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Best Construction Bidding Software in India

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One major step in any project planning is estimating the cost requirements. Especially in a construction project, cost estimation is an essential and time-consuming step. Many times professional estimates deviate a little from the actual costing depending on the formulae used to calculate it. But, construction bidding software helps make the cost estimation process accurate and easy.
Construction bidding software programs are designed to create precise cost estimates and make effective schedules and plans. Contractors can use such tools in their projects to make the construction estimating process more comfortable to facilitate quick decision making. 

What is Construction Bidding Software?

Construction bidding software helps contractors collect and process data related to the total cost of a specific project. Such software programs help contractors estimate their bid price for a project which can help them frame their construction contract. Architects, construction managers, and even engineers use construction bidding software to help prepare cost estimates for their project biddings. 
A study from MarketWatch states that the construction bidding software market is expected to reach 1165 million USD, with a CAGR of 4.8% during 2021-2026 despite the recession in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Features of Construction Bidding Software

There are many variants available in the construction bidding software programs. Hence, it is essential to look for some of its crucial features. Here are the ten most critical elements -

features of construction bidding software

1. Accounting

It is essential to monitor the expenditure and cost of a construction project closely. The software should also integrate with business accounting software for a seamless exchange of construction accounting information.
Such a feature will also help the project managers to automate other functions such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, etc.

2. Job Costing

The job costing feature will help you to set costs for different types of construction services. It will help define the value of each labor, manager, or service provider needed for the project. Also, you can construct a bid sheet separately for each project.

3. Service Management

It is vital to manage services efficiently. With the service management feature in your construction bidding software, you can manage work orders, allocate resources, book jobs, and administer the workforce to ensure maximum productivity.

4. Project Management

Supervisors can effectively plan resources, gather teams, and track project timelines with project management features in their contractor bidding software. The software will help to automate these varied tasks and develop an updated project schedule. Not only this, but the building cost estimator will also help to track all the expenses in advance.

5. Job Scheduling

With the job scheduling feature, you can schedule various tasks in the right order, allocate resources for every job, and balance workload. Different versions of this feature can also help create a layout of the project timeline. They can also generate reminders for contractors.

6. Reporting

A good construction bidding software gives supervisors complete control over project data and produces reports for better analysis to enhance the decision-making process. Such a feature should generate real-time reports that are easy to understand for all the team members.

7. Document Management

A construction business requires excessive documentation, which can be challenging to handle for medium to large-sized companies. Good contractor bidding software should include the functionality of document management to set up a paperless office.

8. Inventory Management

The resources and inventories required in a construction management company are far more complex than any other business. This feature in a bidding software will help in inventory management effectively, perform audits, find lost inventory, etc. You can also set reminders for re-ordering the materials.

9. Equipment Management

Handling more than one ongoing project makes it difficult to track the equipment allocated across various projects. The good construction bidding software will help you to allot equipment across multiple projects. You can also record which material requires maintenance during what phase of the project to assign jobs accordingly.

10. Mobile Capabilities

Construction software is most useful when users can access it through various electronic platforms. Employees can work on building cost estimators from the desktop, tablet, and smartphones, helping supervisors access data while they are at the actual site.

Benefits of Having Construction Bidding Software

Construction software will help you to boost productivity in your industrial project and manage functions effectively. The following are some benefits of implementing construction management software.

benefits of construction bidding software

1. Easy Management of Teams

The good bidding software will help the supervisors adopt a systematic approach to manage resources and teams effectively. The software ensures that plans are easy to understand and employees complete tasks as per the schedule. 

2. Safeguard Data and Documentation

Construction management software helps the companies to keep all the documents safe. Supervisors can store their construction bidding sheets in the document management system of the software. Authorized persons can only access this information.

3. Easily Access Information

All the information and documents are usually stored at different locations due to multiple constructional sites. With the bidding software, managers can access all the relevant information and documentation in place in no time. Any person who is part of the team can gather necessary data from the software from any location.

4. Risk Assessment

Scattered paperwork makes it difficult to estimate the costs and probable risks of a project. Integrated construction software will give access to any data in no time. A building cost estimator will help in forecasting the risk in advance.

5. Cost Control

Since construction management software integrates accounting functions, all the costs are recorded accurately in a construction bid sheet. Managers can place better cost controls in case of a budget exceeding expenses. It helps everyone to track the expenditures as well as the progress of a project.

6. Efficient Service Delivery

Since the construction bidding software helps you track the progress of a project, employees can get to know their time and budget completion estimates to adjust their efforts accordingly. It also ensures that all the employees work in a single direction. All these factors ultimately contribute to the on-time delivery of services in an organization.

7. Helps in Business Expansion

Having good construction software in place will help you to complete projects on time. The managers won't spend much time searching for information as all the data will be at their fingertips. With more organized business operations, projects can be completed quickly, and you can expand your business by taking more projects.

How can a construction bidding software helpful to a general contractor?

General contractors are also facing numerous challenges in today's market. No matter the size of your organization, there are several problems that a construction bidding software will solve - 
  • Maintain Real-time Communication
A contractor can regularly access real-time photographs of work-in-progress. Also, he can track the expenses incurred on a project in real-time. All this information helps maintain an adequate flow of communication between the contractors and the managers.  
  • Effective Employee Management
A contractor can easily manage various tasks of recruiting, training, and payroll all under one system. The software predicts the workforce that will be required to complete the project on time. Thus, it helps in the engagement of the right number of people at a particular job.
  • Accurate Forecasting
People starting a new construction business may lack confidence in the accuracy of job costing. This is where construction software can help them to prepare accurate budgets and daily reports. The software will help in precise revenue and cost projections. 

Things to consider before buying a construction bidding software

When choosing a construction bidding software for your business, there are a few key things that you should consider. Here are some of the critical elements that any construction software should have:

1. Templates

Look for a bidding software with readymade constructional templates for your project like kitchen renovation, bathrooms, road alignment, etc. It will help you get started on the estimates right away instead of starting the project from scratch.

2. Cloud-based Access

The software should have a cloud-based storage system. It will ensure that the authorized people will always have access to essential data anywhere, anytime.

3. User-Friendly Interface

The software should be intuitive and easy-to-use by the employees. The last thing that you want to do is spend months learning the software. It should be simple for the team to get on board with the tool. 

4. Good Customer Support

Customer support is a significant point of consideration before deciding on any vendor for the software. The company that has created the programs should be prompt and happy to solve your queries and problems.

5. Affordable

You should always plan and re-plan your budget well before investing in construction software. It is a long time commitment of funds, and the decision shall be taken after considering the expenses involved.
Construction bidding software will not only help you to streamline the business processes but also increase overall effectiveness. It will help the construction companies to be more efficient and ultimately increase their profitability. So if your business is experiencing a lack of coordination and a decline in productivity, you need to consider one construction management solution.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • A construction bid will give a complete overview of the costs incurred in a project. It will also include the cost incurred by subcontractors working under general contractors since construction bids need to be very accurate.
  • Both medium-sized, as well as enterprise-level businesses, can participate in construction bidding. Although in the selection of a proposal many things apart from cost like goodwill of the company are considered.
  • Depending on your budget, requirements, and vendor, you can choose an offline platform or an online platform to access the bidding software.

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