Identifying the ideal Hospital Management Software to suit your specific requirements can be challenging. SoftClinic GenX is headquartered at Ahmedabad , while Vital is headquartered at Atlanta. Choosing software like SoftClinic GenX or Vital requires thorough contemplation and comparing key factors. The question remains - SoftClinic GenX vs. Vital - which is the superior option? Check out the in-depth comparison now!

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Plans and Pricing

Compare pricing of SoftClinic GenX vs Vital with the following detailed pricing plan info. SoftClinic GenX comes in 1 packages: Annual Subscription. On the other hand, Vital has not provided information about its pricing.

Annual Subscription
$ 150

Per User

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Take a look at the below screenshots and seamlessly compare the user interface of SoftClinic GenX and Vital for better insights.

SoftClinic GenX Screenshot
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SoftClinic GenX Screenshot SoftClinic GenX Screenshot
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SoftClinic GenX Screenshot
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SoftClinic GenX Screenshot
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SoftClinic GenX and Vital have been awarded by SoftwareSuggest for the selected categories. These awards have been given on the basis of the overall performance of this software in the Hospital Management Software category.

SoftClinic GenX Award
SoftClinic GenX Award
SoftClinic GenX Award
Payment Type

Below is the comparison of the starting price and payment method of SoftClinic GenX and Vital. You can purchase SoftClinic GenX with Per User payment plans. Whereas, Information related to the payment plans of Vital is unavailable. SoftClinic GenX provides a free trial whereas, Vital does not provide a free trial.

Free Trial


Onetime(Perpetual license)


Free Trial



Free Trial



Compare between SoftClinic GenX and Vital based on their key features and functionalities to pick the right one for your business.

Case Management


Customer Management

Document Management

Event Management

Expense Management

Expense Tracking

Financial Management

Inventory Management

Marketing Automation

Performance Management

Project Management

Task Management

Time Tracking

Training Management

Appointment Management

Practice Management

Patient Information Management

Electronic medical records

Referral Management

Medical Certificate

Contact Management

Membership Management

Wide range of cards

banks and wallets accepted

Inventory control

Work order management

Customer DataBase

Patient Registration

Billing & Revenue Cycle Management

Client Management & Credit Control

Doctor Schedule & Appointments

Modality (Diagnostic) Schedule & Appointments

Accident & Emergency Care

Procedure Management

Day Care Management System

Doctor Consultation & Electronic Medical Record

Blood Bank Management System

Lab Information System

Radiology & Imaging Information System

PACS Support


Inventory Management & Consumption Tracking

Pharmacy Information System (Drugs


Hospital Support Function System

System Administration Functions

Diagnostic Management

Pharmacy with Inventory

Marketing Control System

System Security & Software Management

Staff Payroll System

Billing System

Medical Equipment Maintenance

Employee Management

Point of Sale (POS)

Alerts & Notifications

Self Service Portal

Video Chat

Application Security

Workflow Management

Archiving & Retention

Compliance Management


Document Indexing

Electronic Signature

Email Management

Accounting Integration


Real Time Reporting

Budget Management

Billing & Invoicing

Payment Processing

Goal Setting / Tracking




HIPAA Compliant

Patient Portal

Activity Tracking

Campaign Management

Bed Management

Historical Reporting

Patient Flow Management

Patient Location Tracking

Patient Monitoring


Approval Process Control

Version Control

Contract Management

Incident Management

Audit Management

Insurance Management

Calendar Management

Claims Management

Client Portal

HIPAA Compliance




Insurance Eligibility Verification



Patient Billing

Patient Records

Patient Scheduling

Physician Scheduling


Forms Management

Revenue Management

Staff Management

Accounting Management


Barcode Generation

Transaction management

Client Management

Auto Birthday/Anniversary wishes

Member Portal

Code & Charge Entry

Patient Eligibility Checks

Remittance Advice

Facility Scheduling

Staff Scheduling

Assessment Management

Attendance Tracking

Out-Patient Management

Patient Records Management

Physician Management

Policy Management

Prescription Management

Response Management

Touch Screen

Custom Rating Scales

Employee Lifecycle Management

Multi-Store Management

Predictive Analytics

Progress Tracking

Employee Tracking

Patient Intake

Time / Task Reporting

Activity Monitoring

Mobile Access

Fixed Asset Management

Internal Controls Management

Risk Assessment

Chat / Messaging

Code Enforcement

Permit Issuance

Activity Reservations

Digital Signature

Onsite Printing

Remote Access

Usage Reporting

Wireless Internet Access

Appointment Scheduling

Adjustor Management

Claim Resolution Tracking

Co-Pay & Deductible Tracking

Electronic Claims

Paper-Based Claims

Payor Management

Approval Workflow


Due date tracking

Invoice history

Email Marketing

Spam Blocker

Whitelisting / Blacklisting

Calendar management

Drag & Drop


Competency Management

Medical History Record

Patient Management


Insurance Processing

Online Refills

Pill Imaging

Prescription Processing

Rx Image Scanning

Signature Capture

Patient Transfer

Patient Discharge

Appointment Reminders

Recurring Appointments

Committee Management

Photos In Reports

Report Templates

Speech Recognition

Print on Site

Dunning Management


Patient Appointments

Centralise Patient Information

Patient Diagnosis

Billing & Payment Management

Patient History Management

Patient Medication

Healthcare Analytics

Claim Tracking

Electronic Prescribing

Pharmacy Management


Content Management

Tax Filing

Payment Management

Integrated Payment Gateway

Scenario Planning

Reporting and Analytics

Backup Log

Backup Scheduling


Local Server Options

Remote Server Options

News Feed

Business Process Control

Legal Risk Management

Operational Risk Management

Reputational Risk Management


Compliance Tracking

Audit Trails

Goal Setting

Program Management

Skills Assessments

Automated Review & Approval

Best Practices Library

Policy Creation Wizard

Policy Training

Read & Acknowledge

Member Communities

Case Notes

Email Archiving

Expiration Management

Video Conferencing

Text Editing

Electronic Data Capture

Patient Database

Care Plan Management

Care Planning

Case List Management

Medical History Records

Patient Communications

Initial Assessments

Multi-Provider Practice

Single Provider Practice

Emergency Department

On-going Performance Tracking

Certification Tracking

On Call Scheduling

Continuous Backup

Incremental Backup

Secure Data Storage

Web Access / Restoration

Supplier Master Data

Transaction History

Vendor Maintained Profiles

Vendor Performance Rating

Vendor Qualification Tracking

Signature Management

Bill Payment

Expiration Date Management

Usage Tracking

SOAP Notes

Eligibility Verification

Self Management

Intake Forms

In-Patient Management

Medical Billing

For CPA Firms

Assessment Notes

Candidate Identification

Treatment Planning

Progress Notes

License Verification

Certification & Licensing

Child Welfare Management


Personal Health Record

Electronic Health Record

Geriatric Care

For Nursing Homes

MDS Review

Clinical Care

For Home Care Providers

Event / Activities Planning

Appointment Confirmations

Health Record Access

Prescription Renewals

Secure Messaging

Clinical Alerts

Electronic Prior Authorization


Medication History

For Telepsychiatry

Patient Queue Management


Pill Database

Billing and invoicing

Medical history tracking

Multi-location support

Patient demographics management

Customizable templates and forms

Insurance Claims Management

Patient Check-In and Check-Out

Revenue Cycle Management

Insurance Verification

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Management

Patient Communication and Reminders

Patient Portal for Online Access

Document Management and Scanning

Diagnosis and Treatment Recording

Lab Test and Imaging Orders

Integration with Diagnostic Devices

Waiting Time Monitoring

Medical Billing and Coding

Prescription Refill Requests

Medical Inventory Management

Medication and Allergy Tracking

Treatment Plan Creation

Immunization Tracking

Integrated Communication

I-9 Compliance

Healthcare HR

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Expense Management

Appointment Management

Electronic medical records

Accident & Emergency Care

In-patient Management System

Lab Information System

Accounting Management

Out-Patient Management

Patient Records Management

Emergency Department

Appointment Management

Patient Registration

Accident & Emergency Care

In-patient Management System

Lab Information System

Pharmacy Information System (Drugs


Diagnostic Management

Staff Payroll System

Billing System

Bed Management

Claims Management

Accounting Management

Out-Patient Management

Patient Records Management

Physician Management

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Overall Ratings

Compare how SoftClinic GenX stacks up against Vital in terms of ratings and user experience. Select the Hospital Management software that perfectly aligns with your business requirements.

Feature Feature 4.9


Out of 5

Ease of use Ease of use 5

Ease of use

Out of 5

Value for money Value for money 4.7

Value for money

Out of 5

Customer support Customer support 4.9

Customer support

Out of 5

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User Reviews

Based on all the user reviews and ratings received by SoftClinic GenX and Vital in Hospital Management Software category, we've provided an average user rating for each software below. SoftClinic GenX has 21 reviews while Vital has not received any reviews. Be the first one to write Vital review

nilam jhanwar

Excellent Software with AI to manage Hospital


The incorporation of artificial intelligence has been a game-changer for us. SoftClinic GenX utilizes AI to streamline administrative tasks, allowing for more accurate and efficient management of patient records, scheduling, and billing. The intellig


SoftClinic GenX excels in many aspects, addressing few areas like integration guidance, User experience for improvement would enhance the software's overall usability and make it even more accessible for a broader range of healthcare professionals.

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Desktop & Mobile Platforms

Deployment is a crucial factor to consider while buying Hospital Management Software. SoftClinic GenX is available on Web App desktop platforms and IOS, Android mobile platforms. Vital is available on Web App desktop platforms.

Web App



Web App

Web App

Customer Support

The quality and timeliness of support are important parameters when comparing SoftClinic GenX with Vital. SoftClinic GenX offers Email, Phone, Live Support, Training and Tickets to its customers, while Vital provides Email.



live support





Languages Supported

SoftClinic GenX and Vital are supported in the following languages.















Typical Customer

The target customer base of SoftClinic GenX vs Vital is mentioned below. Check which software fits your business requirements perfectly.













To gain a better understanding of how these SoftClinic GenX and Vital work, you can check out the videos below. Browse through the videos and make the right choice.

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Company Details

Get insight into the company details SoftClinic GenX and Vital and learn how they operate. Explore the company name, its location, and more!

Company Name :

JVS Group

Headquarter :


Company Name :


Headquarter :


Company Name :