content Library

Dashboards & Analytics

Employee Database

Employee Engagement

Access Controls/Permissions

Time & Attendance

Workflow Configuration


Account Management

Employee Handbook

Candidate Tracking

COBRA Administration

Activity / News Feed

W-2/1099 Preparation

Wage Garnishment

Employee Portal

Time Off Requests

Enable Self Service

Read More

Asset Management

Attendance management

Audit Trail


Loan & Advances Management

Email Integration

Email Templates

Employee Self Service Management

Exit Management & Seperation Management

Expense Management

Help Desk

HR & Payroll

Knowledge Management

Mobile Support

Multiuser Login & Role-based access control

Online Tests & Psychometric Tests

Payroll Management

Performance Management

Recruitment Management

Registration Management

Reimbursement Management


Survey Management

Taxation Management

Time & Attendance Management

Time Tracking

Travel Management

Contractor Management

Employee Data Base

Mobile App

Contact Management

Leave Management

Compatibility with Swap Card

Data Security

Applicant tracking

Benefits Administration

Data Imports/Exports

Employee Management

Performance Metrics

Application Integration

Online Activation

Recruiting Management

Resume Database

Resume Search

Talent Acquisition

Background Screening

Candidate Management

Interview Management

Job Requisition & Posting

Jobs Board Integration


Recruiting Firms

Reference Checking

Self Service Portal

Timesheet Management

Employee Scheduling

Application Security

Compliance Management

Electronic Signature

Income Statements

Accounting Integration


Real Time Reporting

Status Tracking

Tax Management

360 Degree Feedback

Appraisal History

Compensation Management

Employee Profile

Goal Management

Goal Setting / Tracking

Performance Appraisal

Surveys & Feedback

Ad Hoc Reports

Historical Reporting

Approval Process Control

Contract Management

Audit Management

MIS Reports

Insurance Management

Maintenance Tracking

Tire Management

Requisition Management

Incentive Management

Task Tracking


Time & Expense Tracking

Server Performance

Email Monitoring

History Tracking

User Activity Monitoring

Staff Management

Analytical Reports

Employee Alignment

Employee Awards

Employee Guides

Rewards Program

Asset Lifecycle Management

Employee Training


Events & Reminders

Excel Import

PF/ESIS Calculation

Grievance Management

Appraisal Management

People Management

Talent Management

Configuration Management

Asset Allocation

Attendee Management

Data Analysis Tools

Letter generation

Employee field customization

Online resignation

Geo tracking

Rewards Management

Assessment Management

Competency Tracking


Benefits Management

Employee Lifecycle Management

Expense Reporting

Template Management

Multi-User Collaboration

Asset Tracking

Mobile Access

Service History Tracking

IP Protection

License Issuance

Renewal Management

Remote Access

Billable & Non-Billable Hours

Offline Time Tracking

Mobile Time Tracking

Approval Workflow

Access control

Import/Export Data

GPS tracking

Data Integration

Custom Survey URLs

Signature Capture

Occupational Health Management

Incentive Programs

Compensation Calculation

Compensation Statements

Employee Reward Programs

Salary Planning

Photos In Reports

Report Templates

Deduction Management

Employee Database

Time Off Management

Employee Directory

Room Booking Management

Temporary Staffing

Data Migration

Geo Fencing

Geo Tagging

IP Restriction on Attendance


Analytics & Advance MIS Reports

Employee Engagement

Digital Offer Letters

Manager Self Service

Roster Management

Mobile Friendly


Role Management

Access Controls/Permissions

Deployment Management


Manager-to-Peer Recognition

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Backup Log

Remote Server Options

User Access Permissions

IT Asset Management

Data Quality Control

Budget Tracking/Job Costing

Time Clock

Time & Attendance

Performance Control

Multi-Cloud Management

Performance Analytics


Multi-Department / Project


Contract Lifecycle Management

Check-in / Check-out

Data Deduplication

Experience Management

Job Requisition

Goal Setting

Resume Posting

Job Posting

Customizable Tests

Action Item Tracking

Career Development

Candidate Comparison

Online Testing

Candidate Tracking

Interview Scheduling

Skills Assessments

Evaluation Management


Competency Scale

Leave & Absence Reporting

Online Punch Card

Punch card

Salaried Employee Tracking

Sick Leave Tracking

Retirement Plan Management

Gate/Access Control

Automated Review & Approval

Policy Creation Wizard


Image Management

Contractor Database

Insurance Tracking

Contract/License Management

Skills & Competencies

Analytics/ROI Tracking


Biometric Recognition

On-going Performance Tracking

Life Insurance Administration

Comparative Reports

Individual Reports

Employee Portal

Employment Screening

Online Applications

Tenant Screening

Leave Policy Management

Access Request Management

Password Management

Single Sign On

User Provisioning

Multi-Station Management

Job Comparison

Activity Log

Maintenance History

Incremental Backup

Software License Management

Remote Update / Installation

Travel Booking

Travel Planning


Backup Management

Asset Tagging

IP Address Monitoring

SLA Monitoring

Remote Systems Monitoring

Mobile Screen Support

Self Service Tools

User Onboarding

Timing Rights

Multi-Patch Deployments

Remote Protection

Performance Monitoring

Hierarchical Mapping

Location-Based Mapping

Human Handover

Multiple Pay Schedules

Electronic Workflows

Centralised Records

Training & Qualifications

Template Policies & Guides

Online Performance Reviews

Enable Self Service

Field Attendance

Employee Performance Analytics

Exit Management

Read More

Document Management

Payroll Management

Performance Management

Training Management

Compensation Management

Feedback Management

Benefits Management

Employee Database


User Ratings

Based on all the user reviews and ratings received by Namely and eSparsh HRMS in HR Software category, we've provided an average user rating for each software below. Namely has 5 reviews while eSparsh HRMS has 1 review


A very reliable HR software.


Namely software is a web-based system which provides its support on a mobile device too.


I didn’t find any cons in the software. Liked it very much.

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Mukul K

Robust, Comprehensive & User friendly


It's complete HRMS Solution and most importantly they are open to customize the software as per customer's requirements thus matching up to 99% of requirements. Even they do integration with 3rd party systems & Attendance devices.


It's training module is basic one, they should provide full fledge Learning & Development system with online learning option.

Read all 1 reviews

saipureddy chandrasekhar

Bambee will make HR in your organization a Breeze


Being able to send messages simultaneously to all employees and management with a single button click is one feature that makes our job easier. Bambee makes it simple to send notices, policies, and other information. Most importantly, [SENSITIVE CONTENT] has always been available to address our concerns and questions. We are very appreciative of her prompt response.


Not many drawbacks. My interactions with others would be the focus of my primary review. My first two reps were good, but not as good as Diana's. The only negative aspect is that I was not informed that the two representatives I referred to had left the business, leaving me in limbo for some time.

Read all 2 reviews

Desktop & Mobile Platforms

Deployment is a crucial factor to consider while buying HR Software. Namely is available on Web App desktop platforms and IOS, Android mobile platforms. eSparsh HRMS is available on Windows desktop platforms.

Web App




Web App

Plans and Pricing

Compare pricing of Namely vs eSparsh HRMS with the following detailed pricing plan info. Namely has not provided information about its pricing. On the other hand, eSparsh HRMS comes in 1 packages: Basic Plan.

Compare Price Quotes

Basic Plan

USD 69

Per Month

Emp Data


Leave & Attendance Mgmt.

Payroll Mgmt.

Monthly for up to 25 Employees

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Customer Support

The quality and timeliness of support are important parameters when comparing Namely with eSparsh HRMS. Namely offers Email, Phone, Training and Tickets to its customers, while eSparsh HRMS provides Email, Phone, Live Support, Training and Tickets.







live support





live support



Languages Supported

Namely and eSparsh HRMS are supported in the following languages.




Typical Customer

The target customer base of Namely vs eSparsh HRMS is mentioned below. Check which software fits your business requirements perfectly.












To gain a better understanding of how these Namely and eSparsh HRMS work, you can check out the videos below. Browse through the videos and make the right choice.